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Thread: any VBA2C?

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    A gal on my BB just had a VBAC2 in her car.. So its def. possible. Im also trying for one this time around too..
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    I am trying for a vba3c.
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    I'm also hoping to try for a VBA3C, depending on if I can talk my OB into "allowing" it. He was the on-call doc for my attempt at VBA2C and was very hands-off and allowed me to call the shots.

    I labored with my VBA2C for a couple of days, and to make a really long story short, I got to 10 cm, pushed for about 45 min, and her heart rate kept dropping into the 40s-50s. That was scary for me to hear, and I was the one who requested a c/s at that point. My OB hadn't even mentioned it, even though he was in the room the entire time I was pushing.

    I'm really hoping for success this time!
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    I am due in April and hoping to do a VBA2C. My doctor and hospital are both on board as long as I go into labor on my own (which I did with the first 3). I am planning to try going without an epidural and am looking for a doula to attend my birth so that I have someone else on "my side" and also to help me with a natural birth since I have always had an epidural before. I will try to remember to put my story on here whether or not I end up with a VBAC...good luck finding a supportive doctor, that is the first big hurdle you will have to overcome. I just called a bunch of OB's in my area and interviewed them over the phone to see if they were VBAC friendly. I also talked to a woman that teaches childbirth classes to see if she knew of any VBAC friendly doctors in the area.

    PS. my research tells me that hospitals can't legally make you have a c-section you have the right to choose how you are cared for.
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    Good luck and i do hope you find a doula. i used one with my VBAC birth and really feel like it helped me get one.
    Have you heard about using evening primrose oil caplets inserted in your VJ at night to help ripen things along? you can start at 35 weeks, one at a time and then at 37 weeks you can start using 2. my doula recommended this and i really believe that it helped. you can do three but i'd save that till your 39th week.
    oh and use a light pad at night it gets a bit messy.
    at least its all natural and since i also had that 40 week cutoff i wasn't going to do anything to risk having a c/s just cause i'd didn't start on my own.

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