7week u/s update (pg ment)

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7week u/s update (pg ment)

Hi Ladies,

I had my 7 week u/s appt today. We got a little surprise... Turns out that one of our blasts split into identical twins so I am expecting triplets. All 3 babies are measuring right on schedule and all 3 heartbeats are very strong. I am now being transferred out of RE's care and to a perinatologist. I'm in shock. Overwhelmed. Grateful. And a little bit Scared. But all in all just grateful.

I'll be posting any subsequent updates in the first trimester sticky and have already joined the multiples board. Still waiting on joining a birth board.

I'll still check in to see how all of you are doing and pray that your miracles come soon. Thank you all for being so supportive and kind.

xo Nicole Smile

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Oh my goodness three!!! Congrats!!! Smile :) Smile times three of course! I will be stalking you for sure!

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Crazy....I was right about triplets!!! :jawdrop: I knew those numbers were way too high for twins. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! Yahoo I'm looking forward to stalking you and your 3 LOs.

To be honest, I'd be a little scared also, so that feeling is normal. Glad to hear they are all measuring on track and have strong heartbeats. What is your EDD? :thewave:

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WOW - that's great and crazy at the same time! Congrats on your three healthy babies!!!

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OMG!!!! :eek: Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise!

I'd be super nervous too, but I know that the ladies on the Multiples Board are wonderful, so you should be in good hands over there. I'll be stalking you for sure!

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WOW...just WOW!!!! :eek: There are a couple of trip moms on the multiples board. We don't mind that they aren't here yet Wink Come on over Smile


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Wow what a surprise! Congrats momma!

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Thanks Ladies Smile

Meg- well a singleton EDD is April 16, so I'm not sure how that changes with triplets. I have my first appt with perinatologist in 3 weeks so I'll prob get questions answered then.

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Wow! Wow! And wow! Congrats! I would be in shock, too. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

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OMG, how amazing. Congratulations!!

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OMG...what a wonderful surprise!! Take care of yourself mama!!

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Wow!! And I was impressed with twins! I can totally understand a little bit of fear, but I have no doubt you are up to it. You will be as awesome a mom to 3 as you would be to 1. You are meant to do this!!

I will be stalking your preganancy if you don't mind Smile

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Congrats!! I'm glad all three babies are doing well so far. I can understand the feeling a bit scared right now especially with the news so fresh. Glad that you have joined the multiples board...I'm sure they will be able to provide you with lots of advice for your pregnancy and beyond.

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WOW COngrats!!!!!

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Oh goodness!! What a SHOCK! Congrats on the triple blessing!!