VBAC after preemie?

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VBAC after preemie?

I had my son at 28weeks, 6days via emergency c/s. 2.5 years later, we are expecting again. At first glance, I am a candidate for VBAC due to incision type, length of time between pregnancies, etc. But I am reading that due to being cut so early, the risk of rupture goes up. I am still researching, but from what I gather so far, it has something to do with the fact that the lower segment of the uterus doesn't form until 32 weeks. So basically the scar from where they cut me the first time will move up as I move beyond that point this time...stretching it thinner, making it more prone to rupture.

It's all antecdotal evidence that I've been able to find so far - people talking about what their doctors told them. So, I'm curious...has anyone here had a VBAC following the birth of a preemie. Was the preemie your first?

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I've never heard of that, but it might because so many preemies require a T-cut to get out, which pretty much risks out VBAC in a future pregnancy. I do know of one mom who had a 31-weeker by c-section and she was told she would be fine to VBAC because they were able to get baby out through the transverse incision. I can't remember her user name to ask her to pop over here, but I'll think on it...

Here's the most recent thing I could find that has a large enough number of participants to be statistically accurate. The risk of uterine rupture after one prior preterm cesearean delivery was 0.79% compared with 0.46% for the control group. So it's a rather significant increase to the UR risk, but still a very low UR risk overall.