Trying to Decide

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Trying to Decide


My second baby is due in June. During my first labor, I had cord prolapse...when the cord falls out of the vagina, prior to the baby coming and cuts off oxygen.

It was a very traumatic experience. My OB did everything to try to prevent a c-section, but it came to the point where my son's safety was the priority. I am not angry about my situation or that I had to have a c-section, but now I am finding myself scared to attempt the VBAC.

The doctor I see now (we moved) will go either way. My old OB highly suggests a repeat. I am having a very healthy pregnancy right now and I feel great.

I'm just wondering if there are any other women who have had similar experiences.

Thanks, Renee

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I had a similar experience the first time, except that I wasn't in labor and it wasn't a prolapse but a cord compression. I strongly encourage every mom (except obviously anyone who has something that precludes any vaginal birth like previa or footling breech) to attempt a VBAC. You never know if you can do it unless you try! And it's also what will happen if you just don't do anything else; you don't stay pregnant forever, your body goes into labor & pushes out a baby, whether you like it or not, LOL!

Don't let your fear be any greater than it needs to be. There is always a risk in birth, and if you need a c-section, you'll have one. Just like you did the first time. I understand not wanting to have another traumatic experience, but the odds are really good that you won't. Are you afraid of another prolapse, or of needing another c-section, or something else? Prolapse is scary, and you might want to ask for an ultrasound at the end of your pregnancy or even during labor to check on the cord's location, that info could give you peace of mind in continuing with a vaginal birth. You often hear that a repeat c-section is a faster, easier recovery because you're not tired out from labor. Well, I found that to be true despite being in labor for three days before my second c-section! My OB said a second c-section is almost always less traumatizing to the body because they can usually cut through the same incision & scarred tissue usually has fewer nerve endings than unscarred tissue does. I would encourage you to explore your fear with a therapist, or at least do some "inner work" on your own. I strongly recommend Hypnobabies birth preparation course (I did the home study) and it includes a really great fear release script.

If you want to read a bit (or a lot!) about my preparations for my VBAC, and my experiences in labor & having a second c-section, check out my archived birth lodge: Good luck to you, and remember, this isn't a decision you have to make now. You don't have to make it by 36 weeks, you don't even have to make it when you go into labor. You can change your mind & ask for a c-section any time you feel it's the right thing to do.

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I agree with Stacey. The doctor that delivered my second (who I didn't meet until I went into labor; it was a teaching hospital) was very clear that she would pull the plug on the VBAC
1) if at any point she felt there was any danger to the baby or to me, and
2) if at ANY point I changed my mind.

I really didn't feel there was any increased risk to the baby because as a VBAC; they were already watching me very closely and the second anything seemed wrong they would have noticed it.

Good luck with your decision.

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I had chorioamnionitis with DD (a very serious infection) and eventually had to have a c/s. At first, I was scared to VBAC too. I kept wondering if I would have the same thing happen again, or if I just wouldn't be able to do it. The good thing is, the chances of a second cord prolapse are SO small. It is unlikely you will have that happen again. I started reading everything I could find on VBAC and ultimately found that it is safer to mom and baby than a repeat c/s as long as there aren't any other serious risk factors present. I have gone to the whole other end of the spectrum and decided on a home-birth vbac... mostly b/c where I will be, there are not any really supportive vbac OBs. I feel as if my best chance for success will be if I am very comfortable, and that is only likely to happen at home. The MW I have been talking to said that it will blow my mind how differently things will go when I am comfortable and can let labor progress easily.

Also, prepare yourself!! I have found that most of my fears come from not knowing. I have taken Bradley classes (which I HIGHLY recommend) as well as Hypnobabies Home Study (which I also HIGHLY recommend). The Bradley has so much great, hands on type information, and it really got DH involved in the decision-making. At first he was pretty against home-birth and now he has done a complete turn-around on his own with no pressure from me. And Hypnobabies has helped my anxiety SO MUCH. It truly makes me feel peaceful and optimistic about everything.

I hope you find some peace and if you ever want to talk, please PM me. We can do this together!