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    Default VBAC Birth Stories

    Could anyone who has had a VBAC please post the birth story here. Basically as encouragement for anyone who is planning on trying one soon.

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    Default Charlie's Birth

    I was pregnant with Charlie. My waters started leaking at 34wks. I was admitted to hospital as they thought I would go into labour. I didn't, so after a couple of days I was allowed home. I had to be checked twice a week (luckily at home as the hospital is 30 miles away)I had to take my temp twice a day and monitor the fluid I was losing (colour,smell etc) I also had 2 wks of antibiotics to take.

    At my 36 wk check my consultant (who couldn't believe I still hadn't given birth) said that at 38 wks he would examine my cervix (Oooh lucky me !!) and if it was ready for labour I would be induced if not I would have a CS.
    I was worried about having a trial of labour because of what happened when I had Jamie. He was only 6lb 12oz and there was some concern whether my pelvis was big enough. So the prospect of a CS was a relief to me although I'd had lots of chats with my midwife about what would happen with a vaginal delivery. She assured me that they would monitor me more closely and not let things drag on.

    So I was 'happy' to give it a go.

    We'd arranged a Bar-B-Q at my sisters as we live away from all our families. This was the last time we'd see everyone before the baby arrived. We had a lovely day but on the way home I felt really uncomfortable but just put it down to the journey.
    That night I kept waking up with pains but nothing that I'd not had before.

    The next day (Sunday 30th June) I was getting irregular tightenings. I timed them but they were between 4-9 mins apart. I didn't know whether to phone the hospital as we'd had various trips down there when I'd been concerned about something and ended up staying for hours - I know its better to be safe but we'd only just moved and had so much to do and we were all fed up with the long journey, waiting around etc.

    I did give in and ring and yes they said to come in to be checked. Off we went. I was put on a monitor which didn't pick up any contractions I was having so I didn't think anything was going on. They suggested I stay in and then see my consultant on the Monday (instead of Wed) and also incase I did go into labour.

    Jon and Jamie went home and I spent a boring Sunday evening reading and watching TV. I phoned Jon about 8.30-9 pm and told him to relax and get some sleep as the tightenings had spaced out and I didn't think anything was going to happen. Ha ha!!

    I saw the staff change over and after Big Brother I went to bed. All of a sudden I had a really painful contraction - I couldn't move! After it passed I told Penny (MW) and she said if I had anymore she'd put me on the monitor. I did have some more - when she came in I was wiping tears from my eyes! The monitor still didn't pick any up so she put her hand on my bump. As we sat talking she could feel them - every three minutes.

    Because my waters had been leaking I never had an exam (risk of infection) but Penny suggested I had one. She did warn me that if I wasn't at least 3 cms the labour ward wouldn't take me so I'd have to have some Paracetamol and walk around. Paracetamol...!!! Woop do dah!!!

    Anyway she peered up between my legs and announced I'd be going to labour ward as I was 7 - 8 cms!! I couldn't believe it, part of me was really scared as this was finally it!
    I told her to ring Jon as I know I'd burst into tears. This was at 12.30am. As it was, after my exam things got going even more.

    Penny and a Health Care lady were rushing around getting all my stuff together. I was wheeled down on my bed as I was incapable of moving.
    A strange thing started to happen to me. My body stated to push and I couldn't help but grunt. I knew this was bad as I hadn't been checked and I knew I had to wait for the 'Go ahead' I kept saying 'I can't help it' 'My body's doing it itself'

    I was wheeled into a labour room and I HAD to move.I just about made it over and asked for 'something' I was given Entonox - which I thought was crap! It had no effect except to give me something to concentrate on and to bite on!
    I did say to Penny (who'd arranged to see me through delivery)that Jon didn't have to be with me as I was OK. He was really worried about the birth as he's really sqeamish.

    I can honestly say that the contractions were bearable and nothing like the ones I had with Jamie.
    Charlie arrived at 01.27am and it was amazing to see and feel him come out of me. I just sobbed until they told me to see what sex he was.
    We actually knew as I'd given in and asked at a scan they did at 34 wks!! None of my family knew - they were convinced it was a girl and even had given me pink things!!

    Jon arrived about 5 mins later! He walked in and was amazed to see me holding our son. Jamie came in a few mins later and thought Jon was holding a doll!

    Charlie weighed in at a whopping 8lb 8 1/2 oz - not bad at just under 3wks early!!

    I didn't get a chance to use my labour bag - I gave birth in my new PJ's!

    My labour was timed at 2 hours 3 mins. I had a small tear which didn't need stitching and I went home that afternoon!

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    Default Harry's Birth

    Friday 20th February 2004 - my oldest son's 13th birthday!

    We got up early and Jamie had his pressies - everything OK...39+6 days!

    I began to have tightenings early on - once Jon had left for work...typical! This time they were around my back which made me wonder if things were happening. They weren't painful..just different.

    I phoned Jon to let him know but we couldn't decide whether he should come home. I said I would time them and he would ring back in half an hour.

    They weren't regular of getting stronger so we left it for another half hour...still the same thing so another half hour passed.

    Finally we said he should come home if only to be around should they suddenly start 'properly' - like Charlie's labour. Jon was an hour away from home and the hospital another so this was the for the best.

    Nothing else happened for the rest of the day - more tightenings but nothing to make me think I was in labour.

    At about 6pm they were slightly more painful so I rang the labour ward for advice. The midwife didn't think anything was happening but said I'd be the best judge and to come in if/when I felt the need. I decided to wait.

    As the evening wore on they did get more painful...but still not regular or unbearable so once again we were undecided as what to do for the best! After a good chat we thought we'd at least go down to be examined - better to go at a 'convienient' time than in the middle of the night!

    So off we went....we even stopped for petrol on the way!

    When we were nearly there I noticed that they were coming every couple of minutes. We arrived at the hospital at 10.25pm. I had some basic checks and then the midwife examined me.

    She said I was 5/6 cms dilated and my membranes were bulging - at which point they burst flooding the bed.

    This is it I thought - how scary!

    Nothing happened for what seemed like ages - Jon went to call his parents as they were coming up to look after the boys.

    Gradully I felt the beginnings of another contraction, except this time I felt the need to push. I was given gas and air and told to breathe through the contractions.

    The urge got too much and I was told I could push!

    This was all happening too fast....

    Suddenly the head was out and my beautiful little boy was placed on my tummy.

    Harry arrived 39 mins after arriving at hospital and after 4 mins of pushing!

    He weighed in at 8lbs 14 ozs and is gorgeous!

    I couldn't stop shaking afterwards - I think the shock of having him already was too much!

    All our bags were still in the car - I gave birth in my nice white t-shirt!!

    I only went in to be checked....and the in-laws didn't arrive for another hour.

    Here's me 90 mins after Harry arrived

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    December 1, 2005: Successful VBAC

    My contactions started at around 8pm the day before. I was watching T.V. and felt tightening. I thought nothing of it and continued with my usual evening schedule. I cleaned the kitchen, watched some t.v, and went to bed. At around 11:30pm I woke up to painful contractions. My contractions were about 7 minutes apart. I filled the tub and sat in there for about 30 minutes (I saw that on a Baby Story once and decided to try it out..hehehe). At around 12:15am, the contractions became stronger and were about 5 minutes apart. I started to walk around the house and debate whether or not I should call the doctor. I never experienced labor with my daughter because she was born via c-section due to failure to progress, so tis was new to me. I called mother at 1am and she said "you better call the doctor, you are in labor!".

    I called my husband who was at work until 3:30am. By the time I called him at 1:30 am I was in so much pain I found it difficult to talk through the contractions...ouch! He dropped everything and came rushing home. I then called my doctor who told me to go to the hospital. My husband arrived at 1:45 and while we prepared our daughter for the trip to the hospital my water broke...ewww! I was so excited because I thought "Finally, my body finally knows what to do...hehehe". We arrived to the hospital at 2am and when they checked me I was already 6 centimeters.

    They offered me an epidural and I could not say "no" . After I was given the epidural I was walking on clouds... it was great! A pain-free labor...hehehe. Just when I thought everything was going to be smooth sailing and I was sure with my decision, a group of two doctors came and had me sign a consent form. With the consent form they explained the problems that can arise during a VBAC. I was so nervous... but with the help of my husband we decided to push those fears aside and just go with a VBAC. We had already done research before hand and were pretty optimistic that everything will work out.

    At 7:45am I was a full 10 centimeters and ready to push. I wanted to see my son so badly. Since I had an epidural I was able to relaxed throughout the last series of contractions and conserve my energy. When my doctor said "push" I made sure I pushed with all of my might and before I knew it, my little peanut popped out after 3 long hard pushes. The whole eperience was beautiful and just the way I imagined labor would be.

    Ismael joined his big sister Leila at 8:02am. The healing process was 100% easier than a c-section eventhough I tore in 3 places.

    The only advice I can offer is to make sure your OB is a supporter of VBAC. If so, s/he will make the whole delivery easier for you... you will need some words of encouragement when you get to that point. Follow the flow of your body... if you baby is not stressing during contractions and your labor is progressing naturally go for the VBAC.

    Good Luck! You can do it... the experience is beautiful and the healing process is even better. :P
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    Here is the birth story I posted when Charlie was 9 days old. He is coming up on 15-months now and I still think about my VBAC quite often. As you can tell by my siggy, I am very proud of my VBAC. A woman I work with is currently pg and had just planned on having a c/s with the "once a c/s, always a c/s" idea. Ack! I've been educating her on VBAC and now she is going to try. Yay! Good luck to anyone going for the VBAC. You won't be disappointed!

    Birth Story of Charles Ian, December 4, 2004

    Friday afternoon (December 3, 2004), I went to have a Non-Stress Test done at the hospital. In the 45 minutes there, I had maybe two contractions. Following the NST, I went to see Dr. W. since Dr. C. was on vacation. I was contracting regularly and my cervix had changed to 4cm and 100%. I was sent back to the birth place with the intent to labor and deliver by Saturday morning. Dr. W. put me at 6cm around 2:00am. I had decided not let him break my water to get labor moving. During the night, labor stalled out. Dr. L.then entered the picture. He pegged me back at only 4cm. After finding out we only lived 10-15 minutes away from the hospital, he sent me home. Little did I know how living so close to the hospital would help….

    I took a long nap on Saturday after leaving the hospital and had only mild contractions during that time. Somewhere around 5:00 I started noticing the contractions were harder, but they were pretty irregular. I even was able to go to the grocery store for a few things. We ate dinner around 7:00 and I was uncomfortable sitting in the wooden chairs when I did have contractions. I had talked to my doula and she said to go lay down after dinner and see if the rest would make them slow down. Well, laying down actually started bringing regularity and strength. They were still about 8-9 minutes apart at this time. I talked to my doula again around 8:30 when my contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart. I still didn’t want her to come over yet because I didn’t think anything was really happening. She suggested a hot bath to ease discomfort so Liv and I hopped in the tub together close to 9:00. I got out of the tub, restless, about 9:15. I went to lie down and was feeling definite pain while John put Olivia to bed. I was vocalizing during each contraction. They were 2-3 minutes apart and at least 90 seconds in duration. I started saying that I wanted to go into the hospital, but John was apprehensive that things would stop. Five minutes later at about 9:45 I felt Charlie drop completely and knew we had to leave immediately. We got everything together and moving to the van. I was in a lot of pain at that point.

    My mother-in-law came with us, thankfully. Our relationship has always been strained, but this experience has definitely changed things. In the family room before we left, I felt an overwhelming urge to push. I screamed to call 911, but we decided to just get to the hospital. At the van, I practically flung Olivia’s car seat out so I could lie on the seat. I called my doula again and told her we were in the car, on the way to the hospital. She knew I was well into transition because I began screaming that I wanted drugs. She helped me get through the contractions without pushing. I should say I did push a couple times without intending to push. John drove about 80mph to get us there. After hours, we have to enter the hospital at the Emergency Room. It was about 10:10. My mother-in-law ran to get a wheelchair for me. John had to park the van quick since he was in the ambulance area. Jackie ran me into the ER and I announced as soon as I get in there, “I need to push!” I guess the looks on the nurses’ faces were hysterical. At that point, my water broke all over the wheelchair and the ER floor. The nurse took over the chair and literally ran me to the Birth Place. My doula had called to say I was coming in and I think someone in the ER must have called as well because a nurse was shouting a room number down the hall when we got up there.

    We got me out of the chair, my wet shoes, and my wet pajama pants. I got on the bed and at least five nurses were in there getting everything ready for the birth. I heard someone yell to call the NICU. I kept yelling I needed to push. A nurse checked me and said, “you could probably do that now.” I almost decked her one. I had to stay on my back until the monitors were in and the IV was in. The OB on call got in the room then and had to check me again. I yelled at him, “the nurse just checked me and said I’m complete, do you REALLY have to do this?” I’m so glad they deal with crabby mothers all the time, because now I feel rude about it. I was then allowed to go to whatever felt comfortable, so I rolled onto my right side. My doula and John were in the room by then. John came and helped me support me leg while I gripped on to my mother-in-law with my other arm. My doula stood next to her, helping encourage me. I remember shifting into a different state of being while pushing. I felt so incredibly powerful as I pushed. I remember voices around me telling that I was an awesome pusher and that Charlie was coming easily. Five pushes later and Charlie was born. I heard 22:22 yelled for the time of birth and a moment later his amazing cry. It’s funny because after he was born, I had to ask to make sure he was actually out even though I felt him crown and leave my body.

    I sent John over to Charlie right away since he had to be taken for evaluation by the NICU team. I rolled back to my back and that’s when they dropped the table to get me ready for the placenta. Once the NICU team was satisfied that he didn’t immediately need to go to NICU, they wrapped him and gave him to John. John brought him immediately over to me so I could hold him. I was in love. I put him right to my breast and he quieted immediately. I gave him back to John because it seemed that the placenta was ready to come out. The contraction for that was like a menstrual cramp and with one small push, it came right out. I didn’t think I wanted to see it, but I knew I had to. The doctor showed me exactly what everything was on it, including where the amniotic sac was attached and where it popped. It was quite interesting.

    Charlie had to go down to the NICU then so I sent John and my mother-in-law along with him. Deb sat with me while I waited to go to surgery to repair the tearing from the birth. Dr. L. gave me two options for repairing the tears. He could have done it in the room but it would have taken a very long time and possibly not be as good. The other option was to go under general anesthesia and have it done thoroughly in half the amount of time. I chose the latter.

    I was allowed to go to the NICU straight from recovery to be with my little man. He was absolutely amazing to hold and touch. Upon returning to my room, John and my mother-in-law went home while I tried to pee. It didn’t work so well so I had a catheter put into place. I really didn’t mind it, actually.

    My birth experience was wonderful and as opposite of Olivia’s as you could get. The first was one extreme by being completely unconscious for the birth. The second was the other extreme by being completely aware and unmedicated.

    I can’t describe the feeling of power I had having the VBAC. It went totally away from any sort of birth plan I had, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Charlie was born the way he was meant to be born. He made his entrance to this world with a bang. I have a feeling I can expect more of these surprises as time goes on. He’s so worth it.
    Olivia, age 6
    Charlie, age 3

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    With my son, I was induced at 36 weeks (thick and closed) due to sudden and severe preeclampsia. I was induced for 12 hours the first day with pitocin, they put in cervadil over night and the next morning broke my water... more pitocin. I never made it past 2 cm. I was seeing double and couldn't even lift my head up off of the bed due to the Mag Sulfate. Doc said he didn't think we should put the baby through another 10 hours of this... so lets do a c/s. I saw no way I would be able to push a kid out at that point... so okay lets go.

    Second time around with my daughter, I thought I would like to try a VBAC. I wasn't hell bent on it. But, I wanted to at least know I couldn't have one naturally... to avoid surgery and not get to hold my little guy (who thinks I'm a jungle gym).

    I had my first prenatal appointment and my doc asked me how I wanted to have this kid. I told her, well I was going to ask what you recommend. She told me, "since you never pushed last time, you have about a 70% chance, so it's up to you". That's all I needed to hear.

    Now, no one was supportive. My husband was. That was it. My mom thought since my cervix didn't open last time... that it wouldn't this time. But, she thought if it did work, it would be fast (she never was in labor for more than 4 hours-- even with her first kid). My husband's aunt/my friend's mom thought I was nuts (she had 3 c/s back in the day). She didn't tell me... but I know she thought it was dumb by the way she acted. Oh, and now her daughter is going VBAC due to my experience, and the mother told her, "there is nothing you can say to make me think that's a good idea". UGH.

    So, I made it past 36 weeks without preeclampsia... but at 35 there was a scare and I was admitted overnight to be watched. Oh, and I was having contractions about every 2-3 minutes but could barely feel them. 37 weeks... 38... 39... 40... all along still having contractions every 2-3 minutes. My doc was amazed every time I came to her office, still pregnant.

    My doc talked to me about just scheduling an induction because she would be on vacation when I was 39 weeks. I said, I would much rather go naturally. At 38 weeks... she told me we should probably schedule a c/s for when she comes back (40 weeks) since they don't like to induce with a c/s (and I definitely did not want to be induced). Reluctantly, I schedule it for 3/15 (I was due 3/12). I ended up deciding to talk to my doc at my 40 week appointment and tell her that I'm not comfortable with scheduling a c/s. I wanted to go over rather than just schedule it.

    On Sunday 3/12 I start having contractions in the morning that were actually painful. They were like 5 minutes apart or so. I got up, took a shower, did some dishes, cleaned a little... they never went away. After 8 hours of this, I got in bed and decided to take a nap so I could be energized to push a kid out. I woke up and they were not as regular, not as painful. Whatever.

    Next morning (3/13), they are back. A bit more painful, still at about 5 minutes. I sit in the bathtub most of the morning to help with the pain. I went to my scheduled doc appointment at 1pm. I had a nonstress and my contractions were actually more like 2-4 minutes apart. My doc agreed, I'm in early labor. Still at 2 freaking centimeters (I was at 1 for 3 weeks, 2 for 1 week, then 1 again), but slightly more effaced.

    My doc offered to break my water to get things going, for me to come into the hospital the next day to get my water broken, or just come in for the c/s in 2 days. I opted for water broken the next day.

    I keep having contractions all night. Nothing I couldn't handle, but they were a little painful. We go in the next morning, get situated. My doc comes in around 8:30 shocked again that she's seeing me there... why haven't I had this kid yet. I probably would have come in the night before, but since I had this thing scheduled, I decided to wait it out.

    So, she breaks my water... I'm at 3cm, baby is super high, and 100% effaced. WOW. My nurse offers to check me again probably a half hour later and I'm now at 5cm and baby is very low. I was freaking out that this was going to happen super fast so I agreed to an epidural-- I KNEW I didn't want to feel a kid rip out of me!

    Epidural was so not a big deal like I thought it would be.

    Every time my nurse checked me, I was more dialated. Around 1, I start feeling pain... like menstrual cramps on my left side. I move around to get comfortable... and I notice something that feels like a softball in my crotch!!!

    I call my nurse to tell her that my epi is running out. She comes in and says it's probably time to push. Sure enough, I was 10 and she showed me on her finger how far in the baby was (about a half inch). Now I'm freaking out. She tells me how to push and has me try a few times... she said I was really good, she can't believe how good (my trick is to push with your butt, if you feel your face getting scrunched up, you're not pushing right-- I had to stop a few times because I was pushing with my face. As soon as I started pushing with my butt, everyone would say, "GOOD JOB GOOD JOB").

    Anyways, she ran to get everyone after I pushed 2 times. She also called my doc. I pushed through all of 3 contractions.... for 10 minutes or less. And she was out. The first chance I got, I told my husband, "I cannot believe how easy that was".

    I ate lunch within a couple hours, got up to pee twice within an hour and then my nurse took out my IV. I was walking around like normal after that. Not a big deal at all. Had a kid really just flopped out of me?

    People asked me about my recovery from birth. I asked them, "what recovery?".
    Jennie - Mom to Adam (4) and Natalie (2)

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    Hi girls this is it.

    I woke at 5:15 and was pissed that I was not in labor. I was so upset I made it to a new day I just cried and DH held me. Then he got up an went to work.

    Shortly after DH left, I sat up and it felt like someone punched me in the pelvis slamming down hard. (all I can think is it was the babies head, going into my pelvis)

    Peter woke shortly after and wanted to nurse. Well while he was nursing I had 2 strong "real" contractions 5 min apart. I had to make him stop nursing and not sure if the nursing was causing it or if this was it. I got out of bed to bring him crackers.

    Then I laid down with him and watched my Friends DVD. Contractions kept coming just as strong 5 min apart. At 6am I called David and told him to come home from work.

    At 6:27 he called me back saying he was on his way and wanted to know if I called SIL yet to come and get Peter. I told him not yet because I was not sure it was the real thing and then I had a contraction and my water broke. So he called SIL.

    I called Kim and told her what is going on. She talked to me during a few contractions.

    6:50am DH got home and SIL got here at 6:55am.

    I am leaking with every contraction. They are 4/5 min apart. I think I will be going to the hospital soon and Kim (Waterfall) will keep you posted.

    I got everything ready for SIL and helped get Peter up. We kissed him good bye and she left.

    I told DH I did not want to rush and that I was going to go take a shower and get dressed, I was till thinking I had time. Well I sat on the toilet and that was it. They started coming every 3 min and hard. DH helped me get dressed and I told him we had to leave NOW!!!!

    He got the rest of the stuff in the car and I labored in the kitchen standing up.

    Good thing the car ride was fast because it hurt so much to sit. I kept lifting myself off the seat during a contraction. I did take the time to call Kim and my Dad to tell them we where on the way to the hospital.

    We got to the hospital and the labor was fast. I had 2 contracts in the parking lot one in the elevator and one walking down the hall to registration.

    Once a registration the lady was with another family and we had to wait. When she was done with them she brought them to there room and asked if I was in labor on the way by and told us to take a seat in her office. I leaked all over her floor.

    She seemed to take forever but came back saying she had a room for us and we could go to it if we wanted all DH would have to do is fill out stuff for me in there because we had preregistered. She tired to get me a wheelchair and I tried to sit in it but the contractions just hurt that way so I wanted to walk.

    Once in the room the nurse got the baby on the monitor and let me labor on her (oops she had nail marks on her arm) because DH was doing the paper work.

    I answered questions and tell her I had GBS she sent someone else to get the antibiotics. I was in a lot of pain and leaking a ton of water. She kept saying "You will be OK, I know it hurts, I will check you in a min and see what you are doing" OK so up on the bed I go and between contractions she checked me. 10cm, head down but still high, bulging bag. She left to call the OB. Came back and said we are going to delivery and no time for antibiotics.

    We walked to the delivery room. I stood as they did my IV, some blood drawn and got baby on monitor. I was not feeling the need to push. But contractions where on top of each other.

    At about 8:30am I felt like I had to have a BM and was told to get on the bed. I begged not to have to get on it. The bed hurt so much. My OB showed up and broke the rest of the bag of water and it was a warm splash. I asked if it was clear and was told yes. I said thank you and one of them said "Don't thank us thank your baby" At that time DH arrived at my head from doing the paper work.

    I kept yelling at everyone "I want to get up I want to get up" or "I need to stand I need to stand" The nurse kept telling me I had to stay on the bed. And I freaked out Screaming "You aren't listening to me" She said "We are listing to you" and I kept screaming "No you aren't I need to get up" and waving my hands and arms around. I hit her 3 times. She listened then and told me they would fix the bed so it would feel like I was standing. The helped a ton. My SIL Jen arrived at that time and started rubbing my head.

    The OB was not the midwife and I was upset about that but did not have time to dwell on it the contractions where to close so I just thought "well I have to do it now and show her I can have a VBAC"

    Nothing seemed to be happening. It was hard to learn to push and after about 15 min of them trying to teach me how I looked at the clock. The OB checked me and said I had to get the head 2 more centimeters to get it under the bone. I was reliving Peters birth thinking I could not do this and I would need a C. They told me if I would let them lower the bed a little and lay more on my back it would help the baby get under the bone so I agreed to go back to laying down.

    I asked them to undress me so I was naked and another nurse waved a fan over me. A few contractions latter I pushed filling my lungs like they told me and at the end of that contractions said "WOW" I was asked what happened and I said "I don't know but something" She checked me and it turns out I had pushed the head under the bone and to crowning all in one push.

    That's when DH got excited and started telling me I could do it and how much he loved me. The head started to crown and the nurse took my hand so I could feel it and I knew then that I could do it. It was so soft and wrinkly and wet. OMG the burning!!!! I was yelling/screeching during contractions and one nurse told me to use all my pain to push and not yell. From that point on I just kept making eye contact with her and she was making circles with her hands that I used as a visual and she was counting an telling me when to breath. The head got stuck at the ears for a few contractions and everyone was cheering me on and I felt myself tear an tried to just let it happen. Then I felt the chin pass out and it felt so good that the head was out and the burning over. I knew I still had to he push the shoulders out. That nurse made eye contact with me and said "You have to push with all you have to get that baby out" I took a deep breath and pushed and felt all the parts come out. DH yelled "It's a girl" before I even realized it was over. I peeked over my legs and saw that yes we had a girl. DH was asked to cut the cord and then she was put right on me.

    It took a while to deliver the placenta. I had a small internal left vaginal wall tear and a skid mark tear by my clit. That hurt to be stitched up. While being stitched up DH was asked what her name was and he said I think Summer but looked at me to confirm. I said I have to look at her once more first.

    After they looked her over and weighed her 6lbs 13oz 19 inches long. I got her back to nurse. And Peter was in the room. We asked Peter if he liked Summer, Karmella or Tessa and Peter said Tessa.

    So he named her Tessa and DH and I agreed on Karmella for a middle name. But I call her Moon Beam.

    We had to stay for 48 hours because we never got the antibiotics and she had to be monitored for the GBS and they did a culture.

    She is a good nurser. Peter loves her. And we are so excited. It was so worth being overdue.

    It was all shocking. I was in shock contractions started so close and hard, in shock then that I arrived at 10cm and went right to delivery. But mostly that I only pushed for 32 min and had not only a VBAC but a little girl.

    Tessa Karmella (Moon Beam)
    6lbs 13oz
    19 inches

    July 3rd 9:02am

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    What a fantastic birth story! I'm literally crying with happiness for you. I'm so proud of you for the fantastic work you did. Isn't it an amazing feeling to have a vaginal birth? Your description of the burning brought me right back in time.
    Olivia, age 6
    Charlie, age 3

    formerly UpNorthMum

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    LINK TO PICS: http://pregnancy.dropshots.com/CJWilkes IT ALL STARTED ON THURSDAY AND GOES THROUGH TO SUNDAY...

    I will start with the stats to get them out of the way and for all those who are not interested in reading the whole story:

    Samuel Adams Wilkerson - Definitely a boy!
    My EDD was Sept. 23, 2006
    Born Sept. 1, 2006 at 5:57 AM
    Gestation 36W 6D
    Weight 7.7 LBS
    Height 18.5 inches

    On Aug. 30th I was not feeling well and tried to get comfy by taking a warm bath and getting the kids ready for bed. Finally got them all in bed and was going to get in bed. I was feeling a pressure like a balloon was going to pop and decided to go to the bathroom after sitting for a bit. I pee'd (sorry for any TMI) and was going to get up when I felt more trickle out. I wiped and tried to get up and more came. I did this like 6 times. It was very clear and odorless. Finally, I could get up. I had a feeling to go get checked so I told DH (about 3:45 am Aug. 31st) that I was going to the hospital and will call him if it is anything. He made me go sit on the toilet to see if the process would repeat itself and he came in to assess it for himself. The results were the same and he agreed that I should go in. He wanted to come with me but I did not want to wake a babysitter for a possible false alarm.

    I drove myself to the hospital at 4:30AM about 15-20 min from my house. My contractions had started and were about 2 minutes appart. By the time I got there I could hardly walk. I would stop and rock and breath through each contraction. They hooked me up to the monitors and checked me with the acid strip. She said she could not see that it was my water... but that they would continue to monitor me. I was Just about a 3 and 60 % ephased.

    The contrations just got worse. They were 2-3 minutes long with a 30-45 second break in between. The doctor had me walk the halls and kept monitoring the progress. There was little to no progress even thought the contractions were steady, strong, and extremely hard. However because of the contractions and the fact that I was a VBAC he was not about to let me go home until A- my water broke or progress or B- my labor stopped. I walked the halls for about 4 hours (9am) then called DH crying and asking him to come join me because I needed his help! He found family to watch the children at home and came immediately with his mom. Just before he got there I became very Nauseated and made it back to my room from another walk around L&D shaking. I pee'd then hurridly turned and vomited in the toilet. As I was vomitting I felt lots of trickling down my legs and onto the floor. (Approx. 10:10 am) I buzzed the nurse who came and checked the fluid with the acidity paper. It immediately went Dark blue and she said " it could still be urine." I kept thinking, you are joking me right? I hopped into the bed (I was still in a triage assesment room.) DH and his mom showed up at 10:20 am We waited for the doctor to come check me again. At 11:15 am the doctor came in and checked me verifying what I already knew... that my water was indeed broken and I was at a 3 dialtion and 80% ephased.

    They immediately put me in my own birthing room. The doctor explained that he would like me to continue laboring without an epidural as long as I could to avoid slowing or stopping labor all together and avoid having to use pitocin. Pitocin was just an added risk to a uterine abruption. DH had to leave for a mandatory meeting in Salt Lake City (that could not be avoided) at 2pm. His mom stayed with me until he could get back. I was terrified that he would miss the baby being born but things were progressing VERY slowly and painfully.

    The remaining water had spilled all over the bed at noon and the nurse told me she would get to it in a while. Just before DH left I begged him to get my nurse to change the wet pad I was sitting in. She would not let me get out of bed and had not bothered to even check in on us. Nathan changed the bedding with me still there then left. While he was gone the same nurse came in and told me I was going to have a C-sec. and that my doctor had left to another hospital to deliver another baby. She did not come in to change my pad (I leaked continually until baby was born... large amounts of Amionic fluid because it kept rebuilding itself.) I finally told the other nurses that my nurse was not welcome in my room anymore and spoke to my doctor about her statement. She was just trying to scare me into a Csec so I did not have to be a burden to her any longer.

    5:30 pm DH returned and I was still a 3 and 80% ephased. I asked the doctor if I was allowed to move around because the nurse had told me no and he said I could walk around in the room but stay hooked up to my monitors which were vaginal monitors on baby and my uterus. The outer monitors had a hard time picking up any contractions. My MIL went home and DH walked, rocked, held me through my many contractions. I was checked at 8pm and was now at 85% ephased. Very little progress but it was progress. I lasted a few more contractions and then begged for an epidural that I got at 9pm after 17 hours of hard laboring. They were supposed to give me the minimal amount, but apparently the anesthesiologists minimal amount was not that minimal. My arms and chest went numb too. My contractions stopped all together. I asked for him to turn it down and he cut it in half. It was still too strong and I could not feel my arms so he cut it in half again. Finally it was helping remove the edge without being too strong. However it would fade off very easilly making me feel the contractions on my right side and crotch area. He kept having to be called in to add bullises that would last for an hour more. We found out that my contractions would pick up everytime the epi wore off so I would stretch out the time of getting more meds. In those times I would start progressing.

    At 10 pm I was at a 5 and 95% ephased! The doctor felt now that we would probably have the baby before midnight. DH and I were not so optimistic. Sure enough midnight came and went, but the doctor did give me some pitocin... at a 1 then moved it to 2. VERY LOW dosages of the watered down Pit.

    I was very nauseated the moment I got the epi to the time it stopped working. I would just vomit and vomit and DH would hold the small buckets for me then wash them out and run back before it would happen again. Then he would scratch me all over sinced I itched like CRAZY due to the narcotic they used in the epi. It was aweful! At 5am Sept. 1st, 2006 my epi wore off completely. The nurse came in at 5:30am and checked me. I was 9+ with nothing but an anterior lip. I told her I felt pressure and that I felt the baby was desending and coming very soon. The room began to buzz and the doctor came in. DH woke up and started video'ing the process. Sure enough... 5 pushes and me feeling the entire thing with no epidural working at all! Samuel entered this world. I did not tear or have an episiotomy. However I sure told them all that I did not like feeling all that pain! My words were: I can feel this and it sucks! Then on to my moaning and panting. LOL They put Samuel on my belly and he was very purple so I asked them to take him. I was so worried. He had swallowed alot of the fluid and blood. They got him breathing and screaming good. I just thought of how beautiful this little boy was and even though it hurt like hell... I would do it all over again for him!

    I did get some relief from the epidural that I was grateful for in the 25 hours of laboring... but I truly think it did more harm than help this time around. All in all it ended up not working during the time I needed it most and I basically experienced and all natural birth. (OUCH!!!) The + side was that I did not tear... just one skidmark (paper cut) and I did find that my recovery has been so much easier this time around. I am truly amazed by it all and am more in awe of the girls that have and do go naturally by choice. I almost wish I was strong enough to say if I have another baby I would go natural, but it hurts soooooooooo much and I do like having a bit of a break from the pain.

    Anyway, that is my story. I will have to update with pictures later since I am not home and can't figure it out now. Thank you for reading if you made it through.

    Product of Nathan & Cindy

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    Default Successful VBAC

    Well ladies I am happy to say that Yaelis Ariana Gonzalez is finally here via vaginal delivery!

    Well it all started wednesday 11/22/06 when I went to the doctors office at 10am, the doc checked me and I was at 2cm and he manually made me 3cm and sent me off to the hospital. I was admitted and the contractions kinda started but then slowed so they put me on the pitocin. I got the epidural but towards the end I felt some of the pain but it wasn't so bad. I would say the pain I felt was like a 6 but not the actual 10 it should have been and being that I wanted vaginal so bad I didn't care. This all started around 11:30am by 9pm I was 6cm and the doc kept increasing my pitocin and by 10:45 I went from 6cm to 10cm. I pushed for about 20 or 30 minutes and she came out fast, no stitches needed or nothing. She weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 18 inches long. We just got home today! I will put pics up soon!!!!!!

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