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    Gabriel's Birth Story (a VBAC!)

    On Friday September 19th, I was a day over 41 weeks pregnant and hoping a membrane sweep at my doctor’s appointment would get things moving. I had agreed to schedule an induction for Monday, the 22nd and wanted to avoid that appointment if possible. Alas, my cervix was still positioned very high and was closed. My doctor said he doubted I would begin labour on my own over the weekend and that we would start with cervidil on Monday. I was very disappointed when I left the office. A sweep had started things when I was pregnant with Ella and I was untrusting in my body’s ability to start things on its own.

    Over the weekend I had some promising signs of labour. I lost bits of mucous plug on both Saturday and Sunday and I was getting occasional contractions, but they never seemed to increase in intensity or frequency until Sunday afternoon.

    I went for two long walks on Sunday (well, they seemed long for my huge pregnant self!). It felt like the baby was lower and the sporadic contractions were more noticeable. I also had the urge to cook a big meal. We had chicken with mashed potatoes, turnip, baby carrots, cranberries and stuffing. If I needed to be induced the next day, I was making my last real meal a good one!

    At 11pm I decided to go to bed and get some rest. I fell asleep quickly and was woke up by my husband crawling into bed around 1:30am (Monday). We chatted a bit about what time we would leave for the appointment, it was scheduled for 9am and we had a two hour drive ahead of us to the hospital. I had two mild contractions while we were spooning and he said, “Those ones were different than before. I recognize how your belly stays firm in between… like when you went into labour with Ella.” I thought he was crazy. They didn’t feel any different than all the other ones I had over the weekend. He talked me into leaving for the hospital and if nothing progressed during the trip then we’d stay at his parent’s house for a few hours before the induction appointment. I cried because I didn’t want to leave Ella, but we packed things up and my mom came to stay the rest of the night at our place. We left at 2:39am.

    During the car ride labour started to pick up a little. Contractions every 6 minutes or so for the first 45 minutes, but that didn’t stop us from getting some MacDonald’s! I had a chocolate milkshake and a small fries, and Rob asked the drive through attendant about how many women she had served while they were in labour. Around the same time I felt a couple of tiny leaks and I thought it might be my water breaking, I just hoped there wasn’t a full gush onto the seat of the car (we kept meaning to pack some garbage bags for this purpose, but didn’t get around to it!). Finally at 4:30am we arrived at the hospital. The rest of the drive had brought contractions approximately 4 minutes apart and I was needing to concentrate to get through them. I really needed to pee when we arrived and when I found a bathroom and sat down there was quite a gush of fluid. I thought it was likely my water breaking, but thought it was odd that it waited until I sat on a toilet!

    We registered and went upstairs to the early labour assessment unit. The nurse monitored the baby for about 20 minutes, and the heart rate and variability was great. I had a few contractions during this time but they were quite mild and spaced apart. She checked me so we could decide our plan of action (staying or leaving to return for my induction appointment at 9). I was 4cm dilated, completely effaced and she predicted I was likely more during a contraction. I was so excited that labour had truly started on it’s own and this was the real deal! She asked about my last birth experience and if I had brought a birth plan. My husband was right on top of finding it and handing it over. We decided she would keep me as an observation patient, especially since I had a doula (who I called around this time). Being in observation meant I was given a birthing room without being admitted and before the end of her shift at 7am, she only needed to check in on me once to have a listen to the baby with the doppler.

    While in observation I was able to relax and let labour really take over. I moved between sitting on and leaning over the birth ball, sitting backwards on the toilet and the standing/walking between the two. I did meet my MacDonald’s milkshake again, but this was the only time I threw up (I threw up constantly while in labour with my daughter, likely due to the pain medication). I got through the contractions with some great lower back counter pressure from Stef (our doula), cold and warm compresses on my back and I held smooth stones in the pressure points of my palms.

    The observation nurse checked in before shift change at 6:45am. She said she was talking to Dr. A and he said to just let me carry on as I was doing, and that she would be admitting me and assigning a nurse for 7am just so baby and I could have some closer monitoring. Shortly after, we met our nurse named Sandy. She introduced herself, checked my blood pressure and temperature and I sat in a reclining rocking chair so she could check the baby with the doppler. From the last check, the baby’s heartbeat was found much lower in my abdomen which meant progress was happening! I also had my blood drawn. At this point however, contractions were getting intense. The pressure over the front of my pubic bone was incredible and I was using low moans to get through. It was an odd feeling, but even though I was tired and wanted to doze between contractions earlier, this was the time that my body decided it actually needed some sleep. Between 3 or 4 contractions I drifted off, but then I heard myself saying, “I can’t do this. I don’t think I can do this.” and felt my legs shivering a bit. In the back of my mind I thought about transition and recognized the signs, but refused to let myself believe I was beyond 5cm. I then moved back to sitting backwards on the toilet, and during the contraction on the way I felt myself give a little push. The next contraction on the toilet, I was definitely pushing through it, and it felt wonderful to have something to do during the wave!

    During this time I called out to Sandy that I felt “pushy”. Rob asked if she would be checking me and she said something like, “I would, but given the birth plan it’s hard to do my job.” I then asked Stef (who was doing counter pressure on my back with her knee and letting me rest against her between contractions) if the nurse was mad about my birth plan. However, in the back of my mind I didn’t really care, things were going exactly as I had hoped. I was pushing, had only one cervical check when I first arrived, no IV, intermittent fetal monitoring, I was drinking and moving around as I pleased (I could have ate, but didn’t feel like it), I wasn’t even wearing a hospital gown.

    Eventually Sandy came around and started to relax a little and get involved. Rob talked with her a little about my past birth experience and when she saw Dr. A joking and being laid back with us, she started to as well. Later, after the birth she would tell us that she’s glad we weren’t as “straight laced” as she expected.

    After pushing for a little while on the toilet, I decided to return to the bed so Sandy could check to make sure I wasn’t pushing against some remaining cervix. This was at approximately 8am. She found that I was complete, possibly a tiny lip of cervix left, but it moved away easily during contractions and pushing. Sandy started to set up the room for a baby and I continued with pushing.

    The contractions were coming fast and furious (and would remain that way until the end) and with each one I’d give two pushes, one long one with a gasp of air halfway through and then a smaller one at the end of the contraction. I moved from a semi-sitting/semi-side-laying position in the bed, we tried the squat bar and then back to the toilet. Shortly after Dr. A arrived, he asked if he could check fetal position and to see if the baby had moved down since Sandy’s check. At this point I had been in the pushing phase for a little over an hour and they felt that the baby really hadn’t moved down. At this point, my doctor, who is a GP, had to consult with the on-call OB and the resident working under him because of my previous section.

    Dr. A and Sandy spoke with me about trying some directed pushing to see if we could make some progress, I was more than happy at this point to have some coaching. I wanted so badly for the baby to move down some before the obstetricians arrived with their “suggestions“. Around this time, someone also set up a mirror so I could focus on where I needed to push. Before the birth I didn’t think I’d be keen on seeing everything happen down there, but I really did enjoy having it there.

    When the resident arrived she checked the baby’s position, which from what I heard, was slightly transverse to posterior. Before the exam she asked, “So your epi is working well for you?” Someone said, “No epi, no drugs.” And she got a shocked look on her face and looked for the IV pole behind me. (haha) I remember being surprised about what a gentle touch she had during the exam, she even helped the baby turn to a better position during a contraction. Before she left she said, “I’ll come back in about an half an hour to see if the baby has come down some. At that point we’ll look at the possibility of forceps or a c-section.” Within a few contractions of her leaving, we started to see some progress and before the half hour was out, I could see the top of the head with each push. However, for a long time I’d push, see the head, and then baby would slide right back in. I knew in the back of my mind that this is normal and eventually the head would stay put. However, after pushing for close to 2 and a half hours and having the threat of metal or surgery dangled over my head, it was a little frustrating. I was tired.

    When the resident returned, the obstetrician came with her. The OB was still talking forceps saying, “I think we should be able to deliver you from below, but you may need some help.” I just kept pushing and decided that this man did not deserve my attention. I acted like I couldn’t hear him and I don’t think I answered a single question he asked. I’ll give him a little credit for the fact that he didn’t do anything until I specifically told someone “yes.”, but man was he annoying! At one point he wanted someone to give me some gas and Dr. A said, “She’s doing it without drugs. She doesn’t need them.” Yeah Dr. A!

    Baby’s head was so close to coming out at this point (about 10:45am) and I remember Stef saying, “You’re getting your VBAC!”. That was some great motivation. I was so happy that it was almost over and I wasn’t going for surgery! Mr. OB had to disrupt the moment again by wanting to cut me because I “had a tight band” holding the baby back. I kept pushing and tore. He said, “O.K. O.K., you tore!” (lol!) My tear was straight toward my rectum, so I did allow a small cut to redirect from that area. In a very short time, the head and shoulders were out and I reached down and pulled my baby to my chest. I immediately started sobbing and said, “We have a baby!” I was staring at him and Stef reminded me to check the gender, it was a beautiful baby boy!

    Baby Gabriel
    Born September 22nd, 2008 at 10:53am
    8lbs 9oz, 21 ¾ inches long

    My husband, who had been snoozing soundly in the recliner, was woke up just in time to see me catch Gabriel and he was able to meet his son. Gabe was taking some time to clear the fluid from his mouth, so he didn’t get delayed cord clamping. They took him away for a minute to get him breathing well, meanwhile at 10:55, the placenta released and I gave a small push to help things along. As soon as Gabe gave a cry I asked to have him back and he didn’t leave my arms for the next hour or so (until I ate a hamburger!). It was so awesome to have him close and to stare at my brand new baby.

    I must admit that even though I had local freezing for the suturing, that part was far worse than pushing out a head (which I don‘t remember being painful at all). I had a second degree tear that needed about 6 stitches, but the nerve endings were firing like crazy and when they touched me it felt like needles. At this point I also agreed to the IM shot of Pitocin, not because I was bleeding but because the stinking OB wouldn’t shut up about it! He left after I got the shot, so maybe it really was worth it.

    They finished their repairs and Ella got to meet her baby brother. Gabe also latched on and started nursing like a little pro. Eventually, I allowed them to weigh the baby and give him the vitamin K shot (he had a huge bruise on the top of his head).

    This birth experience was the most empowering and awesome experience of my life. The only thing I wish was different was the attitude of the OB. He was just so untrusting of birth’s natural process. The next day when he came to do his rounds he said he was positive I wouldn’t be able to deliver vaginally. So at least I got to prove him wrong!

    Minutes old..

    DD - Nov/06, DS - Sept/08, DS - Mar/11

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    Annabelle Molly, 7 pounds even, 18 1/2" long

    Her birth story.....

    Tuesday night about 8pm, I started having some very mild, but kind regular contractions every 8-10 minutes. They were just a little bit different from BH, but I had had something very similar Sunday night, so I wasn't thinking it was anything for sure. As the night wore on, the ctx started to become longer and more intense and were coming every 4-5 minutes. I began to wonder if this might be the real thing. I googled onset of labor (big mistakereferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600"> ath o:connecttype="rect" gradientshapeok="t" o:extrusionok="f">ath>fficeffice" />) and found prodromal labor. My ctxs were not exactly regular and definitely were at the front of my abdomen, so I convinced myself these were probably prodromal. I began to get disheartened and wondered if I could survive days of painful ctxs without any "real" progress. I tried to sleep, but the ctxs were so uncomfortable, I found it impossible. By 3am, the ctxs were strong enough that I really started thinking (again), maybe this is it. I called my sister (who had wanted to be at the birth) and told her that she might want to go ahead and buy the plane ticket. We talked about what flight she should take. There was a 6am and a 1pm one. I told her that she should probably get the 1pm one. As I had never had a true "labor" before, I was sure that this was going to take awhile and I didn't want her getting here too early or maybe I actually wasn't in labor and that she would have time to reschedule and come another day. I also called my doula and asked her what she thought. Jo Anne said that it did in fact sound like I was progressing. She told me that I should eat something and try to get as much rest as possible and to call her if things changed or I wanted her to come over. I felt really weird calling her because I had only met her 2 days ago!!!!!

    I went to go make brownies for the nurses only to discover that I didn't have any oil There went my plan to keep myself busy. I tried lying down again and watching tv and just trying to sleep and found that impossible. So I filled up the tub and listened to my ipod which actually really helped with the contractions. Even though I had taken the hypnobabies class and had really enjoyed it, I just didn't think that I felt like doing that at that point. By 6am, the contractions were really intense and I was hanging on waiting to call my MW. At 7am, the ctxs were every 2-4 minutes apart and starting to become painful, my mw didn't think they were regular enough and didn't want me to even come in earlier for my appt!! She told me to get some rest! I told her I didn't think that was possible. She said it was fine to go ahead and drink 4 oz of wine. I was happy about that It did let me feel relaxed and actually sleep in between ctxs. My DH called his mom and had her come over to watch Toby just in case. At 8:30am, during a ctx, I felt a pop and a gush! My water had broken. I got kind of excited and called down to Dan. My MIL was there and said, I'll call an ambulance. I was like umm, no. The doula actually called then too. I spoke with her and she said that she would be over in about an hour. At that point, the contractions really got started every 2 minutes and were now pretty painful. I got in the shower and we started to prepare to go the hospital. I was feeling a lot of rectal pressure with each ctx. I spoke with my mw and she thought we should head to the hospital once my doula got to my house. Toby kept wanting to come and have me read stories to him. He became really upset when he saw me go through a ctx, so my MIL took him outside to play and away from. By the time the doula arrived (930), I had to moan through each ctx. We left for the hosp immediately. The car ride was tolerable and short. We had a 15 minute interval at the hospital waiting for my mw and I got on the birth ball and that really helped. Once the mw got there she was convinced that I was pretty far along and wanted to check me. I was shocked when she told me that I was complete and ready to go!!!!

    Now here's where it sucked being at a hospital. I had to have a 20 minute fetal monitor check. That means I had to be lying in a bed on my back. I don't understand why in the 21st century they can't have a wireless device!!! Also because I was a VBAC they said it was mandatory that I have a hep block placed. Well, it took 5 tries to get an IV in and 4 different people tried, I actually had one put in while I was having a contraction and while I was pushing. I hated pushing on my back. I didn't feel like I had any strength behind it, I got leg cramps because I was pushing against other leg muscles. I kept asking to be able to squat but had to wait until the fetal monitor was off. As soon as it came off, I squatted on the bed and the difference was amazing. No one ever told me that pushing felt like you were trying to take the world's biggest sh*t. I always thought you would be pushing the towards the vagina. I was so afraid that I was going to prolapse my rectum It seemed like the I was pushing for the longest time without any sort of progress and I kept asking why the baby wasn't coming out. Everyone kept tellling me I was doing great and I was so close. All of the sudden, I could feel the baby's head crowning and "the ring of fire". It actually wasn't so bad. I pushed and pushed with all my might and Annabelle made her entrance into the world at 11:51am. I had only been pushing for less than an hour. It was the greatest feeling in the world and the rush of adrenaline and endorphins was amazing. Better than all the marathons I had ever run. I was so excited she was out that I forgot to ask whether it was a boy or a girl. But Dan came over and kissed me and told me that we had a daughter.

    Annabelle has a full head of wavy dark hair. She had an apgar score of 10! She nursed for over an hour and has been doing great. I had a second degree tear but was able to leave the hospital 7 hours after getting there. It was so nice to be home and sleep in my own bed. Toby is the best big brother and has been trying to teach her high five.

    I'm sorry this is so long, but I never thought I would get to write a birth story. I am so proud of having a VBAC and doing it naturally. I never knew how empowered it could make you feel.

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    Derek Bennett O_____'s Birth Story (VBAC)

    Derek Bennett [Last Name] was born on Sunday, July 5, 2009, at 1:38 p.m. CA time. He weighed in at 7 lbs 10 ozs (2 ozs less than older brother Jackson), and measured in at 21.5 inches (two inches longer than newborn Jack). No wonder I felt like his feet were in my throat all the time!

    I did get my VBAC , although it was a toss-up right up until the end. I was in labor for 40 hours and pushed for more than 2.5 hours. Friday night, July 3, I started having real contractions. They stayed at 30-45 seconds long every 10 minutes all the way until Saturday evening, when they started coming fast and furious. I was instructed by the hospital not to go until the contractions were at least a minute long, very intense and coming every 3-5 minutes, so DH and I kept putting it off. Finally, we got into the car when my contractions were more than a minute each every 3-4 minutes. When the triage doctor checked me out, I was pleased to hear that I was already at 5 cm, 80% effaced, and at -2 station. I had been so afraid that they would tell me I wasn't even 1 cm yet! (That would have been so sad with the intense contractions!) We settled into our delivery room, and I planned to have an all-natural VBAC and told the anesthesiologist so.

    So that was at 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning. I labored until 4:30 a.m., when the doctor who was working with my midwife came back to check me again. She found me at 7 cm, still at -2 station, now 90% effaced. She consulted my midwife and they decided to break my bag of waters to get things going faster. Boy, was that a weird experience ... all this warm water gushing down my legs! The doctor advised me that things would get intense from here on out, so if I wanted an epidural, to tell her now. I said no. She said she would come back at 6 a.m. to check my progress.

    Well, by the time she came back at 6:30 a.m., I had been laboring hard, with DH acting as labor coach, for a while. The contractions were so intense, it seemed. She checked me and pronounced that I had not experienced any changes at all. She and the midwife said that Derek was posterior (this was a change since my last appt), and my contractions, despite ample moving around and posterior laboring positions, were not frequent enough. They suggested giving me an extremely light dose of Pitocin. The doctor asked me if I wanted an epidural; the midwife emphasized that it was up to me. At that point, I was running on more than 24 hours of labor and very little sleep. I was already at my breaking point before the news that I hadn't dilated at all from 4 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. I felt so tired, and like there was no way I could deal with the extra contrax from the Pitocin. Right away I said, "OK, I want the epidural." DH asked me if I was sure, and I said yes, because I knew I was at the end of my rope. I just wanted relief. Soon afterward the anesthesiologist came in and started hooking me up. While he was there, the contrax started coming one on top of the other, way off the charts, and I was just crying and crying. The nurse was trying to get an intermittent monitor on my belly, and I felt like her movements made me have even more contrax (probably not true), and I was just almost hysterical. DH was awesome and kept reminding me to breathe and squeezing my hand.

    Soon the epi was in, but they had to come back three times to adjust the dosage, so I had another 45 minutes where the contrax were so painful, and I just whimpered through them. I was just so discouraged that after going to 7 cm, I had stalled. At this point, I was convinced that between Derek's posterior position, the Pitocin and the epidural (which meant lying down in bed), I wasn't going to get my VBAC. But, my midwife was really positive and said that it was likely Derek would descend down the birth canal. She told me to just get some rest and relax. So I did. I got the epi around 8:30, and by 10 a.m., I felt an awful urge to poop. I called the midwife, and she determined that in only 1.5 hours, I had proceeded from 7 cm to 10 cm, and Derek's head was at +2 station, ready to push, and he had turned so he wasn't as posterior as before! She made me "labor down" with more contractions for one more hour, and kept flipping me from side to side on the bed to encourage more turning. I started pushing shortly after 11 a.m., with great coaching from my midwife. She turned down the epi and turned off the Pitocin. They said I was a great pusher, but it still took until 1:38 a.m. WHEW! Oh and by the time Derek appeared, he was anterior!

    Big difference from c-section: He was put right away on my abdomen, for me to hold and admire, even before his cord was cut! I love my little boy so much -- he looks exactly like Jack as a baby. And, I love being able to sit up right away.

    However, little Derek had his hand kind of up by his face when he came out, and a sharp fingernail scratched the inside of my vagina and my labia, giving me a second-degree tear that took forever to finish up. Also ,I was so swollen from pushing that I couldn't pee, so now I had a catheter in until the morning after the delivery. Oh well!

    I am really proud of myself for going to 7 cm unmedicated, and I'm also proud of the fact that I wasn't stubborn about the epidural and trusting my doctor and midwife. I think in this case, given how tired I was, the epidural and Pitocin really saved my opportunity for a VBAC -- that and the fact that the hospital staff was so supportive of VBAC. There were so many times when they could have just said, "OK, straight to the OR," but they didn't.

    And now, some pictures:

    First family pic, taken soon after delivery


    The brothers meet!
    Wife to Johnny
    Mom to Jack (7/12/2007), Derek (7/5/09) and their canine brother, Atari (5/9/2004)
    Read my blog

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    I had a successful VBAC in January 2010 at:

    University Medical Center (formerly Thomason Hospital)
    4815 Alameda Avenue
    El Paso, TX 79905
    (915) 544-1200

    VBAC'ing midwives:

    Just posting this FYI for others who, like me, couldn't find anything about VBAC in the Las Cruces/El Paso area. Feel free to contact me via PM for more info.

    VBAC El Paso, VBAC Las Cruces, VBAC New Mexico, VBAC Alamogordo

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    Mine is also long. i apologize. this is also from July 2009. just stumbled across this request.

    Isaac’s Birth Story

    We should start on Tuesday July 7th. I had a doctor’s appointment. I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. Dr. R stripped my membranes again (the only action he'd take to help get my labor started, no pitocin later either). This was the second time after a missed week due to a nasty cold complete with antibiotics. So the day passed peacefully. That evening I walked to a friend's house to watch a movie and hang out with a few other women. I got home about 10:30 and went to bed. I slept okay but awakened around 6am and decided to just stay up and have my morning walk. 1.5 miles later and a couple of twinges I finished up. I got DS1 awake and DH dressed him while I got lunch and breakfast ready. I had another twinge or two but didn’t think much of it. While we were buckling DS1 in I had another one and mentioned to DH that I thought it was a contraction. He said that he’d keep his cell on him.

    So I went in and got a shower and then had a bagel and made a smoothie. I settled into work. Humm that hurt. Ahh it was nothing I’m thinking. So I work for awhile and the pains are getting more consistent. Humm so I call Mom at about 8:30 and go “I think I’m in labor, but I’m not sure”. Called Charity our doula too so that she’d know what was going on. I had to leave a message though.

    Pains are becoming more regular so I go and take another shower thinking if they were contractions they’d keep going if not they’d stop. They keep up. So at 9am I’m calling Mom back saying I’m in labor while trying not to panic and breathe hard into the phone as I have another one. I send quick IMs to my boss letting him know that I’m in labor and ignore everything else. I called DH and broke down saying “I’m in labor, come now I can’t do this by myself”.

    Contractions are coming pretty regular now and they hurt. A lot and are high in my middle back. I’m laboring the best I can but I hurt. DH finally gets home and I have him pressing on my back and rubbing it. I’m laboring everywhere upstairs and even in the tub for awhile. That helps but I still need DH to rub my back. This is really awkward for him. DH leaves Charity several messages and finally gets ahold of her. She arrives not too long after that. DH also calls our friend to get DS1 from school. So logistics are taken care of, I can relax on those thoughts then.

    Contractions are a minute and half apart, gee this sounds familiar, just like with DS1’s labor. At least we know what to expect this time. I’m doing my best breathing and trying to relax but it hurts sooo bad. I’m getting tired and just really want it to end. I remember asking DH and Charity to just shoot me now. I can’t do it anymore. They both said they didn’t want to be responsible for my death and they weren’t going to oblige. So I take another shower that helps for awhile. But I’m in pain and just can’t do it anymore. I finally tell DH that I really want to go to the hospital. And I’m sorry but I just can’t do it anymore; that was probably around 2:30.

    This was a hard moment I think for DH. He knew what I really wanted to do a natural childbirth and he was doing his best to keep me on track for that goal but I knew that I’d done my best and needed help. So Charity and DH got me into a pj top and some shorts and 3 very painful contractions later we make it to the van. DH laid the back seat down and Charity put a few pillows and a sheet down and I knelt between the seats and labored the entire way to the hospital. I’m having major bloody show at this point and the contractions are clamping my stomach (which I later found out is involuntary pushing). We get to the hospital and DH goes in and gets the lady at the desk to bring out the wheelchair. She sees the blood and hears my moaning and starts panicking slightly. She was pushing so fast that Charity had to run to keep up with her. So up the elevator we go. To the nurses desk where they take one look at me and place me in the closest room they have. Which happened to be right behind the nurses desk. The nurse pulls back the sheet and asks if I’m crowning. I’m like no. I manage to get on the bed and they help me get my shorts off and the nurse does a cervical check while I’m not contracting because I couldn’t stand to have her touch me during one, so I was 5cm dilated and 90% effaced.

    Wow…things were happening so fast. They put me on oxygen. The baby wasn’t handling the stress well, probably because of all the excitement of getting to the hospital and into a room. So they ask me two questions. 1) Are you married? And 2) Can he (being DH) answer medical questions for you? Yes to both was my reply. After that I answered the battery of questions as best I could. DH said the poor nurse was taking notes on a napkin! I guess my vocalizations kinda got me past point A and right to point C.

    The nurses were great they didn’t try to push any pain medications on me at all but I did request a shot to take the edge off. It took a little while to get the medications. By this time I’d been fitted with an IV and the blood pressure cuff. They’ve got me started on a saline drip. Guess I didn’t drink enough during labor at home. LOL! I think I probably only drank about 6oz of water since 9am and now its 3pm. So now I’m eating ice chips, which is all I really want.

    So I’m settled for a moment. Charity runs out and gets some food. I’m doing okay. DH still is rubbing my back but I’m breathing through the pain and pressure. All of the sudden I hear/feel a pop and a severe pain. I realized that my water broke. Oh my goodness it broke all on its own! OUCH! Oh my and the pain just intensified so DH still had to rub my back. Charity came back and is like what happened I leave you for a second and things get moving even faster. I’ve got an internal check done and I’m 7-8cm. I’m in such pain my back is killing me. So I relent and get an epidural. It takes a while for the anesthesiologist to come in. I was sad that I choose to get the epi but I just couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I know I was close but I just couldn’t relax anymore. I asked if I could just get the lowest dose. I wanted to be able to feel and push when it came time but just take the edge off in the meantime. The guy came and I sat up with my foot caught under me. I couldn’t move. He started his work and was struggling. Finally they made me move and put my feet on a chair. The assistant wrapped her arms around me and I remember laying my head on her arm and telling her she made a good pillow. Silly what pain will make you say and do.

    They got me settled laying back then and I sent DH to go get food. He’d only eaten a banana and a pack of crackers all day. So with Charity there and me trying to be more comfy I thought I could be without him for a few. So he leaves. I remember looking at Charity and tell her sorry for caving and getting the epidural. She’s like why are you apologizing you’ve done a great job. The nurses were proud of me too saying that I was doing really well too. I felt better about my choice then. The pain was gone eventually from my back but I was still feeling all the contractions and having to breathe through them. I pushed the button again and after 10 minutes no improvement really, but the back pain was gone. I could totally handle that. Dr. R came in and did an internal saying that I had a bit of internal swelling and that I was totally effaced and 8 cm. progress. Charity asked about the swelling and whether it would go away and the baby could move past it. Dr R said that baby would be able to continue down the cervix. Dr. R mentioned that he pointed the way to the cafeteria to DH. So that was cool that DH knew that the Doc was there. I’m sure that he gave him some comfort.

    So during the contractions now it feels like my tummy is pushing down on its own. I ask Charity what she thinks that is that my body is starting to push interesting sensation and painful but powerful.

    So the anesthesiologist assistant came in and tried a different medication to help with the hot spot. Amazingly it didn’t really help. DH returns. I decide to roll onto my left side hoping that might help with the hot spot. I’m there about 10 minutes when the nurse and Dr. R come running in. They get me to put the oxygen back in and have me roll onto my back. Dr. R does an internal and says okay we’re going to do a practice push. WHAT!! Already?!?! Its only been a little while. I figured I had hours to go. Next thing I know the nurse has me holding my legs behind my knees and DH is beside me and they’re telling me to push toward my bottom. It feels like I need to poop. I know this is the baby’s head so I focus on trying to push like I was constipated. After a 10 count Doc says “Good Job I see the head” and let’s get the bed ready. Are you serious?
    So the bed is broken down and I’m ready to push again. The nurse was like go ahead if you’re ready. I do push and listen to what they’re telling me. I’m making a guttural noise and no one is yelling at me to not make noise or anything. It was all in my power. It was wonderful and painful and empowering. I guess it was after my second big push that I see the Doc lift up a pair of scissors and I remember saying that I don’t want to be cut. He said that they need to get the baby out faster, baby wasn’t handling the contractions well. Okay. So he snips and I scream. I felt all of that. The shock on Doc R’s face was not nice to see either. He was like I’m soooo sorry he thought I was numb from the epi. But I wasn’t at all. I was able to move my legs. I do think that it was an advantage because I could push more effectively. Dr R did give me a shot then to numb the area to complete whatever it was he was doing.
    I remember looking up at DH who was standing there next to me and ask him if he was ok. I realized that he was watching his baby immerge which surprised me because he’d said all along he didn’t want to see. He’s like its amazing. While I was pushing I couldn’t tell you what DH was doing other than he was there near me I was too focused on my goal.
    I remember another push or two and I could see the baby’s head. Another push and baby was out and they were putting him on my stomach. Yup another boy my first view was of him peeing all over the place and of a head full of dark hair. He looked so tiny. I got to touch his head and give a kiss. I remember looking up at DH and Charity and saying “I did it, I did it! I just gave birth”. DH kissed me. He had tears in his eyes as did Charity. DH got to cut the cord and then they had to take him to go suction him. He came so fast that his lungs didn’t get completely squished clean. I had wanted to hold him for another minute. But DH went with him. Charity stayed with me while they worked on getting the placenta out. Nobody told me that that part would hurt too. Ouch. Talk about a feeling of relief though when it came out. Charity said that it looked good and healthy.

    Finally DH brought our little boy over so I could see him. Charity took lots of pictures and we talked to our new son. We had to ask him what his name was. He was wide eyed but wasn’t telling us what his name was. Dr. R was giving his opinion on names while he was sewing me up which was kinda funny. So we finally settled on a name.

    So to make this long story come to a conclusion.
    Isaac Durand ???? was born Wednesday July 8th 2009 at 5:48pm weighing 6lbs 9oz and 20 inches long.
    He was perfectly healthy with Apgars of 8/9.

    Dr R and the nurses were super excited and impressed with my pushing and how well I handled labor. Doc said that if we decided to have another baby the risks would be lower to attempt another VBAC because I’d already had one successful trial of labor.

    Friday going home day I take a walk around the maternity floor and run into Mariam one of the nurses that was there during my labor. She asked how I was feeling and then said that I showed laboring women how it should be done and how proud she was of me. That really made my day.

    After feeling like a failure as a woman after the birth of DS1 feeling empowered and mighty as a woman after this birth is a total different outlook and warmth. I’m still amazed and find the whole experience surreal and like a movie.

    DH since 2002

    Ethan - October 2006
    Isaac - July 2009

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    My VBA2C!!

    Clara Lucille
    October 1, 2010 3:48am
    6 lbs 4 oz
    21 inches

    I had my 36 week doctor’s appointment on Thursday September 30th and I was 35 weeks +5, had my GBS swab done and that’s about all. We chatted a little bit and I made the rest of my appointments for the pregnancy and then I left. Grady (DS) and I went to Walmart and did some shopping.

    Got home around 2 o’clock and was heading to the bathroom when all of a sudden I started leaking fluid all over. At first I thought I had just held my pee way too long and standing up was causing me to pee myself, but I completely soaked my pants and it was dripping. I headed to the bathroom, sat down and it just leaked and leaked and leaked. I tried to get Grady to go get my phone, but he brought me a tractor instead, he had no idea what I was talking about. I finally got up and got the phone myself, called hubby, and told him to head on home. I called my mom to let her know she was gonna have to come get Grady and then I called the doctor’s office.

    I wasn’t having any contractions at the time so I was really hoping they would let me stay home for a while, but they wanted me to come in because she was so early. I didn’t have anything packed so it still took a while to get ready. I had actually made a list of things I wanted to bring to the hospital, but it didn’t have everything listed. I kind of took my time packing to stall so I didn’t have to get to the hospital too early as my original plan had been to labor at home as long as possible. I had to unload the washer and grab a bunch of stuff for Clara. In the meantime, we got Grady to lay down and take a nap and mom showed up so we headed off to the hospital. I had hubby stop by Hardee’s so I could get a curly fry since my gestational diabetes had limited my diet for a couple months, and at this point I figured what the heck, it was delicious!

    We hit the road and I had hubby drive sort of slow cause I still didn’t want to get there too soon. It took about 45 minutes to get to the hospital. I went up to L&D and got checked into triage. The nurse asked if I was still leaking and I wasn’t so she swabbed my hoo ha for fluid and it was inconclusive. She said it’s not that she didn’t believe me, but they took another swab and sent it to the lab. In the meantime they hooked me up to the monitor to check contractions and Clara’s heartrate. Everything was going smooth. Contractions weren’t very close and not strong at all, very early labor BH kind of contractions. At this point I just knew I needed to get up and walk, but couldn’t til I was checked in. About an hour later the results came back from the lab and it was + for amniotic fluid. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to almost a 3 and my cervix was very thick. I knew I had a lot of work to do, but I was very excited to be at a 3! I was actually still pretty excited that I had went into labor on my own as my other 2 kids were induced and it was just really cool to have the experience of a very exciting water breaking moment.

    I got to my room, got hooked up to the monitors but I was tethered to the stationary monitor for the moment. I knew they had portable ones so I knew eventually I’d be able to move around. I wouldn’t lay in the bed, I just stood next to it. The nurses took my vitals and told me I’d have to have antibiotics every 4 hours because my GBS was just done that day and they wouldn’t have the results. I wasn’t a fan, but I did understand so no big deal. The nurse I had, I didn’t care for and finally at 7pm the shift changed and I got my new nurse. I LOVED her! I got an RN and an OB Tech and they were both fantastic. The RN had her 1st 2 kids all natural and understood what I was looking for in my birthing experience. The OB Tech was young and energetic and so incredibly sweet and helpful.

    I had already had 1 round of antibiotics at 6:15 and it only took about 30 minutes to run through. My new nurse, Cindy, got me hooked up to the portable monitor and set me and hubby free to walk the halls. She understood that I wanted to just be free to labor however I wanted with little interruption from them. I asked for water, but was told it was only ice chips from here on out. I was totally bummed, but when I went to the bathroom I would drink out of the faucet, gross I know, but I swear it kept me going! We walked and walked and walked and walked some more. I swear we walked over 10 miles by the end of all of it. And of course I kept updated on pregnancy.org and facebook when we would go back to the room to let Scott take a break from all the walking. At this point, the contractions were strong tightenings, but the more I walked the closer and more stable they would become. I would go back to the room and sit down to rest and they would practically disappear, which was a nice relief, but I knew I had to just keep moving. At 1 point I got a charley horse in my left calf and we had to take a break so Scott could rub it out. I had been having contractions about every 3 minutes at that point, but when I laid down they went away. I wasn’t worried though cause I needed that break and I knew that getting back up would kick them back in.

    The nurse said they weren’t going to do cervical checks on me since my water was ruptured and I was so early, which was fantastic cause I didn’t want them anyway. She said at midnight Dr. Meyer would come in and check me. We kept walking until then. At 11:00pm I was getting worried cause the contractions were still really easy and about 3 minutes apart lasting about 50 seconds. If I took a break, so did they. I swear as midnight approached I practically jogged the halls to get it going. Dr. Meyer came in about 12:15, check me and I was 3 cm and 75% effaced. He said that was great that I had thinned, but he wanted to talk about a little pitocin to get me more dilated. I had a heplock that they hooked the antibiotics to when it was time, but beyond that I was not getting any fluids and that’s how I wanted to keep it. I told him to give me til 6 am and we could discuss it again since I was on the clock with ruptured waters and a preemie. I really had no intentions of doing the pitocin at 6 am either, but it bought me some more time. He said that was fine, no big deal, he’d come back at 6 or sooner if I needed him. It was absolute torture for me to lay in that bed while he was checking me, I have no idea how I labored in it the whole 21 hours with my daughter!

    We walked and walked and walked some more. Very shortly after Dr. Meyer left we were walking and I noticed the contractions were changing. In the beginning it was the top of my uterus tightening a whole bunch and they were getting to be really tight. Now it was the bottom of my uterus and there was actual pain with it. I was excited about that, but also scared cause I knew I was on my way to getting some more pain. Those contractions kept up to the point that I couldn’t keep walking the halls and I didn’t need to cause even sitting didn’t make them go away. They were still 3 minutes apart and about 1 minute long. They weren’t as bad as pitocin contractions, but not as easy as the ones I’d been having. I was in some pain but still very excited. I know it sounds weird, but that’s how desperate I was to avoid an induced or augmented labor. Pitocin is something the devil invented, I’m pretty sure!

    We ended up laboring in the room for the rest of it. I would sit on the couch and Scott would stand in front of me during a contraction and I would grab him around the waist and rock my hips and try to remember to breathe. He was great, he would get in my face and remind me to breathe and tell me it was almost over. Just before 2am the OB tech noticed I was in a lot of pain through the contractions so she asked to check me. I managed to get into the bed after talking myself into it, but it took a few contractions to get there. Not because I couldn’t, but because I knew it was going to hurt to lay down. She checked me and I said I was a 6 and 90% effaced. I practically jumped out of bed when she was done. I had Scott put a blanket down on the floor by the bed and I knelt on it and put my head on the bed. Within 2 or 3 contractions I started moaning and ended up on my hands and knees and I could feel my body pushing. It was amazing and scary all at once cause I’ve never felt my body push without me doing it myself. The tech grabbed the nurse and she talked me into bed cause she pretty much knew what was going on. She checked and sure enough I was complete and involuntarily pushing. She started getting the bed broken down and getting out the delivery equipment. I pushed for about 3 pushes laying on my back and I was freaking out. I couldn’t keep it together! I finally got on my hands and knees on the bed and pushed that way while they were working on their stuff. She got everything all ready to go and called the doctor. They put the squat bar up so I could hang onto that and squat while I was pushing. Dr. Meyer knew about my back problems and wanted me to push in whatever position felt good because he was worried about my back causing me problems. I pushed for a while with the squat bar and got tired on my feet. I ended up laying on my hands and knees with my head down at the end of the bed and my butt facing away from the doctor. He was so calm, he just let me do my own thing as he just patiently waited.

    I kept my eyes closed through most of it, but had a sense of who was there. I wasn’t dealing with the contractions very well at this point. When they would start it was so incredibly painful. The nurse was trying to count and get me to purple push, but at that point I had the listening skills of a toddler. I just kept doing what felt right to me. The contraction would start and I would yell for my nurse, Cindy and she would get in my face and help me breathe. Then when it would pick up she would help me remember to push, of course I wasn’t pushing like she wanted me to. She wanted me to push through the count of 10, take a breath and push another 10 and take another breath and push through 10. I would take a breath, push as long as I could, maybe 8 or so and pant a couple times and my body would start pushing at that point so I would just let it do the work, which felt great, and then I never made it past the count of 5 on the 3rd push. I don’t think I ever pushed through all 3 counts til the very end. I was still kneeling with my butt the wrong way and my dr was trying to encourage me to switch positions cause I was getting no where. I finally got my butt facing him, but my nurse wanted me to flip over to my back and I just couldn’t vocalize to anyone just how much I didn’t want to do it, so I just kept shushing them and telling them no. They finally got me to flip around and grab the bar again and stand up, but it took a little while cause my feet were asleep. At that point I grabbed the bar, beared down as hard as I could and pushed. I think they were counting but I wasn’t paying any attention to them. I could feel her moving down and it felt good! I was still doing well between contractions, but as they were rising and when they were going down was the worst.

    My 1st pushing urge came about 2:15 and I delivered her at 3:48 so this all happened in that span. While I was hanging onto the squat bar I felt her move way down and Dr. Meyer felt her too. It was at that point that he said something about it being a butt coming out and not a head. I was too involved in what I was doing to care, but I looked right at him and could tell he was freaked by it. At that point he said we have 2 choices: we could either get anesthesia in here and do a c/s or and at that point I wanted whatever the or was. The or was I had to do what he said when he said it and he would get this baby delivered. All of a sudden my ears started working and I just focused in on what he said. He had me lay down as he ordered the nurses to go get a really long forceps called a Piper. I was still pushing cause I had no choice, my body was still in charge. The nurses were having a hard time finding what he wanted and he was getting aggravated. I kept pushing and could feel that nothing was happening and he informed me that he was holding her in and not letting her out til he had what he needed, but I couldn’t stop pushing so he just held her up there while I pushed. He finally got what he needed and then told me that he was going to cut me. I started to argue, but realized the gravity of the situation and just let him. I don’t know if it would’ve been necessary and neither did he, but I didn’t want to take the chance and neither did he. He told me to push and I did, with all my might and felt her slide out. He told me to just keep pushing to get her head out and I did. It was hard because there was no contraction, but I could tell by his voice that I needed to do it and do it quickly so that’s what I did. The immediately took her over to the warmer next to my bed. I thought I would be upset because I wanted her right after she was born, but I could tell something wasn’t right and I just watched as they told me what was going on. Dr. Meyer stood with me waiting on my placenta and telling me what was going on with Clara. She wasn’t very responsive so they were deep suctioning her. Within a few minutes they said she was fine and they were just going to keep her there to keep helping her, but they kept reassuring me that she was indeed going to be okay. Within about half an hour my placenta released and before Dr. Meyer could say anything to me I got a very tiny contraction and pushed on my own and out it popped. He showed it to me and explained what all it was and then went on to stitching me up. They brought Clara over to me and put her on my bare belly and put blankets over us. I was so happy to finally have her and so happy she was okay. Dr. Meyer stitched me up, which hurt, but I was so involved in Clara that I didn’t pay much attention to him.

    After he finished up, Clara and I just laid there together getting her all nice and warm from my body heat. I think I realized around this point that at some point during the pushing I had gotten so hot I had ripped off my gown cause I was laying in bed naked and it only then dawned on me. I was on cloud 9, I had my baby in my arms and I had just delivered her!!!!! BREECH none the less!!!!!

    I put her to the breast and she latched on pretty quickly with a great latch. She sucked and sucked and it was great. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to nurse well since she was so early, but she is a champion nurser. We laid there and she stayed latched on and nursed on and off for about 45 minutes. They let me just keep her there with me til I was ready to let her go to the nursery to get cleaned up and checked out. I think it was about 5 or 5:30am before I was okay with giving her up. They brought me in some food and then I went down to the nursery to be with her. Her temperature was low so they put her in the warmer. Before I would’ve said that I didn’t want her to be in there any longer than necessary and I would’ve wanted her just to have skin to skin to warm her up, but for some reason it really didn’t bother me. I went back to the room and got cleaned up while she was gone. They didn’t keep her very long. They brought her back to me and I just snuggled her and nursed her all morning. I couldn’t sleep, heck I could barely sit still. I was exhausted deep down, but I was on such an adrenaline rush that I was sure it would take me a week to settle back down.

    There were parts that didn’t go as I had planned, but I had such an amazing team of nurses and such an amazing doctor that understood what I wanted and tried very hard to get me all of it. They knew how important my birth was to me, but also how important my darling girl was, so they kept both things in mind instead of making my wishes take a backseat to their needs as medical professionals. I’m still on a high!!!

    The stitches hurt the first day and I still can’t sit directly on them, but that is nothing compared to the pain I go through with a c-section and they are already feeling better than they did yesterday. I know some people that can stand up and be doing everything quickly after a c/s, but I don’t heal from them that quickly so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it this time. I got my VBA2C, but not just that, I got to experience a very natural birth. I can’t wait to do it again……..wait, I just shifted wrong and felt my stitches again, okay, maybe I can wait a while, but I will forget this pain just like I did my c/s pain after my other kids All of my births have significance, but Clara’s birth was a very healing experience for me because I was informed and was able to consciously take charge of my care.

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    Just noticed this sticky. Copied from my lodge. Home birth with hospital transfer.

    Odin Emmett (Polish Last Name Here)
    October 18th, 2010 2:15pm
    9lbs 2oz
    Labor was 40(ish) hours

    Thought I might be going into labor before the weekend started. Some random contractions here and there but more because I was so focused on getting everything in order. Drinks chilled in the fridge for MW and assistant, olive oil and cookie sheet upstairs in birth area, ect. That was Friday night Oct. 15, also went to go see a movie by myself that night. Had some reg. contractions throughout the movie but didn’t really pay attention to them.

    Saturday I went to a baby consignment event and got a ton of great things for only $30. Again, really needed to get out of the house by myself and get a few last minute things. Was having contractions all day here and there. Some of the consistent ones were 10-15min apart but again I didn’t really think much of it. Met DH and DS on my way home to get some last minute things at Costco and Lowes and ate Hawaiian BBQ for lunch, yum! We didn’t get home until about 3pm but I was still able to get in a nice 2 hour nap. After naps felt like DH and I needed to do something special with Ryland so we took him to see a movie (something with owls). We never let him watch TV or anything so he was beyond thrilled. Contractions were about 10 min. apart during the movie but I was still thinking nothing of it. Too bad popcorn and apple juice was my dinner that night since I was still full from lunch…lol. We went to bed about 10pm and I just could not settle down, contractions kept coming. I let DH pass out and tried to use my hypnobabies tracks to fall asleep. After about 2 tracks I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Got up and swept the downstairs as well as scrubbed out the kitchen sink, thank you OCD! Still couldn’t sleep and I knew contractions were coming closer so I started timing them for real about midnight. They went were a lot closer than I gave them credit for at about 5 min. apart. That’s when I knew this might be for real. By 4am I woke up DH to let him know that this was probably going to be it. Normally he gets up for work at that time so he got a full night sleep, gosh I wish I had been able to also. By 4am contractions were 2-3min. apart so we waited 30min and then called the MW. I felt so bad calling early like that but this was like the first time I’d been in labor so I didn’t know how fast/slow things would go and 2-3min apart lasting 1min each seemed like more than adequate. I knew they would have a 1-1.5 hour drive to get here so I didn’t want to chance it. MW’s arrived by 6pm and there was no denying that I was in active labor. Should point out that my MW was still out of town so we had her back up whom I ended up loving even more! We have a lot in common and even homeschool(ed) our child(ren) using the same type of curriculum. The MW in training that I usually see was there as well, a familiar face.
    I had made it clear that I didn’t want to be checked (didn’t want to be disappointed by lack of progress like DS1’s birth) so I don’t really have too many times and cm dilated to go on. I asked them to take notes in case I wanted to know later so that’s all I have to go on. I labored upstairs in our large walk-in bathroom and master bedroom. In the beginning I liked being on all 4’s using the birth ball for support. I was totally able to relax through things using all my hypnobabies techniques. Also moved around to sit on the birth ball with my head on the bathroom vanity, another nice position at times. I pretty much did most of the laboring Saturday morning/afternoon alone while relaxing into various positions. I will say that it was active labor the entire time MW’s were there and I had to vocalize through it using deep O tones. DH took care of Ryland downstairs while making sure all the ladies upstairs had everything needed and the MW’s monitored and hung out in the den right outside our master bedroom. Sometime around 4pm I decided that I wanted MW’s to check me but not tell me the progress. I was getting kind of tired at this point and I think that I just wanted the option of knowing that something was happening even though I didn’t really want numbers. They did their check and then told me that they were going to go out and explore town for an hour while I relaxed. That didn’t discourage me but it did signal to me that I had some time to go and that I need to pace myself. (Turns out I was a 5! Already 1-2cm more than I’d ever gone before!)I relaxed in the shower for a while and continued with my birth ball positions. When they got back MW gave me some homeopathic stuff that picked up strength of the contractions. I got in the bath for a while and that felt really nice. This continued on for hours. I worked that birth ball really hard I think because I have something similar to rug burn on my chin and left cheek, ouch!

    Wally put Ryland to bed around 8pm and I was getting pretty burnt out. I asked to be checked again. Things had been so active in labor and intense during this whole time that I figured stuff must be happening. The MW was great at describing how things felt without telling me a #. (I was a 6 with bulging bag at this point) After phone conferencing with my reg. MW she made the suggestion that she could break my water if I wanted to see if things progressed more. LO was still really high and that bag of water was keeping him from putting too much pressure on my cervix. I was getting so tired at this point and it was nearing 24 hours of labor, and eternity since I slept last. We weighed our options for about 3 hours and decided to have her break the bag. Nice clear liquid, man it was a little painful though, and contractions went from intense to very very intense and longer. It was at this point that it was getting harder for me stay balanced through them and exhaustion was taking its toll. More hours went on and I wanted another check because I really could take it much more. I also told her to tell me the number and all. I was a 7 and the baby had engaged and was descending (can’t remember station) but more progress in those few hours than a good portion of the day. Encouraging so I struggled through a few more hours determined to do it. I hit a wall about some point and nothing worked, ball, bath, moving, lying, ect. We all had sat for an hour or so in some random position while taking turns putting massive pressure on my lower back, the only things that made the end of each contraction bearable. Everyone was exhausted. I finally had enough and at 3pm, after much thought and heartache, I made the choice to transfer to a VBAC friendly hospital 30min. away. I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth so bad, but there is a time a place for everything, and this was the time for some rest if I was going to get my VBAC and I knew an epidural would help with that.

    We got to the hospital by 4am and it took 1.5 flipping hours to get that epidural. They had to run a blood panel that I didn’t have since I hadn’t seem an OB and required I have a bag of fluid before getting the epi. I was ok playing by the rules for that as long as I got that rest. The bag of fluid was evil and made the contractions 1000 xs stronger and longer while I waited for my blood panel. Seriously, I think they wanted to muzzle me because I was so darn loud and vocal, beyond the point of being able to manage my own pain. I felt out of control. Turns out baby had turned posterior at some point during labor so things kicked up a notch on the pain scale. Nurse also noticed some merconium in the fluid I had, something that had not been present when my water was broken. Once I got the epidural it was like night and day. I passed out a few minutes later and got about 4 hours sleep despite being poked around at by the nurses. Wally and our MW got some much needed sleep as well. The MW student was such a blessing and stayed at our house with Ryland so we didn’t have to wake him or find someone to care for him. During sleep baby descended and I went from a 7 to a loose 9. By 10am I was complete and got a coached lesson in pushing from the MW and nurse. That 1st hour was just a practice to see what would happen. The 3 hours following were in earnest. I got on hands and knees for 1 hour but my back hurt so bad that I could bear it. The last 2 hours I was in some odd side position that had me on 1 leg and 1 foot for better traction. The back labor was so painful and intense that this was the only was bearable position. At the very end I ended up on my back somehow even though all I could think about was getting on my hands and knees. I kept my eyes closed for most of the pushing as it helped me focus more. Wally and the MW’s were right there alongside me holding parts of me and helping find where to push. I had the epidural turned off during all the pushing but it took a while for things to be not so numb. My husband was the best because he supported my head and one leg and used all this strength to push right along with me. I don’t even know how to express how much that helped me feel powerful; I knew he would stand in my shoes if he could have at that moment and take all the pain and exhaustion away.

    The last 30 min. were probably the most intense though my memory of them is foggy since I was so inside myself with eyes closed. The doctor did a scan and discovered baby was posterior. There was some internal maneuvering around even though baby was turning nicely on his own. I was given a numbing agent on my lady parts and heard talk of cutting though I’m pretty sure I growled out ‘let me rip’. Baby crowned for a long time. Contractions were very close but they were patterned one big one small and I pushed mainly on the big ones while resting on the small ones. I remember commenting, “this is the worst poop ever”…lol. Nice. Then, finally his head was out and soon panic hit the room. I remember opening my eyes for a second to see why everyone was so crazy and realized my room of 5 people had turned into a room of 30 some people so I closed my eyes again and retreated back in. After the head the rest of the body seems like it was stuck and wouldn’t deliver. The doctor must have thought that the cord was holding him back (looped around his shoulders but not tight) and tried to get it over his head with no luck. So he cut it. It took 4 more minutes for the Odin’s shoulders to come out and then the rest of his body. The doctor was pulling. Seemed like 4 nurses pushing and pounding on my stomach and pelvis, someone was even on the bed pushing on me. Two people on either side were ripping my legs apart in what felt like the splits. People were yelling at me to push, and I was pushing with everything I had, but there wasn’t a contraction and it was like pushing with no force. Once that contraction hit though he was out despite all the crazy stuff they were doing to me. For some reason they slid him on my chest for a split second, just long enough for me to feel his warmth. And then they took him away. I remember that I kept talking to him even though I could barely see what was going on with the crowd of doctors and nurses around him. He had a heart beat but wasn’t breathing and had been delivered 4 minutes after his cord was cut. They had a bag they were using to get him to breathe and kept shoving tubes down his throat to suck out merconium that wasn’t there. His apagars during the time in my room were 2, then 4, and finally 6 before they took him off to the NICU. I got to hear 2 tiny cries and touch his head as they took him away. I didn’t even know they delivered my placenta and the doctor was very gentle stitching up my 2nd degree tear. Hurt worse when they pushed on and massaged my uterus.

    ETA: I took out all the post birth stuff that was a little hard to read. Our VBAC baby turned out to be healthy and happy despite a rough begining. I don't feel that my choice to VBAC had anything to do with his rocky entrance into the world and plan on VBACing again with any other children we are blessed with.
    ~Joy~ DS1-8/5/05, DS2-10/18/10 (VBAC#1), DS3- 4/11/12 (VBAC#2!)

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    Bean's Story (aka Eve Katherine Renee's Birth Story) = 2nd VBAC

    August 2 (36 weeks 1 day) “ Wonderful GBS test (praying its negative), checked for dilation and I'm 1cm, but the cervix is high, thick and closed. I'm measuring 37 weeks along. HB is 155 (2 weeks prior it was 145), maybe the fluctuation is a direct reaction to Mommy's anxiety of the GBS test??? Or is it a girl playing tricks on us?

    August 9 (37 weeks 1 day) “ GBS test NEGATIVE (whoot whoot). Mommy didn't gain any weight this week. HB is 145. The measurement of Mommy's tummy is 40 weeks. I was checked for dilation and I'm 1cm, but the cervix is still high, thick but a bit softer than last week. Skipped the sweep this week cause Mommy's trying to procrastinate for Grammy to arrive.

    August 17 (38 weeks 2 days) Mommy gained 1 pound this week (probably too many milkshakes). HB 144, tummy measured 39 weeks. Mommy was checked for dilation and still 1 cm, high and thick but maybe a bit softer than last week. Doc decided not to do a sweep because it would be too painful with lack of dilation. But Im still head down just not engaged or dropped. Mommy walks about a mile in the evening and uses 2 EPO caplets for the first time.

    August 18 (38 weeks 3 days) Mommy wakes up for the morning (after a night of having to pee every 2 hours) to find that she can breathe a bit better and notices that there is space between her belly and her boobs. Guess I dropped last night. No other signs of progression though. As the day progresses Mommy had some mucus plug loss but nothing significant. There are a few contractions, but really they're more like Braxton Hicks but a bit more intense. Daddy and Mommy go out to dinner alone and Mommy has a few more Braxton Hicks while at dinner and a few more while shopping for puffy paints for Big Brother t-shirts. They get home and Mommy is tired at goes to bed at 9pm. She wakes at 11 with Daddy coming to bed and goes pee and wakes again at 12am.

    August 19 (38 weeks 4 days) So this story will continue from Mommy's perspective.
    So the night was interesting. Ever hour or two I was awoken to need to go poop. LOL.guess I was cleaning out. I figured it was the hot banana pepper appetizer I'd eaten the night before. Then around 3 when I decided to go to the couch so I could lay more upright that these feelings were coming around once an hour..I got up and had a granola bar and a glass of water and texted Mom to say that things were starting to progress. At 4 I realized that things were happening once every 30 minutes. But I was able to relax and breathe through them. DH got up when the alarm went off at 6. He?€™s like how are you, what?€™s going on. I?€™m like I think I?€™m having contractions. He?€™s like ok. So he gets showered and ready for the day. I was surprised to see him in work clothes. He comes in and I?€™m like oh?€?.your dressed for the office. And he looks surprised at me like he didn?€™t realize that I was serious about the contractions and then I had one in front of him. And he?€™s like okay how frequent. I?€™m like once every 20-30 minutes. So we made a game plan, he?€™d get the boys up and dressed and take them to ?€œschool aka day care?€? and then go into work let them know that he?€™s going to be out and come right home. Sounds good to me, I?€™m handling things ok. The boys are both clingy; I think they know something is up. And we tell DS1 that his baby sister or brother was going to be born that day. DS1?€™s excited but wants to stick with Mommy. Poor guy he just didn?€™t quite get it. So DH feeds the boys and gets them off and is back around 8:15am. Meanwhile I?€™ve taken a shower to relax and feel clean. It had been a sweaty night.
    He changes and starts cleaning. LOL?€?.yes he cleaned my shower and the tub, then vacuumed the floor and cleaned the cat box. Meanwhile I can?€™t sit anymore. Its 8:30am now and I?€™m definitely into active labor. DH called Mom around 8 and let her know so she can start the journey. I?€™m disappointed, I know then that they aren?€™t going to make it; it?€™s a 9 hour drive on the best of days. So I?€™m swaying and rocking my hips side to side an am able to just relax through the contractions. I?€™m really actually impressed with myself. DH?€™s like is it ok that I?€™m cleaning I?€™m like yes just don?€™t stray far. I didn?€™t need his touch just his presence.
    Around 9:15 (give or take) I decide to take a nice hot bath in my clean tub. I let DH know and he helps me in and gets a towel to go behind my neck and head. I sat for probably 15 minutes in utter bliss. It?€™s the first time I?€™m actually able to relax and get off my feet for the last hour or so. Then things change and the contractions start coming closer together. I?€™m using all the vowel sounds I can think of to ?€œsing?€? through them. Ok I felt like it was singing or toning but I?€™m sure it sounded more like screaming. DH calls the doula, Amy to come over. And he can?€™t get through. So he?€™s like dialing all the numbers to get ahold of someone to get her. She?€™s to come to the house because I went from not needing help to needing help NOW in like minutes. So I?€™m ?€œsinging?€? and DH goes back down to finish up the cat box really quick. LOL?€?..all the sudden he hears the tub draining and my tones have changed. And comes flying back up the stairs. What happened??? Yeah at 10am my water broke with a POP and rushing liquid that I could see escapes my body, it was dark and I was worried it was meconium. I made the tub drain cause I knew I shouldn?€™t be in the water when my bag of waters had broken. The contractions are one on top of the other now. I?€™m still in the tub on my knees leaned over the edge with my head buried in DH?€™s shoulder. I?€™m toning but also going ?€œI don?€™t like this?€?, ?€œthis really really really really hurts?€?, a few choice words here and there. DH?€™s freaking out that Amy isn?€™t there yet. I was feeling the same way, well not freaking just really wanting her support but couldn?€™t articulate that either. The liquid I noticed in the tub was just blood and snot stuff?€?more mucus plug or my amniotic fluid, not sure which it just wasn?€™t meconium and that fear went away. And then well I noticed that I was feeling kinda pushy. I don?€™t know how I knew just did. DH said that I?€™d ?€œsing?€? and then like lower my body like I was pushing and he?€™s like ok when I said I think we need to go to the hospital. And another round of phone calls to let Amy know that she needed to go to the hospital instead?€?.and NOW.
    DH manages to get me out of the tub and I stand in the middle of the bathroom gripping a door frame while he helps me step into underwear with a huge pad leftover from DS2?€™s birth. We get my pj top back on and we start moving. Which is an act in itself because the contractions aren?€™t stopping.
    I?€™m now in the back of the minivan with some blankets on the floor, kneeling and gripping the side of the seat and the wall. DH heads out. I?€™m toning or screaming. DH?€™s trying to concentrate on the road and me and he?€™s doing it all very quickly. And of course we manage to get behind every slow poke imaginable. And I?€™m noticing that I?€™m screaming my vowels through the first part of the contraction and pushing during the second half. I?€™m trying not to but it?€™s just happening. I can?€™t think of what I?€™m supposed to do to keep from pushing.
    We finally arrive at the hospital. Very cool they now have valet parking. DH pulls up and is like my wife is in labor and he and the lady at the valet desk run in and tell the desk and grab a wheelchair. The come to the back of the van to get me. I?€™m doing my best to get out but from a kneeled position and not being able to sit on my bottom it hurt like heck. I get in the chair but am like only touch my tailbone to the seat and using my legs to hold me up. DH throws a towel over my knees (modesty hahahahah). And I?€™m like get the suitcase it?€™s got the camera. He grabs it the valet lady says GO I?€™ll get the door. And off he?€™s pushing. And I?€™m trying hard not to sing too loud as we go by the desk I call to the ladies there ?€œDr. R. is my doctor?€?. They?€™re like we?€™ll take care of it.

    Up the SLOOOOWWWWW elevator we go. The nurse meets us at the top and helps us get through the locked doors. The first room we come to is the triage room and they wheel me in there and ask me to get up. Hahahah I laughed at them but managed to move in a few. Next thing I know they?€™ve got my underwear off and are checking me which is incredibly painful and they?€™re like ?€œshe?€™s complete?€?. WHAT!!!! I notice at this time its 10:55am.

    The nurses ask DH if I was planning on going natural, DH?€™s answer is there isn?€™t much choice is there, the nurse laughs and says no but it does give me her state of mind. At this point my body is shaking and pushing on its own and I?€™m just going with it. DH remembers to say that our friend (i.e. doula) Amy B is arriving and to let her in. She arrives shortly after he says this and we?€™re asked again if she can come in. probably because my legs are splayed and not much is hidden. LOL! They also are saying about this time that Dr. R. is 10 minutes out. I?€™m really like whatever I?€™m just going with my body. I?€™m also keeping my eyes closed. Probably I did this about the time they asked for my arm to stab me with an IV and something in my hand. I?€™ve no idea what it was.

    I?€™ve really retreated inside. The only voices I?€™m really listening to are those of DH and Amy. I do remember being asked to slide down to the end of the bed and not really being able to and saying ?€œowie owie owie owie?€? a lot (can you tell I?€™ve got little kids at home already). My feet find a place to rest down and not in the air this time and I?€™m told if I want to push to grab behind my legs and push. I really can?€™t tell you if I did the grabbing really or if others just helped me do it but I do remember pushing and feeling like I was being stretched to death. My poor lady parts hurt. I did a few pushes like this and Amy kept telling me to relax my shoulders and breathe. I know someone was doing the 10 count but I really wasn?€™t listening.
    Then I remember DH saying the head was almost out and look to see my baby (i.e. open your eyes). Oh my goodness I could see this gooey head with the vernix on it and it looked so small and smushed together it was amazing. I push again (back with the eyes closed). And I?€™m told to stop?€?why the head?€™s out right?€?.well they gave me a shot and proceeded to cut me. And then I had to push again for the shoulders and then for the hips and then the baby kicked me on the way out. DH said that the shoulders came out vertical instead of horizontal?€?.no wonder for the cut.
    I?€™m crying and have my eyes open and ask DH ?€œwhat is it??€? (I?€™m told I actually shouted it). And his face was priceless. It was one of wonderment, awe, and tears of joy and he?€™s like ?€œit?€™s a girl?€?! OMG our girl, really OUR GIRL!!!! I asked seriously. And have the baby on my tummy I?€™m rubbing her face and looking at her and looking up at DH to see if it?€™s really happening. I couldn?€™t believe it.
    I held onto her for awhile and DH got to cut the cord. Eventually they asked to take her away to be weighed and measured so I could work on delivering the placenta. I?€™m like if you have to. The nurses laughed and said they?€™d bring her right back.
    So now the 2nd painful part starts. Dr. R. is massaging my insides and looking for internal tears and starting to work to get the placenta to deliver. OUCH. I?€™ve got a death grip on Amy?€™s hand and DH?€™s with our tiny one. So there are a few pictures of me staring at my baby girl with that ?€œowie face?€? going on.
    I do get to see the placenta. This is very cool by the way. Dr. R. explains it all to me. Fascinating that it?€™s where my baby lived for 9 months.
    So after he?€™s done and I?€™m all stitched up I get to hold my baby and kiss her and just cry over our little girl. I?€™m shaking from hormones and excitement. It?€™s really amazing.
    So for her stats:
    Born 11:09am (remember that I arrived at 10:55am)
    Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz
    Length: 20?€?
    Head: 30cm
    Apgars: 9 out of 9

    She?€™s absolutely perfect and nameless for hours after her birth. We totally believed that she?€™d be another boy, why not we already had 2 it was the law of odds. We had a list of 27 names. So after 4 or 5 hours we narrowed it down to 4 names and then before Grammy and Grandpa Miller arrived we?€™d picked her name. It was one that we realized that as we looked at her our tongues just pulled upon first. So it was just meant to be.

    So we?€™re very proud to announce: Eve Katherine-Renee L.

    Eve - because we liked it and it was feminine and strong
    Katherine - after my Great-Grandma Kate (Katherine) a wonderful?€?.strong enduring woman that I hope Eve takes after
    Renee - to honor a beautiful soul of DH?€™s sister that blessed this earth in her own way for 28 years

    Eve is doing well. Nurses great and is a mild mannered baby...so far.
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    This is the story of my 2nd VBAC!

    Archer Magmus
    April 11, 2012 1:28am
    9lbs 9oz, 20 1/2 inches

    Early on and off contractions started happening the week before the birth. Friday 4/6 had a reg. appt. and decided to get checked since I'd been having pressure waves and found that I was at a 3. Came down with the flu that day and had more early labor type stuff going on throughout the weekend. Started loosing my mucus plug Monday and Tuesday with more rounds on contractions for a few hours that would fade. My mom droved from San Diego Tuesday 4/10 and arrived at our house in Northern Ca by 5:30pm. First day that I didn't have a fever from the flu! Once she arrived pressure waves started coming more regular and I hypno-slept through some of them while the family ate dinner.

    By 7pm Tuesday night I told Wally that things were really getting more intense and I felt like he should get the kids down and that we would need to go soon just to get checked out. Didn't 100% feel like we'd be staying at the hospital/birth center but we should get going. He was ready to go by 8:30 and I was dreading the hour drive. After getting gas we were on our way. In the car I heard/felt 2 pops and really tried not to move. A while later the pressure waves started slowly pushing out my water which had broken just like I though. Yay for treated leather seats in the van! Long hour car ride but I was so happy to get there cause things were getting more intense.

    9:45pm and they got me into a room right away and the first thing I said was bath. I needed that water so bad. First I had to get part of a strip done and answer questions. Intense. Got checked and was only a 4. FOUR???? How could it be. I had so much longer to go and I'll be honest it was dissapointing to find out. About 30 minutes of that stuff and then into the tub to finish my inital strip and get the hep-lock done. Three tries on the hep-lock and it was a was cause they couldn't find any veins. Flu had me a little extra dried up. Also monitoring was hard in the tub as I was hands and knees and the little units just wouldn't stay put. They wanted me on my bottom but that was a no way. Outta the tub to finish the stip on land, get the hep-lock by a pro, and then a promise to get back in tub. On the bed things got INTENSE. No comfortable position. Hypno-stuff just not helping me be calm. Finally someone got a vein to get lock in. I agreed to 1 bag fluid since I could tell hydration was an issue. Finished strip and waited for someone to come unhook me so I could crawl back in the tub.

    Top of my thighs kept really really hurting during pressure waves and my body was taking over. The awesome doctor(thought she was a nurse for a long time) asked to check me cause she felt like I was progressing. Guess that bag of fluid got things going fast cause I was complete and it was about 12 midnight, only 1.5 hours since I'd been checked as a 4. She asked if I wanted to push and I said "no" cause it was all to fast and too much to take in. Operation accidental tub delivery was ruined since I wasn't going to be allowed to get back in the tub now. Had a 15 minute very painful pitty party and then decided pushing would be much more effective than being a sitting duck. Plus I started vomiting a ton and that got pushing going on its own. Was totally ineffective at pushing at first cause I was so tired. Awesome older nurse brought in some fun birth tools to try and the one I liked best was the squat bar with a sheet tied to the middle. It was like water skiing and I could really feel baby move down fast. Couple of pushed on that bar and the head was out. Took a minute and then the rest of his body was out. OB was so calm with me even though a few nurses started getting heating and yelling/forcing me to push. Baby came out and was put right on my chest and never left my skin until I had him weighed 2 or so hours later. Cord got to pulse, placenta came out fast (this time it wasn't pain free), and I only had a small tear on my old tear that required 4 little stitches. Got the chills again right after birth and then did the whole fever sweat thing (probably my flu) but was good again in like an hour.

    I'll admitt that a quick fast birth is like the most intense thing EVER! It was really hard to focus and keep a grip of reality and use my hypnosis. I was loud for sure and not in control a lot of the time like my birth with Odin. It was harder to mentally process what was going on and not just loose it. Everything was totally worth it though and I'm so pleased with how things went!

    Some face pics. See the dark hair like DS1 and more of it than Odin currently has! LOL...
    ~Joy~ DS1-8/5/05, DS2-10/18/10 (VBAC#1), DS3- 4/11/12 (VBAC#2!)

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    I just wanted to say as an encouragement for anyone wanting a VBAC I would highly recommend searching out a dr. who will help you. I had a C-Section with my 2nd child because of placental abruption. I have gone on to have 4 VBAC's all 38 week inductions and extremely easy and trouble free. I am currently due in January and plan on having my 5th VBAC.

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