3 DAY REPORT (child ment)

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3 DAY REPORT (child ment)

First of all, I woke up feeling slightly better Biggrin Then I got a call saying all 14 embies have divided appropriately and are growing Yahoo DH has been super this past week! He has done everything to make sure DS (who is 2.5 and very busy)is taken care of and that I stay as comfortable as possible. He took DS to his parents for the weekend so I could rest up for Monday. Feeling truly blessed!

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Sounds like things are going well!! Glad you are feeling a bit better.

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Great fert report! I am amazed that someone can have 14 embryos. Sounds like your DH is an awesome guy, too!

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Wow 14 embroys is so great. Glad DH is being so wonderful. You so deserve and need this time to relax!! Good luck on Monday. KUP!

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14 is great!! Good luck Monday...rest up!!

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Hope that everything goes well today! Thinking of you and have everything crossed for you!!

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Good luck today!