Post your Second Trimester Ultrasound Pictures here!

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Post your Second Trimester Ultrasound Pictures here!

From 13 weeks to 28 weeks. If you want to comment please start a new thread! Please tell us how many weeks the baby is in the picture also.

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Here is my 20 week. She was a complete surprise until delivery. This is of her facial profile. Looking at her now, it's totally her face in there! I love that you can even see her brain, it's the half moon shape on the left Wink

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20 weeks... profiles

It's a boy! (19w)

Feet (19w)

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Here's our 14week ultrasound.

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Jacob at 20 weeks

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here is my pic

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My ultrasound was just done on November 30th... So I'm still pretty excited about the pictures.. I'm at 19 weeks.. Here they are..

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19 weeks

20 weeks