HBAC Birth Stories

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HBAC Birth Stories

Again could anyone who has an HBAC story please post it here as encouragement for those wanting to try one.

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will repost soon.. editing for details

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My S'ang came into the world on our bedroom floor at the foot of our bed at 1:30 in the morning on May 12.

I have been having contractions for almost a week, but I consider labour to officially begin when I lost my mucous plug on Friday morning at five. The night before we had an appointment with Jeanne, our midwife and went to eat Indian food. I had Baigan Baratha (spl) to help encourage labour. On the way home, I remember the contractions being more intense. We went to bed around midnight to ensure that we would be well rested just in case labour would begin. Sure enough it did.

I woke up several times that night because of my contractions. I got up to use the restroom and saw that I a bit of plug. I was very excited, but I knew I had to go back to bed. I tried to lay down in the bedroom, but couldn't. So I moved into the other bedroom. The sound of the rain kept me from sleeping, except at the time I was thinking who the hell was mowing their lawn at five in the morning. I went to the window and saw it was the rain on the tin roof, so I moved to the living room. I was able to sleep maybe an hour on the couch and then moved to our bedroom.

We got out of bed at around 7:30, after Desi woke up. I called Kerry, our doula and then Jeannie to let them know I was in early labour. Then I set an appointment with our chiropractor so that I could get my body aligned for birthing. After the chiropractor, we went to the store for groceries. I had to stop every once in a while in the aisles to relax. After we got home, I went to tell our neighbor that she was officially on call for Desi. I stayed down and we took the girls out while Fred went to get me dolma. We went to the swings. During contractions I used the hang bar to sway and squat, which I found to relieve them. The girls were getting restless, so we went back inside. Fred still wasn't back yet. While I was waiting, I crawled on my hands and knees while the girls followed me. It was so cute.
When Fred came, I ate some dolma and then we went outside to swing again. This time I found sitting on the swings and swaying helped more. It was getting hot and Desi was hungry so we went in to feed her and then put her down for her nap. At this point my contractions were four minutes apart and a minute long.
I watched Lost (which happened to have a scene where a woman birthed naturally in the woods). I had to hit pause at each contraction because it was so intense. Kerry called just as the show ended and I asked her to go ahead and come. While Fred and I waited, we walked around the house a bit and I would lean on him and we would sway together during contractions. They were sitll coming at the same intervals..

Kerry arrived at around 2:30. We did more walking and swaying, then I moved to the computer chair while Fred would kneel so I could lean on him. I found sitting on the birth ball to much pressure. I ended up on my hands and knees while Kerry did some massage on my lower back. This was when Desi woke up from her nap. I could tell she was a little worried. We reassured her that everything was okay and that baby was coming. We moved to the living room with the chair again. Eventually, it was time to take Desi downstairs. My contractions were still coming at the same intervals, but they were becoming more intense. Kerry took her downstairs while I laboured on Fred.

I was beginning to get more irritable. I wanted to know where the midwives were. I had Fred call them. I wanted to get in the water, and Jeanne had said I couldn't get in the water until I was 6 cm. They said they were on the way still. Eventually I couldn't hold out anymore. We filled the tub in the bathroom and I just pretty much dived in at the same time they came. I told them that I couldn't wait. *Later, Anna tells me that when the midwives came, Desi said "Holy crap my midwives are here," and insisted on coming upstairs.* They said it was okay. They checked the baby's heart rate which was a steady 140. Then I asked to check dialtion. I was at an 8!!!! That was the best thing I heard. At each contraction I sunk into the water. Then I thought it was time to push. Looking back, I pushed to early. Nothing was happening, so Jeannie suggested me moving to the birthing stool. Nothing still so she thought it was my waters getting in the way. She broke it and I felt some relief. I still wasn't able to push right. We moved in the bedroom where we tried several positions. At one point, my body took over. Now it was really time to push because my body would correct my direction of pushing. It is an amazing feeling. Jeanne helped stretch the last lip and I think this helped.
Everything blurs together at this point. I remember trying to birth on the bed first with me laying down and them holding my legs. Then on the birthing stool. Then with a supported squat. Then on my hands and knees while someone squeezed my hips together. I don't remember the order of these positions. I just remember ending up on the bedroom floor while they held my knees. It took many contractions it seemed to get the baby past my pubic bone. They got the mirror out to encourage me. At first it wasn't helping because I couldn't see anything. But then I saw a head! I could see my body moving the head forward! It was just amazing to feel my body take over my pushing. I would start in back, and then it would move it forward somehow. I remember them feeding me maple syrup, blue cohosh and emergency C between contractions to give me a boost. I remember them checking the baby's heart rate at each contraction too to make sure the baby was tolerating it. It was a steady 140 each time, except a couple of times it went to 168 but it went back to 140. I remember sticking my tongue up almost to mimick where my body should push the baby's head, like a U. I remember thinking, just one more contraction and the baby will be pass my pubic bone. I think this helped me a lot to get to my goal as well. When the head stayed in view, I remember coaxing my baby to come out. "Baby, come out." Fat Bastard was telling me, "Get out of my belly!" as well. Finally the baby's head crowned. It was amazing that my body could still push despite the feeling of being stretched all the way. Jeannie pulled on the baby to guide the head out. I don't remember when it felt good, but when the baby slid out, it was the most wonderful feeling. I kept saying, "Oh my god" over and over again. Then after I heard the baby's cry, I knew I did it. I said, "My baby" and "We did it!" over and over again. I wasn't able to nurse the baby right away because the cord was too short. Fred went downstairs to get Desi to meet Baby Orange. WE wanted Desi to tell us the sex, but she was too sleepy. It was actually Jeanne's idea. I didn't even realize that we didn't know the sex yet. I just knew that we had a baby!!!! Fred announced it. It was a boy. His son. He ran to play, "Here Comes the Sun" Nina Simone's version.

I later found out that I pushed for five hours, and that the baby's head was tilted to the side. I had a third degree tear. This is why it took so long to write my birth story. I can't sit on my bottom for too long.

We did not come up with the name until Sunday morning. His name is Bodhi. Bodhi means awakening or enlightenment. I call him S'ang. It means morning in Vietnamese. It is pronounced with a short a sound. The name came to me while he was still in the womb. I have been drawing the baby as the sun or enveloped in an orange aura for my birth art. Desi has been calling him "Orange Baby" while he was in the womb and his song is "Here Comes the Sun." It seems like the family decided separately that he is our sun, our morning and our awakening So I find the nickname and his name to fit him perfectly.

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This is my story, (will add to june 2006 board too)

Sonia’s pregnancy and birth story
Pregnancy 2

So pleased to find out I was pregnant again, so pleased I got a 2nd chance to try this whole labour and birth thing out, and so worried I’d miscarry again (may 2005)
Pregnancy was fine, a bit more sickness than the first but I could deal with it.
This pregnancy I was determined id at least have a go at labour, even if it was to repeat in being a breech, then caesarean.
So first thing was I made sure I changed my midwife, (the other left it too late to refer my breech baby to be turned in time) so with my midwife changed at 12 weeks and my new midwife fully backing my choices for HOME BIRTH AFTER CAESAREAN. I thought this was great.
Then at my next midwife appointment I got a very weird reaction from my midwife, she was TOTTALLY unsupportive of the home birth given the fact, I was a caesarean mother. Unfortunatly it was just me and her there, and I recall her being very rude and ubrupt.
So got the 20 week scan done, the sonographer said something was wrong about the baby’s weight not being quiet right, this was no big shock to us, as our first child was only 5lb 9oz born and that was 5 days before EDD. SO throughout the pregnancy they closely monitered babys weight and everything looked fine, the other problem that arose was low amniotic fluid levels, this increased as baby grew. which was great news.
So 28 week bloods were done (i hate needles so this was scary) the results came back i am Anemic, which was no suprise to me, ive always been anemic but once again they IGNORE what i tell them, I CANT SWALLOW tablets i say TO THE DOCTOR he says to swallow it with a piece of bannana, (if i cant swallow a tablet how am i going to swallow it in between a HUGE chunk of bannana?? ) So got prescribed the tablets anyway, so did NOT take these, still got it them at home.
Midwife reffered me to local hospital to see the consultant about my choice of home birth i so much wanted.
Got to the hospital, was seen about 40 minutes late, then after that wait i was rudely spoken to again, heavily pregnant and she reduced me to tears. Although i had already told her id done my research on the internet and knew the risks involved, beeing a caesarean mother. She still felt the need to tell me I'd give birth to a "DEAD BABY" and IF, yes "IF i survived id need a hysterectomy !"
I couldnt believe my ears, upsetting me. I left the hospital wanting a caesarean, then i calmed down and realised im not going to give into them again, like i did with Duncan. I was going to have this home birth, with or without their help.
Midwife appointment she was rude and abrupt to me again, this time i was heavily pregnant about 37-38 weeks pregnant, and this frustrated me she was arguing with me over this iron tablets, I again told her i cant swallow tablets then a week before my EDD she came to the house with a LIQUID iron prescription. At this time i thought it was no point in taking it as it takes 2-3 weeks to fully get into your system and there was simply no point i was already 39 weeks and ready to pop.
So Friday 9th June i had a few niggley pains, and on the advice of a MSN friend i went to bed to rest. Thankfully i got to sleep, awoke up at 7am with mild contractions, which this early is too unusual for me, should have seen the look on my husbands face when i walked down the stairs!
So contractions every 20 mins i was having these contractions, then at 14:00 they got more intense and every 10 miutes, so i call the on call midwife, describing the pain as period type pains, (she was a nice midwife, she preformed the stretch and sweep when i went overdue)
her reply was "sounds like your going to have this baby eventually then" Thats when it hit home that this baby, now 10 days overdue was coming ! I put on the tens machine to ease the pain off.
Had lunch before she arrived, i held off gas and air, for more hours. Just breathing slowley and concentrating.
So midwife came, set up a "resusitar" just in case baby was born not breathing etc. . had bags everywhere.
Then for "standard pratice" reasons another 2 midwifes were called out at 6pm, one of which is head of midwifery care within the hospital, im sure she was there because of the complaint about Duncan birth.
Anyway when casualty was on, about 8pm decided to give the birth pool a go, then decided this was it, i will have the gas and air now. Duncan also went to bed, and as he went i gave out a scream, and bless him he copied, it was funny at the time.
SO within a hour i was out the pool again, laboured again on the settee. Then along came midnight, i was still labouring hard, the contractions are really strong and close together now. Decided to try the pool again, this time husband couldnt get it warm enough, i was shattered, too tired to carry on and i was screaming to be taken in for a caesarean section !
Anyway i nearly drifted off, aparently i had to be slapped becuase my lips went white, i cant remember this! Which is scary, so got back out, back to the settee it was, covered with pads to save the settee for the grim stuff.
So at about 2.30AM midwife was looking at me bits, and as she was, the waters broke giving her a mini shower he he!
So at 2.40 t was agreed i should start pushing, first push was hard the contraction seemed to last forever, then the second contraction came and i thought , this is it, and it was, a big long hard push and baby James was born! Couldnt believe it, i was handed this baby i KNEW was mine! I had done it. After the birth the midwifes were on at me to deliver the placenta, i was far too buzy cuddling and feeding my new baby to even care, then 35 minutes after i decided id push just to shut them up !
I had overcome everything, my baby was born healthy and husband cut the cord, which was great. Everything id ever wanted, id achieved, and whats better is baby wasnt "BORN DEAD" i didnt die, either OR need a hysterectomy!
I suffered a 2nd degree tare, the midwifes wanted to give me a injection to numb whilst they stitched me up, i refused, i hadnt come all this way to go spoiling it by a needle.
Baby James got weighed, at 7lb 8oz, so been as he was "small" he turned out average weight!

I am so pleased i got to experience the labour and birth, WHEN i have another baby id definatly be doing this again, i loved labour i loved every contraction - it got brought me closer and closer to meeting my new baby.
The pregnancy was again a traumatic time for me, and i didnt let the "health professionals" tell me what to do again,
but the labour and birth was great. I was monited every 30 minutes, blood pressure and the doppler to cheak baby was ok, and he was, he was fine.
I am just so pleased i got this experience.

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My first son was c-sec due to breech, my second son was a VBAC in hospital and my 3rd child was an HBAC Smile

She was actually meant to be born in hospital but we didnt make it that far. I was 41 weeks and my midwife did a sweep to help me get things going. I was so anxious not to be induced and risk another c-sec.

The sweep was at 2pm and contrax started at about 5pm but nothing too bad, totally 'copable' with. So fine actually that I was still curled up on my couch at 9.30pm when they got worse.

I rang the delivery ward at 9.45pm and they said to come in when the contrax were 3 in 10 mins, they were currently every 5 mins.

I put down the phone and my waters broke! I rang them back and told them I was on my way and went to get up but realised things were changing fast and that I was going to start pushing. I started pushing at just before 10pm and our beautiful daughter was born at 10.08pm on my living room floor.

I know this wasnt a planned homebirth, but I love my HBAC story because it reminds me of how amazing the female body is. I had suggested homebirth to my midwife duing my pregnancy but she was horrified. The hospital wanted me to be there so that I could have all the monitoring in case of uterine rupture etc and possible repeat c-sec. They cause you to doubt your bodys ability to birth naturally.

I do appreciate the input of the medical profession but I do wish they had more confidence. So many more women would be able to have the birth they wanted.

The feeling I had as I sat on the floor, in my own space, cuddling my daughter was wonderful. It was relaxed, calm, joyful and Id recommend giving it some thought!