9dp3dt- symptoms

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9dp3dt- symptoms

Ok so here are my symptoms so far...although PIO shots are the devil so they might all be because of the devil shots!!

Every once in a while I get a stabbing/shooting/burning pain through my bb's. They are not sore but full

Since Sunday when I wake up my mouth is soooo DRY it feels like I have a sore throat (never had this one before)

Pelvis area feels bloated and I am having lots of little twinges/pulling/and an odd cramping feeling almost like tugging.

Peeing lots and tired (this one I had last time, must be from the devil shots)

I feel a pressure in my lower back, but I think this one is caused by the shots too

That's it...only 3 more days to go!! BTW hubs saw/read something online that says on average it takes 3-4 IVF cycles to get KU...so he really wants to do one more if this one doesnt work. Honestly I can't even think about it right now, but I think I will agree to one more FINAL try.

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Those sound like good symptoms to me. I hate how PIO symptoms mimic pregnancy symptoms.

It's so hard to even think ahead as you are going through a cycle. I'm sure it's easy for your DH to say he wants to try again since it isn't him physically going through everything. Emotionally he's going through it but it's a lot tougher on you. Just take one step at a day, day by day.

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I'm sure your Dh also is just being encouraging to you so that you have something to look forward to if it didn't work out this time. However, those symptoms sound really promising. Tired, peeing a lot - yep - sound good to me! And lower back pain is a big symptom for me.

I can't wait for your beta!

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Rachel: those all sound very promising!!!! Good luck! I know what you mean about not wanting to think about a "next time". I told DH that I don't even want to start thinking about it until this cycle is over. I think they do because as Jenn said, they are trying to be encouraging. I love my DH, but he has no clue what us women go through... it's not just the shots and the appts and the procedures... but it's so darn emotionally draining. Of course, the meds we are on don't help the emotions! LOL!

*HUGS* I'm routing for you!!