What would you do???

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What would you do???

I've been meeting with my midwife for my appointments but there's this new (stupid) rule in my hospital that Midwives cannot participate in VBAC deliveries so I've met with a High Risk OB once who has a high success rate for VBACs a few times. Last week I asked my Midwife what will happen if I go into labor on my own and the High Risk OB was not on call. He said I'll get whoever is on call and there are 2 (out of maybe 4 or 5) that will do a C sec if the baby's HR has any decels or if there's any need for pitocin to help things along. So basically, they will want to come up with any excuse to not let me deliver vagionally to avoid lawsuits. So do I go naturally and pray neither of those 2 drs are on call, schedule and induction with the good OB (I REALLY dont want an induction since it failed with me with the birth of DD), or do go on my own and call ahead and ask which drs are on call and shoot for a home birth to avoid being in the care of bad drs (not really a viable option since we are not prepared for one and me and DH are too chicken even tho I think it would be awesome).

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I'm sorry to say this, but you could end up in a very hostile situation. Sad Make sure that you & DH are emotionally prepared to stand up for you & your baby. Print out the informed consent questions (at the top of the board in the resources sticky) and make DH memorize them.

#1. I'd look into home birth options. It's not too late.

#2. Get a doula or ask your midwife to accompany you to the hospital, not only for labor support but so that you will never be alone. I've heard of VBAC moms who were doing great, their DH had to go use the restroom, and suddenly they find themselves being whisked away to the OR.

#3. Call the hospital now and ask what happens if your doctor isn't available, or if you don't have an OB. Most hospitals will have a resident on duty who would care for you. If your back-up OBs are that much pro-surgery, then you might want to just take your chances with the resident. You don't *have* to call the OB and you don't *have* to accept whoever is on-call.

#4. Pre-register at the hospital (but no sooner than 30 days before your due date or you might find yourself "fired" by your OB) and carefully read everything. You might find that a "VBAC Admission" form says something like, "I agree to submit to an immediate c-section upon the advice of my physician." Anything like this that you don't agree with, cross out & initial & date. In an emergency, your verbal consent with witnesses is sufficient, and they should know that. In the event that the hospital refuses to admit you unless you've signed their form without any amendments, sign it, get admitted, and then when you get to your room, hand your nurse two copies of a statement, noting the date & time, saying that you hereby retract your prior consent and will provide verbal consent for procedures as needed, and that you will consent to a c-section only if there is clear medical necessity. Sign both copies and ask for her to sign a copy for you to keep. Read pages 6-8 of this ICAN White Paper for more information on this: http://www.collegeofmidwives.org/VBA...er_VBAC_07.pdf

#5. It's been shown that the judicial use of Pitocin to augment a truly stalled labor is prudent, even in a VBAC. I would absolutely insist on trying it before allowing myself to just be wheeled off to the OR (and I did!) The general rule of thumb with Pit is to double the dose every half hour, but with a VBAC you'll want to dose up gradually. Instead of going from 2 to 4 to 8 in an hour, go from 2 to 3 to 4. When your labor gets going again, have the Pit turned down & see if your body keeps it up on its own.

Best of luck to you, and I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful, easy birth with a minimal amount of stress! (((HUGS)))