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Has anyone used acupuncture? I have my first appointment in a week. I know they recommend certain herbs but I am scared to mess anything up prior to IVF (as far as meds). And experiences or advice is appreciated. Thanks Smile

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Not for fertility but it did help with my migraines. Fingers crossed for you.

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I have never done acupuncture for anything. I know there are women on here who have done it prior to IVF. There are some acupuncturists that specialize in IF. Acupuncture is one of those things where you don't know if it's beneficial or not because the outcome can be the same whether you do it or not. But it's also one of those things that do no harm and may help you relax.

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i would def. make sure the acupunturist specialize in IF. i went to one and it was AMAZING!! I did take some nasty, nasty herbs - it was dry and i would take a scoop of it in a shot glass of warm water....gag. I just recently had something that reminded me of the taste of the I really like it, and if you have concerns about it interacting with IVF, make sure everyone knows what you're doing/taking if they give you herbs. I stopped about 6 months before doing IVF #1, my DH kept going til about 3 months before they needed a sample (we have male infer.) it did make a difference with his swimmers, so i totally believe it works!! Good luck!! I also found it super relaxing

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I did acupuncture with IVF #1 and am doing it again this cycle. RE told me there are studies that show it positively impacts your outcome. And aside from everything else, I agree with Meg, it is so relaxing and that is a huge benefit during an IVF cycle. I can't tell you how relaxing it is- I fall asleep every time!! I leave feeling so rejuvenated. My acupuncturist deals with IF patients so she is really knowledgeable and makes me feel super comfortable. She doesn't have me taking herbs or anything but always recommends little things that she thinks helps like eating pineapple from day of ER an on- she claims it helps with implantation. Always makes sure I am drinking lots of water and avoiding certain foods she says gives us "bad energy." ( I don't buy into the energy stuff, but hey, I guess it can't hurt). Good luck! Hope you enjoy as well!