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    December 3, 2005...had a successful VBAC

    The birth of my daughter.
    I was due Dec. 11th but got induced on the 3rd. I went into the hospital at the time they told me to arrive, well i didnt end up getting to my room until about 1130 and we got there at 8.

    Once i got to my room they started all my check in paper work and all my IV's and all that good stuff. They started the pitocin about 12. I was doing okay for a while but every half hour they would come in and up the dose. By 245 i was dying and wanted my epidural. They called the doctor to come do it for me.

    Well the first one who came in was having a hard time trying to get it to stick and she tried in 2 places and got blood both times so they called in another doctor to come try. I was having lots of pressure and felt like i needed to push. Before the next doctor tried to do the epidural my nurse came into check me and i was at 9 and i was just at 5 at 12. It took about 25 minutes for him to get it to stick and the whole time it felt like the baby was just going to pop out and i wanted to push soo bad.

    FINALLY he got it and said i should feel some comfort in about 20 minutes or so. YAY i was soo glad to finally not be in pain anymore and was ready to get some rest. WRONG!! My nurse came into check me and i was 10 so i started pushing at about 345 or so. My daughter was born at 518pm.

    So much easier than my csection with my son and i was soo happy that i was able to have a VBAC!!! Made things a lot easier.

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    Had a succesful Vbac on November 24th 2003.

    I had my dd via c-sec after 16 hours of labour the drs then finally realized she was breech. This was Jan 22/02.

    With my ds, I was told at 30 weeks that I would probably deliver within two weeks, I passed that, then at 34 weeks I loss my plug and at 35 weeks I was 2cms dilated, they wouldnt induce do to the increased chance of rupture of the c-sec scar, so I carried on, at 36 weeks my dr striped my membranes and expected me back that night, but my ds had other plans and never arrived until 37 weeks.

    I had cramping all the day of the 23rd and 3 am on the 24th I finally told my Dh that we needed to go to the hosptial, by the time we got ready and got there and checked in and what not it was about 4 am, I was already 5 cms, so I walked for a while and by 6 I was in hard labour, my son arrived at 8:19 am via successful vbac.

    For me the labour was fast and I progressed way to fast to be able to have an epidural. I was 5 when I got there, 6 after walking the dr broke my water and 2 contractions later I was 8 and 2 later I was 10.

    ~Kelly and Steven~
    April 9th 2001 - MC at 6 weeks
    Jan 22nd 2002 - DD Robyn
    November 24th 2003 - DS Riley

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    Alexia Paige’s birth story:

    Weight: 8 lbs 1 oz
    Labour Time: 16 hours
    Born At: 2:25am, 24th January 07

    First off I did have a c-section planned for Wednesday 24th January but my little angel had other plans and on the 23rd at 4am I started getting regular contractions coming every 6 minutes and lasting about 45 seconds. Since I had this happen on the Friday before I thought it could be another false alarm and couldn’t decide whether My partner Neil should go to work or not (he wasn’t due to start paternity leave till the Wednesday).But I phoned the hospital and they told me to come on down and get checked.

    9:30am: I arrived at the hospital and by this point my contractions where coming every 4 minutes and lasting a minute. At the hospital the put me on a monitor and did am internal and I was about 80% effaced and 2-3cm dilated, so I was in early labour. They then asked me if I would like to have a c-section or since my body was doing it on its own try for natural delivery. (I was induced with dd1). I decided to trust my body would go all the way this time and opted for natural delivery. So the waiting game began...

    10:30am: I was moved to a ward where I would walk about and the contractions gradually got stronger at

    1:30am: The doc came and checked me and I was 4cm-100% effaced. So onto the delivery suite I went, Contractions coming every 3mins and lasting forever. At this point I have a Diamorphine injection and gas and air and was coping fairly well.

    7pm: I was checked again and I was 5cm (slow progress again) and the doc started to question whether I should have a c-section. In the end she said lets give it another 2 hours and see if I make it any further. I have another Diamorphine injection and started to get a little worried about the pain because I could only just about cope. (Huge wimp).

    9pm: The doc came and checked me and surprise I was 8cm I was so happy I was making progress but then got a little scared when I realised I was going to have to push and I really thought I would end up with a c-section. But I struggled on with the pain.

    11pm: The pain got unbearable and I asked for an epidural, I was relieved he came to me quick (with dd1 I had to wait an hour). My epidural was in and I could rest, I even started to dose off to sleep at one point.

    12pm: I was checked again and I was 10cm, but the doctor wanted me to wait an hour before pushing to let her drop lower. So I waited and at 1 o'clock I started pushing, I pushed like a trooper and did the best I could for 1 hr 15 mins with just the midwife and trainee doctor but since she was getting stuck the midwife went to get the doc.

    1:30am: The doc came and told me she thought it would be best if I got some help and I agreed so she was going to use forceps while I pushed, this of course meant I needed an episiotomy  but I didn’t feel a thing because of the epidural. So for the next 45 minutes they where prep-ing me and getting everything ready.

    2:15am: I started pushing again and Alexia was born at 2:25am she was put straight onto my chest and me and Neil got to look first to see if she was boy or girl, I was very emotional and cried with relief and happiness it was all over and she was born safe. They did all there checks and then she was wrapped up and Neil held her while I was being stitched up.

    And that was it, I was really happy about having a natural birth even though I had to have forceps help, I was even more happy when I got to go home the same day at 6:30pm (I hate hospitals) : D

    Pic taken 2 hours after she was born:

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    Default Successful VBAC with Gestational Diabetes, little support

    Hello to All.

    I always felt somewhat responsible for my daugter's casarean birth. I was not properly prepared for birth. I took the weekend class at the hospital and figured I would try my best to avoid drugs. Besides, I thought. Why would I need a c-section? I'm healthy and in good shape.

    My water broke before labor started with my daugther at 37 weeks. I expected to go late and was totally caught off gaurd. My parents drove me to the doctor because my husband was at work. Dr sent me over to the hospital at about 4pm as I was beginning to dilate. I was all alone when a nurse came in and told me that I needed to stop "climbing the walls" and lay down when I was trying to get into a more comfortable position that I learned about in my short but sweet childbirth class. She told me I needed some drugs. I resisted at first, but then chose an epidural as I did not know how to cope with the contractions. I think this was my first mistake. I was fully dilated a little after 10pm and began pushing. I had them turn down the epidural but then had it turned back up again. The baby was in a weird semi posterior position. The dr tried to turn her many times, but she would just flip to another weird postion. I pushed and pushed for over 3 hours and then had a c-section at 1:43 am. My baby was taken to the NICU and I didn't get to hold her for 6 hours. She had lots of trouble learning to nurse, and didn't latch on until she was over 2 weeks old.

    So, I got pregnant again. I live in Tampa, Florida. There are midwives available who will do a home birth VBAC, but they can not legally do VBACs in the birth center. I was not interested in a home birth. Being home in my messy house is not relaxing to me. I had to research to find a hospital that would allow a VBAC. I found a midwife group, the only group I know of in Tampa, that would provide care for a VBAC candidate at Tampa General Hospital. I liked the group, except for one woman. She was extremely discouraging. I had to sign some scary consent forms. Then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. What a pain! I was worried that would jeopordize my VBAC. I had to be super strict with my diet. I was told that my chances of success were not good and the OB consultant for the group did not want me to try for VBAC. Legally though, no one can cut you open without consent. (Unless maybe you are unconscious?) I was not trying to be radical or unreasonable. i just wanted to try to birth my baby vaginally. I did not want major surgery for no really good reason.

    I prepared for this upcoming birth by taking Hypnobirthing classes and reading my friend's Bradley Method Childbirth information. I followed the exercises for optimal fetal positioning I found on spinningbabies.com. I meditated with the Hypnobirthing CDs and a VBAC CD by Maggie Howell almost every day. I hired a doula and called her whenever I had a discouraging appointment (often).

    At 36 1/2 weeks my midwife said I was 3 cm dilated and very thin. This was around Jan 18th I think.

    So, on January 20 i was in a really grouchy mood, and sick of my stupid gestational diabetes diet. On the 21st I took my 2 yr old daughter to the zoo in the morning. At about 7 pm she threw a whole bunch of crayons on the floor. When I bent over to pick them up I heard a "Pop" and felt water, just a little bit, trickly into my undies. Oh god, I thought, was that my water breaking?
    Yes, it was. I was not having regular contractions though. I fooled around doing dishes for awhile as I somewhat freaked out. I called my mom and dad to come watch my daughter. Then I took a shower, and my daughter took a shower too. I decided to dry my hair, which is very out of character for me, but it gave me something to focus on. My parents arrived around 10pm and we got my daughter to bed. i made sure everything was ready in my bag and went to bed around 11pm with irregular contractions. I may have slept a little but not much. I moved around trying to get comfortable. Around 3 am I was on my hands and knees to get through a contraction. My husband suggested going to the hospital but I didn't want to go yet. He was getting a bit anxious, and we left for the hospital around 4:30 to beat morning traffic. My husband called the doula. I listened to my hypnobirthing stuff on my ipod in the car. I still did not feel it was time to go to the hospital and told my husband that if I was less than 5 cm I would not stay. The whole hospital thing was kind of scaring me. We got there and I stopped to sit on the exercise ball a couple times on the way up. My contractions were still not regular, but seemed a little stronger. I was in a good mood.
    The midwife was at the nurses station when we walked in. She smiled and asked what was going on. I told them my water broke around midnight because I felt I had to buy some time. I had heard that they will not let you go more than 24 hours after your water breaks and I was afraid I was at the hospital too soon. She asked me my pain and I stubbornly said 1 on a scale of 1-10 because I was determined that my pain level would not be higher than a 2. She checked me and exclaimed "Girl, you are 7 cm! maybe 8!" Wow, I was so excited. maybe this was going to work. My doula arrived and she and my husband took turns applying pressure to my lower back, the sacrum. I listened to my Hypnobirthing stuff and Maggie Howell stuff on the Ipod. I mostly stayed in a position on my knees with my arms up over the bent bed and my head leaning on the top of the raised part of the bed. The labor and delivery nurse was great. She helped me achieve the best position possible by moving my legs apart a bit. I started to growl. I had always heard it was important to make Low noises during birthing. I got really hot and tangled up in my gown and took it off. Not normally my thing, but birthing is something else
    I tried standing for a few contractions around 7 am. Then I was on my back for a few contractions while the doula and husband held my legs. That gave me a little rest, but I didn't want to stay that way because I knew that was not using gravity to my advantage.
    Now, in Hypnobirthing you are not encouraged to push. Your uterus will push the baby out for you. But man, my legs were getting tired. So around 9:30 am I decided to push. I used the squat bar and the baby moved down a lot. I almost started to scream high, but my doula reminded me to stay low with my voice. I did, and it really helped. I was getting tired and tried lying on my side some. Not so good for descent, but again, gave me a chance to rest.
    I starting squatting with pushes and lying down in between. This was working. I felt a hot splash and yelled "What the hell was that?" It was my forebag of waters breaking. Oh, i never knew about that. I was getting scared. I had been pushing for awhile and no baby was coming out. Was I going to have the same problems I had with my first birth? No! The baby was in a good position. Still I was starting to freak out and yelled at people "I'm not doing this right! You have to help me. Tell me what to do." They all reassured me that the baby was moving down and it was going to come out. The midwife said "Babies come a little bit at a time." Finally, I felt burning. Yes! The baby really was going to come out! I was finally convinced that I knew what I was doing. At 10:31 there was crowning and the head came out. At 10:32 my husband actually caught the baby. It's a boy! He was immediately placed on my chest, just where I wanted him. I was so so so so happy to be able to hold my little warm wet baby. I got to hold him right away! This was the best part. I got to hold him for a long time. Over an hour. He had his first latch on at 11;30 am. I felt so happy and proud.

    If you are considering a VBAC, I say go for it. It was the most empowering thing I have ever done. Learn a lot, find lots of support, and be determined.

    It is so worth it.

    When my son was 6 days old I walked a mile to the playground with him in the sling and my daughter in the stoller. Recovery was a breeze.

    Married to Derek June 15, 2001
    Baby Cassandra Nicole born January 14, 2005
    Baby Alexander born January 22, 2007

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    Warning! This is a VERY VERY long birth story! Apologies for the length but once I started writing I just couldn't stop and it all counts so I couldn't take any out! Feel free to skim read! Sorry!

    Wednesday 9th May – Started as a pretty rotten day as Mick and I were both sick. Mick took the day off work and the two of us took turns trying to entertain a very bored Max. There was lots of Bob the Builder and the Wiggles! During the day I thought I might be having the odd period like pain. Nothing major and nothing that really caught my attention. At about 3pm I decided we had to get out of the house. Max was desperate to run around and despite being the last thing we felt like doing Mick and I dragged ourselves out to the park. The fresh air was actually great. While at the park I noticed that my period like pains had started to intensify. I decided to see if they had any regularity to them. They did – exactly 15 minutes apart. They were happening on the quarter hour which made it easier for me to time b/c I am terrible with numbers! After 4 of them I told Mick. I didn’t actually use the word contractions because the thought that this could be “it” was not something I was ready to entertain. We did lots of walking at the park while Max kicked a ball around. At around 5pm it was time to come home and feed Max dinner. We stopped at the supermarket to get a few things and while I was there I noticed that my “pains” (still not ready to use the “C” word) had intensified and were closer together. At one point I had to stop at the trolley bay as I had another “pain”. It took my breath away.

    Once home the “pains” were 10 minutes apart (sometimes closer) and I if I was talking at the time one came I had to stop and breathe through them. I decided that I should give Mell (my Doula) a call just to let her know that something was happening. She was so excited! Not sure if I have mentioned this before but she is a student doula and I was her first birth! I calmed her down and told her it was probably a big false alarm. Not sure who I was trying to kid but is didn’t work! Made me feel better though.

    I tried to help Mick with Max’s dinner, bath and bed time routine but it was getting harder and harder to do. By around 7pm I really needed to concentrate and breathe during each “pain” (yep I was in some major denial at this stage!!! LOL). I decided I’d better call Mell back and let her know that perhaps this was it. She offered to come over (she lives nearly an hour away) but I told her to call me in half an hour and we would decide then. I told Mick this after I got off the phone and he was not impressed, he vetoed that plan and told me to get back on the phone! Obviously he wasn’t in denial like me! So I called her back and she said she’d head on over.

    At this stage the pains were coming pretty regularly at 5 minutes apart. Because I was planning a VBAC I knew that I was supposed to go to hospital reasonably early but since my OB had never actually given me a timeframe I wasn’t ready to call. I did decide to call my mum in Sydney though and let her know that she may need to hop on a plane and I also went next door to my sister in laws place to let her know she may be staying at our house for the night! Despite getting organised for the fact that I was in labour, I really was still in some serious denial. I knew I was but it was working for me!

    After a phone conversation with my best friend, she convinced me to call the hospital. As the L & D nurse answered the phone I had a big “pain” and couldn’t talk. She laughed and said it sounds like you are in labour! She was pretty keen that I come in but did tell me not to hurry.

    At this point at terms of dealing with the pain, I was mostly walking around and breathing. The pain which had started in my lower abdomen had now also moved around to my lower back which was not a pleasant experience. The baby had been anterior for ages so I was pretty mad thinking he/she may have become posterior!

    Mell arrived at some point and I was busy trying to finish packing my hospital bag. I was content labouring on my own. I was happy to talk in between but not during. Mell bought me a heat pack for my back which was nice but it was hard to walk around and hold it against my back.

    At around 8.30pm we left for the hospital. Mostly because the pain was becoming more intense and I didn’t fancy labouring in the car once they were worse. The car ride wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be although I did start to use my vocalising techniques to match the pain which seemed to be a good substitute to walking around. My contractions (alright, I was nearly ready to start calling them that!  ) slowed down to about 7 mins apart in the car. I was a bit bummed by this but knew that could happen. On the walk from the car to the hospital a family pointed and started at me while I had a contraction. That did not impress me so I when I finished I made a rude comment to them about staring! Ooops!

    Once in the hospital (8.45pm) I quickly popped in to visit a girl friend who had had her baby there that morning! I figured it might be a while before we saw each other. I must have looked a sight, pacing around her room in the post partum ward in full labour! Once we settled into the L & D ward, they hooked me up to the EFM which I knew would happen. They couldn’t find the telemetry (cordless EFM) which I wasn’t happy about but they said they would keep looking. Thankfully I could still stand up and labour because there was no way I was hoping on that bed! When they did my ob’s they noticed I had a high temp which actually never went down the whole labour. Not a fun thing to add to the mix!

    My OB wasn’t on call that night but I like all the OB’s in the practice so that didn’t bother me. The OB showed up at 10.30pm. It was great that she took so long to get there because that meant the “clock” hadn’t started in terms of dilation (expectation was approx 1cm per hour for VBAC). When she checked me I was a 2-3cm. She said she would come back at 3am and would like to see that I was about a 7-8cm. She put an IV needle in but I wasn’t actually attached to the drip. Thankfully the nurse had managed to find the cordless EFM which was so much better.

    Labour wise things were going well, I was really in the zone. My contractions were pretty steady at 2-3 mins apart and I was finding it tough but manageable. My main theory to deal with each one was to “match the pain”. For me this involved lots of vocalisation and swaying. Because the pain was predominantly in my back I found that it really helped to have Mell push her thumbs into the top of my buttocks during a contraction. The other thing that worked was squeezing my hips. I became very focused on standing in the same spot for every contraction and it didn’t matter where I was standing in the room, the minute the pain started I walked to that one spot, put my arms on the high bench and dealt with the contraction there. I could not stand anyone talking during a contraction. It really bugged me. Occasionally the midwife would come in and monitor my contractions by placing her hand on my tummy. This was fine as long as she didn’t touch my belly button. On the odd occasion she did and man did it hurt. I would yell at her and swipe her hand away.

    I became more and more reliant on Mell during each contraction. I needed her to be right there and to keep the pressure on my back. I no longer liked the thumbs in my back but the hip squeezes were great and while Mell did that Mick would massage my lower back. I tried using the birth ball both in between and during contraction but I really didn’t like it. At some point I remember losing a big chunk of my mucus plug. Man that stuff is sticky!

    From a pain point of view things were starting to get really tough. I was using all the techniques to match the pain but I could feel the fear of each contraction starting to catch in my throat. Mell tried to talk me through a contraction but I couldn’t concentrate when anyone spoke so that didn’t work. Mell was aware of how I was starting to feel and suggested I move to the shower. I didn’t really feel like getting my clothes off and into the water but I was hoping it may help.

    The shower was hard work, mostly because my contractions had really intensified. They were 2 mins apart, or less and lasting for a minute each. Michael held the shower head onto my lower back and I also had the main shower rose spraying onto my upper back. Mell kept up the back massage and hip squeezing but I was really starting to loose it emotionally. I kept my face against the cool of the shower tiles and really tried hard to vocalise through the pain but I could feel myself slipping and self doubt about how I would manage the rest of the labour and birth was really starting to creep in. It was impossible for me to vocalise how I was feeling to Mick and Mell because there just wasn’t enough time to talk in between contractions and I also needed to take that time to prepare for the next one. I remember muttering things like; “I can’t do this any more” during contractions and again I really felt like I was getting out of control. Both Mick and Mell did there best to get me to focus but I just couldn’t stand them talking. I could sense their helplessness at the situation but I was quickly reaching the point where I felt beyond help. It was around this time that I seriously started considering getting an epidural.

    It was quite an odd moment because I had been so adamant about not getting an epidural. I really wanted to have a true natural birth and was very confident in my ability to deal with the pain. But I guess the reality of the situation couldn’t have been known to me until I was in it.

    I am not sure how I said it but I mentioned something about wanting an epidural and immediately Mell and Mick were using the lines I had asked them to to encourage me to keep going. They said things like, “you can do one more contraction Sarah and then let’s see how you are” and Mell was also trying to explain to me that she had many other ways to helping me deal with the pain but somewhere deep in my head I had already made up my mind and an amazing sense of peace came over me about my decision. I knew I couldn’t look at Mick or Mell because it took all my concentration to deal with the pain but somehow I managed, in a very clear voice, to say to them that this is what I wanted and I was truly serious. That I knew I had asked them to try and convince me not to have an epi but that I truly understood the decision I was making and was happy with it.

    At Mell’s suggestion I agreed to let the midwife check my dilation progress which meant getting out of the shower. This was not a fun experience. She checked me and I was only 4cm. This confirmed my decision for me. Interestingly even the midwife was giving me time to change my mind, offering to leave the room while we discussed my options but at this point I was adamant and asked her to call the anaesthetist.

    Things got very tough at this point as I had emotionally switched off from dealing with the contractions. They felt like they had intensified a thousand fold. The mind really is an amazing thing. It took the Dr about 20 mins to get there and another 20 mins for the epi to fully work. The midwife was amazing during that time; she is who got me through the contractions. I had to be sitting on the bed and it was pretty awful. Once the epidural had taken full effect I felt an amazing sense of peace come over me. I knew that my decision was the right one for me and I was now able to convey to Mick and Mell how I was feeling. The last thing I wanted was for them to feel as though they had let me down by not encouraging me to go further without the intervention. I actually thanked them for listening to me and respecting that I was serious about my decision.

    It was about 2.30am at this point and we were all exhausted so Mick and Mell set up some beds in the room and we had some lovely quiet time. Mick actually had a sleep and Mell and I just whispered to each other about all kinds of things. My OB came back at about 3.30am, checked me and I was now at 6cm. She said my cervix was very floppy and wanted to be more dilated but wasn’t able to. She was not entirely happy with my progress and said that the baby did not have its head on my cervix. This she thought could be occurring for two reasons, 1) b/c my waters were between the head and my cervix or 2) the baby was obstructed. Because I still had a high temp and high temp can be a sign of obstruction she was mildly concerned but I managed to convince her that the temps had been there for days due to my illness so instead we agreed to break my waters and see what happened. There was a small amount of meconium in the waters but nothing to be overly concerned about. The OB left again, saying the nurse would check me again at 6am and then call her with an update.

    Mell and I continued to chat and also try and sleep but neither of us could despite our exhaustion. Mick managed to catch a few zzzzz’s but not much. At around 5am I could feel pretty intense pressure in my rectum so I told the midwife. She offered to check me and when she did she found I was fully dilated to 10cm!!! Looks like breaking the waters really did the trick! She told me there was no need to wait for the OB and that I could start pushing very soon! That was enough to rouse Mick and a wonderful air of excitement filled the air. For the first time I truly let myself believe that I would get my vaginal birth and that was an amazing feeling!

    Because of the lightness of the epidural I could feel each contraction as pressure in my rectum and this was a great tool to aid me in my pushing. I was able to tell the team when another one was coming. For the pushing stage the end of the bed was removed and I was sitting almost totally upright. During each contraction I had my feet on the hips of Mick and the midwife. From that very first push the baby started to descend. I felt very confident in my pushing skills despite having had the epi as this was something I had read a lot about. Even the midwife remarked at what a great pusher I was. However despite all the great pushing the baby had other ideas and decided to take it’s time! The head was crowning for a very long time but reached a point where no matter how much I pushed it just wouldn’t budge. I was able to feel the head with my hands and that really was such a surreal but awesome moment. We tried perineal massage and hot compresses but after over an hour my perineum was now starting to swell rather than thin and the baby’s heart rate was now fluctuating. My OB knew how much I didn’t want an episiotomy but after much discussion and a few more contractions I decided that this was the best course of action.

    The next bit happened so quickly. The OB had only just put the scissors to my perineum as I pushed and I literally felt a pop and out came the babies head and shoulders. The OB told me to reach down and pull out my baby. That moment of birth is one I will never forget and will treasure for the rest of my life. As I pulled my newborn child from my vagina and between my legs onto my bare chest I remember letting out a sob that only a mother could make. Here was my baby, born from me. I did it. He was here. An overwhelming sense of love and pride came over me. I honestly have never been as proud of myself as I was in that moment. I am still so proud of myself.

    At 6.23am on Thursday May 10th 2007 my second child was born.

    At some point I had a look and announced that we had a boy. It wasn’t important. The baby stayed on my chest for the next hour or so. He wasn’t weighed or poked or prodded in anyway. It was just he and I. I tried putting him to the breast but he wasn’t interested so instead we just snuggled. Mick was right there beside us, loving us.

    Sarah (mum to Max & Billy)

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    Smile Successful VBAC

    Reuben Ellis
    Born 13th November 2007
    Weighing 8lb 9oz

    At 39 weeks and 6 days I was sooo fed up with being pg, I had SPD which made pregnancy very uncomfortable and I just wanted to 'get on with it' and I was desperate to have a natural birth after my prev c-sec due to to breach. My OB and midwife have been very supportive though the EFM is mandatory and any kind of water birth is ruled out.

    I started to have Braxton Hicks from Monday morning 12th Nov 2007, but only finally starting to amount to something at about 10pm and keeping me awake until I decided to just get out of bed and come online to distract myself. I used the TENS machine and after an hour or so it did start to work and really helped in the end.

    I rang the hospital maybe about 4am? when the contrax got to about 5 mins but they went a bit more erratic again so they said to come in either when they have got back to 4/5 mins or my waters break. They seemed to get even more erratic and I was starting to worry that it was all going to fade and Id have to start all over again!! Then at 5.30am my waters broke and the contrax then started coming every 4/5 mins and I called the hospital again who said I was to come in as they wanted to start monitoring me with the CTG.

    Got there at about 6.30am and was taken to a delivery room and a male midwife examined me, and said that I was 4cm dilated and theyd check me again at 11am. At 7.30am there was a shift change and I got a new midwife and she was lovely! Her name was Veronica and there was also a student midwife so I got pretty much continuous care throughout. Got hooked up to the CTG to monitor the contrax and babys heartbeat. Had to stay on this through the whole thing.

    Decided I didnt want to be near the bed and stood leaning on the window ledge which was great leaning height! Had a couple of pillows and had the Gas'n'Air next to me and still had the TENS at this point. The contrax were starting to come fairly quickly, maybe every 2 mins or so, lasting for a while, and I kind of lost track of time. I stayed standing up and the next time I remember the time was about 9.30 when I remember the midwife saying she would check me again at 11am and I said that if its going to get much worse than this and they werent going to check me to see how far I was dilated until 11am, then I wanted to stop now and go home Due to the SPD I couldnt walk around so just stayed in one spot, rocking backwards and forwards which really helped.

    I kept on with the Gas'n'Air (Entonox) and TENS, though gave up the TENS at about 10am-ish. I felt like they were pretty intense and whenever I had a contraction, the monitor was popping of my stomach so the midwife had to hold it on me whcih the student midwife did, bless her!

    I remember the midwife saying that the CTG wasnt doing my contractions any justice and I got a bit upset at that point asking if I was just being a wimp becase they were VERY painful and if this is only the start then theres no way I could finish but Veronica said no she could feel my stomach and just by watching me she could see that the contrax were every bit as painful as I was saying *PHEW*

    At about 10.50 they started saying that they wanted to have a look and they wanted me to go towards the bed but at this point I had been having an urge to push on most contractions, though not very strong, started to go towards the bed and as I moved, pushing started to get a bit more 'needed'!! I really felt that if I could just push then te pain would lessen.

    I lay on the bed but the baby got decelerations in his heartbeat, he didnt like me bein on my back AT ALL, so they got me on my side to examine me then I asked if I could kneel on the bed and they said absolutely and start pushing when I feel like it as I was fully dilated! I knelt leaning against the back of the bed (which they bent up so I was virtually upright again) and started pushing when the urge took me!

    I was the strangest feeling having him come down the birth canal, and I can honestly say that I felt that the pushing stage was not as painful as the labour stage, I think maybe this was because I felt more in control of what was happening. I just kept saying to myself "Come on baby, come on baby" and imagining him coming out finally (because when I didnt say that, I was swearing my head off, and Im NOT a swearing type of person!!!)

    His head crowned fairly quickly, at about 11.10am I think but his shoulders got stuck and I tore pretty badly (2nd degree) as the urge to push was suddenly really intense and I couldnt help myself, they managed to hook his shoulder out and he was delivered onto the bed - Reuben Ellis was born at 11.21am!

    Only had Gas'n'Air and my TENS machine, Im SO happy with myself, really could hardly believe it when I realised it was over and I'd done it! Was crying and laughing at the same time, DH and the midwives were hugging me and congratulating me, i felt on top of the world!

    Unfortunately was torn badly so after my nice natural drug free birth, I ended up in theatre afterall with a Spinal Block having a 2nd degree tear sorted out, dont know how many stitches (a lot!) as it took them about an hour to do, so that was all pretty frustrating, but still, I can say now (now that the pain of delivery is starting to fade!!) that I would take this way over c-sec anyday. I can walk, pick up Jay and Reuben, DRIVE!!! So anyways, thats it. I hope my story encourages someone to give it a try.

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    Our first daughter was born in 2004 via c-section. I'd been on bedrest for 11 weeks due to hypertension that my doctor thought would escalate into pre-eclampsia (it never did) and she ended up shocking us by being breech when I was being induced due to the increasing blood pressure.

    When I got pregnant again, I originally returned to the same OB who I'd had with my daughter. After a very unsatisfactory first visit, I decided to switch doctors to someone who would support my decision to go for a VBAC. When I was 24 weeks, my doctor joined another practice. I decided to try and stick it out, but 9 weeks later it was clear that this new practice, and therefore my doctor, were not going to work out. I switched again to another doctor that I had found and gotten to know on the ICAN list and who'd helped my friend realize her dream of a vba2c.

    I paid a ton of attention to posture and positioning. I took prenatal yoga, I took a Line Up Your Baby for Birth class, I spent hours on the spinningbabies website. In order to try and combat the escalating blood pressure issue, I ate a high protein diet, took omega3 fatty acids, and a calcium/magnesium supplement. I walked 30 minutes a day. I took daily baths with epsom salts. My blood pressure decided to do more than cooperate - I was able to come off the meds (that I'd gone on after my daughter's birth) completely, and my pressures stayed in the 110/65 range the whole time.

    I did a ton of vbac birth "work". I read books, I wrote dozens of blog entries. I hired a doula. I joined the Atlanta ICAN list and met so many wonderful women (and my fantastic doctor!)

    Early Labor

    Monday afternoon around 2pm I lost my mucous plug. Around 4pm I started having very sporadic contractions - one or two an hour. By 8pm the contractions were coming more frequently so I started timing them and they were 9 minutes apart. My husband put our daughter to bed and I expected them to start coming faster once I felt “free to labor” but instead they slacked off again. At 9:30 I decided to take a bath and head to bed, and try to get a little rest.

    During the bath they were only 20 minutes apart. I read a little bit in bed, and I was asleep by 11pm.

    Active Labor

    At midnight I woke up having a big contraction. I stayed laying in bed and timed them and they were again 9 minutes apart. I told my husband I was going to draw another bath and see if they sped up or not. I was in the bath about 30 minutes and they were 5 minutes apart! So I got out and told him to wake up, we needed to call my doctor, because I was pretty sure this was it for real.

    We called my brother-in-law to come stay with our daughter, and my husband’s parents to head up from Florida. My husband called my doctor’s answering service, and handed me the phone when we got him on the line. He asked how far apart the contractions were (5 minutes) and how long they were lasting, and agreed that I should come in and get checked out.

    I then called my doula, Serena. I told her we were heading to the hospital, and she planned to meet us there.

    When my brother-in-law got there, we got in the car and headed to the hospital. Once there, we made our way to the maternity check in, and Serena arrived as they were printing off my wristband. We sat in the waiting area, and my doctor came out a few minutes later. He wanted to feel my uterus during a contraction, and he judged it “mild to moderate”.

    They finally called with a triage room, so we walked down to it. The nurse put on the monitoring belts and a blood pressure cuff. My doctor checked me and I was 5cm so they went to get me a Labor and Delivery room while the nurse finished up the assessment.

    I got into the room, and a new nurse tried to start the IV (I was Group B Strep positive, so I had to have two doses of antibiotics via IV before the birth). She tried one spot on my wrist, and then tried again in my hand. My doctor tried to help her and the two of them dug around in my hand with a needle for a long time. They finally got it mostly working, except I had to have my hand in a certain position for it to flow. The antibiotics were freezing and burning at the same time, which was not a nice sensation, and I was laying on my back/side, which was not the most comfortable for contractions.

    After the IV was in, the nurse drew some blood and then my doctor checked me again - 6cm, fully effaced, with a bulging bag of waters! When the antibiotics were done, they disconnected the IV and just left the heplock in my hand, and I was free to get up and move around again.

    The doctor and nurse left and we just hung out. My contractions were still 4 minutes apart and very manageable. During the contractions I wanted to lean forward, either on the birth ball or the couch, and moan in a very low tone. In between them, we chatted and laughed and listened to music.

    The nurse was coming in every 20 minutes to check the baby’s heart rate for 60 seconds. Her heartbeat was over on the right, and it kept getting lower, and lower as she moved down into my pelvis.

    After about an hour my doctor checked me again, I was 8cm and he broke my water. Immediately the contractions got closer together and longer. I was still doing low moans through them but they were getting harder to take. I was starting to doubt I could do it, and get scared, and I knew this meant I was probably in transition.

    Serena suggested the shower at this point, and I thought that sounded like a good idea. I’m not sure how long I was in the shower, the water felt good on my low back and belly but I was cold above that, and I was annoyed that I couldn’t take the shower head off. When I decided I wantedto get out, they wrapped me up in blankets.

    I did another few contractions sitting on the ball, leaning over on the bed, but I decided I wanted to crawl up into the bed. I was starting to feel weak and I just wanted to rest. Serena suggested a foot rub with lavender oil which was heavenly.

    At 7am the shift changed. A new nurse came in with monitor belts in her hand and told me that i had to do another 20 minute strip. I had done one in triage and had been having intermittent monitoring (hand held, every 20 minutes for 60 seconds) until then. I told the nurse no, and explained what we had been doing up until then. She insisted that I had to have it, because she was starting her shift and they had to have a starting strip. I told her to go find my doctor and talk to him about it. She left, and a few minutes later the head maternity nurse came in and said my doctor was in an emergency situation, and she was here to tell me why I had to do the strip. We argued for a bit about the difference between medical necessity and “because the shift is changing”. Finally she says, well you can do the 60 second monitoring you just have to agree to absolve the hospital of the risk. I said yup, I refuse and accept responsibility, and she left.

    I was starting to feel the urge to push during contractions, but since the nurse had said my doctor was in an emergency situation I assumed that meant he was in surgery, and that I had to wait a while longer. My husband’s parents had run into traffic coming into the city and weren’t there yet, and my mother-in-law wanted to be in the room, so it was not bad timing anyway.

    A few minutes later my doctor came in the room, and I was really relieved to see him! He checked me and I was almost complete, with just a lip of cervix, and the baby wasn’t positioned optimally. He had me do some small pushes, and used his hand internally to turn her head. He said that I was completely dilated, and it was time to push the baby out.


    My husband held my leg, and serena my other leg (I was in a sitting position on the bed) and I started to push. My doc was on the bed with me, doing perineal massage and telling me when to push and when to breathe.

    Her heartbeat fell and wasn’t rebounding (he was monitoring me himself, hand held, after each push), and he had me lay back a little, and he asked the nurse to get a vacuum ready because he might need to get the baby out ASAP. Her heartbeat did rebound with me reclining though, so I stayed that way. They gave me an oxygen mask to breathe with in between contractions.

    The contractions hurt so much by this point that pushing against them felt good. Serena kept handing me cold wet washcloths, one after another. After pushing for a while, I was getting really discouraged. My doctor took my hand and put my fingers in my vagina and there was her head! I could feel it!!

    My husband’s mom got there at some point, and the mirror was gotten out, and when my doctor got off the bed and went and got the instrument cart, I guess I knew that we must be close to the end. I could see her head in the mirror, but I didn’t think it was ever coming out. I started pushing like crazy and I was just screaming primal screams by this point - all of a sudden I saw her whole head, and felt the ring of fire and I was like “GET HER OUT OF ME!!” my doctor was stretching the skin out to try and help the head through and then suddenly it was out, and I could see her eyes open!


    I pushed and the rest of her body came out and it was just - amazing - the relief of the pain, and seeing her there, and feeling like “I DID IT!!” The cord was around her neck and he unwrapped it, wiped her off, and I was like “give her to me give her to me”, and he asked if I was ready to clamp the cord I said yes. So he clamped and daddy cut, and they handed me my sweet baby girl.
    ICAN of Atlanta - Cesarean awareness & healing, and VBAC support

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    *Warning, long!*
    Nick's Story - Our Vbac Birth

    For weeks (as you all know,) I had been having practice labors. The due date came and went and of course I was getting frantic about the looming induction date set for Sunday morning March 30. I had 3 acupunture sessions and done just about all non-invasive natural induction methods I could do. At my 41 week appt on Wednesday, March 26, the fluid levels measured perfect and we passed the NST with flying colors. When my OB performed the internal exam, I was shocked to learn I was still at 1cm and 50% effaced, as I had been for 5 weeks at that point. He said the dreaded words "unfavorable cervix for VBAC induction." Ugh, my heart sank. I had so much hope that my body was doing something. We left and went to church to meet with one of the coordinators about my recent baptism (because it was only a block away and we needed to get some paperwork done) and I couldn't stay. I started to cry and cry hard, so we left and went home. All I could think about was an induction meant c/s. I didn't understand why my body was not cooperating. Why was labor not starting? I'd tried just about everything. I called my doula and we talked about the cohoshes and castor. Neither of us wanted to do the castor, but Carolyn immediately went to work calling people and researching the cohoshes. I dashed to my local health food store and picked them up, plus a teeny bottle of castor oil, just in case (lol). After chatting with you girls here for a while, I decided to call my OB and inquire about stripping my membranes and maybe doing a foley induction on Sunday instead of a pit induction. I was told our hospital doesn't have protocal for Foley's so I couldn't use it, besides he thought in his personal opinion that I would do better with pit, even though I was still pretty closed up. Then I remembered that a few weeks ago he had mentioned a chiropractor that did adjustments to induce labor. Why I had forgotten about that until this point I don't know, but I'm glad I remembered then, so I asked him, and he said Sure! Go for it!. He gave me his number so I called the chiro immediately and begged for him to see me right away. He agreed, as long as I could go in right away. Thankfully Alessandra was with her Nana so I dashed out and ran to see him. He did his adjustment (which was a very agressive one, I might add!) and we talked a little about how it works, etc. He said my sacrum was pretty locked up and he wasn't able to move it as much as he'd like, so he asked me to go in the next morning to do it again. So to home I went, with much more hope and optimism. I also called the Flower Essence lady at some point that evening and we discussed an induction with those oils. I found out the my local health food store carried them so she was going to go home and call me back to figure out which I would need to go buy and we would discuss it more. Before bed that night, I walked around our yard for about 1/2 hour, stopping every few minutes to do some squats the way the chiro showed me to help loosen up the pelvis and allow Jr to drop into it. I also said quite a few prayers and clutched my new rosary, which felt so good to do. And, just to boost my chances, I took 1000mg EPO orally and popped 2 vaginally. I remember Chimmy said the night before she went into labor she did the same, so I figured at ths point it couldn't hurt!

    Sometime in the night the pressure waves came. They'd wake me but I'd go right back to sleep, because I'd had these for weeks and frankly gotten used to them. Maybe around 3, I noticed they were feeling different. Not just crampy and tightening, but pinching and painful at first, then they'd calm and gradually wave out. It was quite a bit different than all the other pressure waves I'd had before, even when laboring with my dd. At 4am, I couldn't sleep between them anymore, so I got DH up and told him. We timed them to be between 6 and 8 minutes apart. They were getting pretty uncomfortable and I knew deep inside, this was it. No second guessing it anymore! I just knew. I had DH call my mom to come over to watch Alessandra so that I could have DH all to myself to help me labor. I took a shower, did my hair and makeup and then called my doula, it was around 5:30 then. I told her I was going to stay at home as long as possible and would call her again when we would go to the hospital. Around 7am, I decided I wanted to go into L&D, to check Jr's heartrate with the pressure waves to make sure they weren't decelerating (sign of UR or distress). I knew I'd be going back home, so we didn't bother packing up the car or doing any last minute things around the house. Once in triage though, the nurse told me some very surprising news - "You're 4cm and 80% effaced!" I shouted "NO ****!!!??" Lol The people in the room next to me giggled. So we decided to stay, I didn't know if this was going to be fast like I'd been visualizing with my hypnosis... and since I went from 1-4 overnight, things were looking that way. I called Carolyn and had her swing by my house to pick up my bags and then we were admitted into our room. I immediately wanted to walk the halls and listen to my hypnosis and get into the zone, so we did. I must've walked miles around the maternity ward that day. Hypnosis was wonderful. When a pressure wave hit, I'd collapse into DH's arms into a squat until it passed, then up I went, like nothing happened. I was so calm and relaxed and the pressure waves didn't hurt at all. All the nurses were amazed, they'd never experienced a hynobirth before. I wasn't given an internal again until 2pm when my Dr showed up to assess me. I was 5cm and 90%. Progress! WOO HOO! He said he'd be back at 5:00 to check again. Up and down the halls I went again with DH and Carolyn. It was going great but I was getting tired from all the walking. I was snacking here and there on toast, Odwalla bars and pudding. But none of it was substantial enough to keep my energy up. At 5:30 Dr G came in again and said I was 5-6, and he really thought I would need pit and wanted to break my water. Jr was still floating and hadn't engaged yet, there was a pocket of fluid above his head. I talked to Carolyn and we agreed that breaking my water to speed things up wasn't such a bad idea, since I was getting tired and the day was getting long, but we wouldn't do the pit. Dr G obliged and broke my water. They didn't want to do intermittent monitoring anymore now that my water was broken though, so Dr G went off to look for the wireless unit. Within a few minutes those pressure waves got strong. I laid down to listen to my scripts but found that to be such a horrible position. I then got on the birth ball but was loosing focus during the pressure waves because I could feel my pelvic bones separating during the pressure waves and I didn't want to sit through them. So mostly I stood against the wall and had DH and Carolyn apply counter-pressure to my lower back through the pressure waves. I don't know how long it was, maybe 1/2 hour after my water broke or so, but those pressure waves quickly got strong, hard and on top of each other. It was like being hit by a bus during each one over and over again. It was 6:30 when I lost control, I couldn't focus, I was exhausted, I couldn't find a position to labor in that didn't make me feel like I was splitting into two. I told Carolyn I wanted the epi, and fast. She tried to ask me if I was sure but I looked up at her and I don't know what she saw, but she quickly turned around and ran out of the room to get the nurse to order the anesthesiologist. The nurse quickly came in and asked if I was sure that's what I wanted (they all read my birth plan), and I begged her, the sooner the better, I was getting out of breath and was finding it so hard to breathe. The pressure waves were kicking my ***. She said I'd need IV fluids first, a whole liter, before I could get the epi so she hooked me up. The waves continued to get stronger and stronger to my suprise. I had no idea they could be so strong. I couldn't listen to the hypnosis through my ipod anymore, I couldn't stand the pressure of the ear buds in my ears duing a wave so Carolyn put a CD into the CD player and played it through the room. I tried my hardest to go limp and loose during a wave and relax, but I couldn't. It was just too intense. I was standing and swaying in my DH's arms during pressure waves at this point, and I know I bit him probably a dozen times all over his body. I begged him to find me relief. I needed relief, but the IV was still dripping and I had a ways to go. I finally found that laying across the birth ball on my knees ontop of the bed was the best position, though it was far from comfortable. The bad part about this was that during a pressure wave I'd flex my wrists against the bed (the ball underneath my chest) and this would freeze up the IV drip, and since the waves were coming every minute, it was taking forever for the fluid to get into me. But I couldn't move from it so the nurse made me prop my arm on a pillow and told DH and Carolyn to make sure I didn't flex it. She was so rude at that point she's lucky I didn't have the energy to b*tch slap her.
    I began to moan so loudly through the waves that I bet the neighborhood heard me. The nurse was getting frustrated with my moaning, telling me I was getting tired because the moaning was taking too much energy, but I couldn't stop it. It was the only way I could focus through a wave. Carolyn kept whispering in my ear to breathe, in through my nose out through my mouth but I couldn't. It was all I could do to just stay alive at that point. I nearly numchucked her one too, everyone just needed to shut the F up and leave me alone already! I was dying, couldn't they all see that?!?! (lol, what we think during labor!) FINALLY at 8:30, after almost 3 grueling hours of back to back pressure waves that were splitting me open, the anesthesiologist came in to give me the epi. That was torture in itself let me tell ya. To have to sit on the edge of the bed and lean over during pressure waves that just wouldn't let up - OMG - I think I would have rather had my fingernails pulled out with rusty pliars. Finally the epi was in and I laid down, and I kept asking over and over, when will it kick in? Please WHEN?!?!? Dr G checked me at this point and I was 8cm and 100% effaced (I did all that ON MY OWN!! I was so proud of myself!) It took another 3 or 4 pressure waves before I started to feel the numbing, the pressure waves were getting less and less intense and finally at 9pm, I was in relief. Everyone left the room and Carolyn turned out the lights, we both wanted to nap. DH went to get something to eat (and probably sit in the corner and cry, lol! What I put him through in those 3 hours - wow). I slept peacefully until 10:30 when I was awakened by the nurse, it was time to check me again. I was feeling soooo good at this point, on such a high. She checked me and you guys shoulda seen the look on her face. She looked so happy for me. She said "You're complete! Baby's head is RIGHT THERE!" If I could have moved my legs, I would have jumped up and frenched her. I called DH right away and told him to get back, I was ready to push! (What a glorious feeling for a VBAC'er!!)
    It seemed like a split second later, all the lights were on, nurses were prepping the tables and me, DH ran into the room looking bewildered and happy, and I had the biggest grin across my face. I just couldn't beleive it! I did it! I am about to push out my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My nurse sat at the edge of the bed and asked me to push through my next contraction to see how I did. She immediately had me stop. I was like Why? And she said she didn't have the insurance coverage to deliver babies, LOL! I looked in the mirror they had set up for me and saw the cutest blue head! I can't even express to you how freaking cool it was that I saw a head coming out of my vagina! She ran and got Dr G, who very proudly waltzed in and got prepped up. During this time the nurse gave me perineal massage and then Dr G had me push at my next contraction. He was so impressed and proud of me! He said in the next contraction I'd have my baby! He also massaged my perineum in between waves (which had spread to about 3 minutes at this point.) I have to say, pushing was a breeze. I know it was the epi, but it was so cool. I was so scared of pushing and here I was doing it, and it was the easiest part of the whole birth! The next wave came, and I pushed with all my might and felt the head pop out. They suctioned the nose and mouth and I heard a gurgled cry, they told me to push one more time and out slid the body! Dr G lifted the baby up and all I saw were some big ol' balls dangling and I screamed "IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!" and then DH screamed "IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!" And then our boy pee'd a fountain on me! Everyone laughed and he was layed on my chest and wrapped in towels, it was the most heavenly thing ever. The nurse pulled down my gown to get him on my skin, and DH came to my side and we just stared in awe at him, our baby boy. I said "This is Nicolas" and everyone "awwed". Then I looked at Carolyn and said "Damn, I'm tired." That cracked her up so much she cried!
    Nick started rooting and latched on like a pro immediately. Dr G said I had two small superficial tears, nothing bad at all, and stiched me up after the placenta was born. Everything was great. Dr G checked my c/s scar and said it held up beautifully, there was a small dishenance (sp?) but it would heal by itself. He congratulated me and said I did a great job, he was impressed. I of course was so high, I coulda frenched him right then and there too, lol!

    My parents showed up a little bit later and we all chatted and ooh'd and aww'd over little Nick, then I was taken to my recovery room and we settled in. Nick was tested 4 or 5 times over the course of the next 3 hours for diabetes because he was "so big" but his numbers were perfect. Everything was perfect! Our perfect baby, our perfect birth. Nothing in my life will ever feel so empowering as that. So that's it, that's our VBAC birth story!

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    Default VBAC Birth story

    Birth Story:

    So I shot out of bed about 2am on Wednesday 9/17th with one very vicious contraction. I went to the bathroom and wouldn’t ya know? Bloody show! I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I took a shower, woke up DH and informed him the show was on. Well he hardly believed me but humored me and we packed the kids up, took them to a friends and headed to the hospital. The contractions were about 6 minutes apart and getting uncomfy. My thighs were hurting and the contractions were way down low.

    When we got there at 4am we were admitted, I was checked and found to be 4 cm. I was a little sad that was all I was but I was willing to take what I could get. I got out my birthing ball, DH got out his laptop and we hunkered down for the long haul. The contractions were regular and seemed to be very productive. I kept rolling on the ball, they were painful, in my back mostly until peanut turned and then they were in my thighs. I kept thinking man I bet I’m about 6cm by now… HA!

    My Dr got there at 8am (I had been laboring from 4am) and checked me. She had this frown on her face and looked at me and said “you are still 4cm and only 90% effaced. I don’t want you to labor that long with a VBAC, lets break your water…I agreed but voiced my worry that I would have the baby within an hour if she did that...She didn't look convinced.

    So she took out this gigantic knitting needle thingy and broke my water. All DH could say was “hey what the &*^( was that? It’s like pea soup!”. Thanks DH. There was a little mecomium in the fluid, but my Dr. wasn’t worried at all. Then my Dr. told me she was going to go back to her office across the street and see patients until I progressed a little more…and she headed out.

    I had told my Dr. over and over I am a fast laborer. As she walked out the door I shot her a comment about having running shoes or something like that, she just gave me an indulgent smile and left…

    5 minutes later the REAL contractions started…She broke my water at 8:55…the killer contractions started piggybacking about 9:05 with about 1 minutes apart and lasting 90 seconds…I could barely breath through them and I told the nurse I didn’t think I would be able to do natural, to please give me an epidural. The whole time I was standing hunkered over the bed rocking, the pain was so bad I could barely think, I was hallucinating on and off about a witch flying around the sky and getting stuck in a tree (yeah I know I know) and praying Jesus would just deliver me to heaven because I had NEVER NO NEVER felt so much pain in my ENTIRE life…The pain was unescapable.

    The pain and pressure got so bad I started howling, yes HOWLING like a baboon and at one point I threw myself onto the bed and announced I was pushing the baby out…The nurses panick, now mind you I was still hallucinating about the blasted witch stuck in a tree and everything was tinged pink and red and really bright, in the distance I hear “she is dilated to 8 ½ where is her dr? The other nurse said, here is the anesthesiologist…

    And I was still screaming and moaning and yelling…All my meditation practice out the window, all my pain management skills out the window...my poor DH kept says “breath honey, breath… I managed to control myself just enough to let the anesthesiologist get the epi in and he handed me the little button thingy, which I proceeded to press like mad over and over again…then blessed numbness…the anesthesiologist said for me to take it easy, I wanted some feeling in my legs...I just looked at him and said, "you gotta be kidding right?" I looked up and there was my Dr! it was 9:55 and finally the blasted witch was gone and I could actually see all my nurses and my dr just looking at me like I had lost my mind. The Doc got out the stirrups, I threw my legs over them and said, “okay when do I push…” as DH got a really good look at the goings on between my my legs. Now it was 10:00, she said okay push…one…okay push…two…suctioned all the muconium out of her face…okay three push…as I pushed I turned to DH and said, “Do you have a name now???” okay four…push…and Margaret Jean entered the world. The Dr. had to give me an episiotomy because she was delivering so fast and she didn’t want me to bust up to my anus, and couldn’t go slow, even though she had the oil out and was massaging my perenium due to Margaret’s heart dipping really low. It took exactly 15 minutes of numbness and four pushes to deliver…so I got the benefit of the epi for the next 45 minutes and DH and I joked around and marveled at our new little girl. She had no blood sugar problems, no problems at all on any level!

    As my Dr said goodbye I said “I told you I was a fast laborer.” She just gave me another indulgent smile and said “now I know.” I have to say it was the best experience of my life, and I am glad I made it to 8 ½ cm, it made the VBAC go much smoother. No problems with the scar and anyway, with the blasted witch I kept seeing flying around and stuck in the tree I didn’t have time to worry.

    Pics to follow once DH finished posting them all.

    Thanks to everyone for all the support.

    To anyone doubting they can do it: I am 40, had Gestational Diabetes and I did it! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!
    PhotobucketThis one came out the old fashion way!
    me (Bonnie): 40, DH: 35, DD: 14, DS: 3
    Angel in Heaven 12/2006
    Margaret Jean born VBAC 9/17/2008

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