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Anybody try acupuncture as a way to increase your chances with ivf? My husband suggested I try it so I am. Has anyone tried it and been successful?

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There are women on here who did acupuncture. I never did it. For one, the closest place to me that did acupuncture for IF was a 2hr drive one way so the stress of driving wasn't worth it. Some women believe it helps. I don't really know how they prove it works or doesn't work because your cycle could've been successful if you did it and if you didn't, you just don't know. It's worth a shot though, even if it just helps you relax.

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I've never tried it but hopefully someone who has can come share their experience.

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I did it before my second (successful) FET. I can't tell you that its what "did the trick" or not but it didn't hurt. The lady that did it claimed that it would thicken my lining so I went ahead and gave it a shot. When I went in for the transfer I had a "triple strip" lining that was, according to my RE, perfect. So at least the acupuncture didn't hurt my chances. If anything it was a good hour of relaxation before my FET.

However, most places want you to have a series of treatments during your cycle but after one time I didn't go back. Some of the needles weren't that comfortable and the day of the transfer I was going to be too pressed for time to get into the acupuncture appt and the transfer, so I didn't go back.

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I'm a little late chiming in, but wanted to add my two cents. I had two IVF cycles that failed (few eggs; low fert rate; embryos arrested at 3-4 cells). We were looking into donor eggs and re-grouping when we decided to try an injectable IUI since I had about $1000 worth of follistim leftover that would expire. The only one who thought we had a chance was our acupuncturist. I saw her for 3 months prior to my cycle. Of the three eggs released one was fertilized, successfully implanted, and is sitting next to me. Do I believe acupuncture helped? Yes. Would I have gotten pregnant without it? Maybe. Would I try it again? Definitely. Of all the "alternative" treatments out there to improve IVF success rates acupuncture is the only one backed by scientific research.