AF is here :)

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AF is here :)

Yes i'm happy that she is here. I'm so excited actually. I called the nurse and i'm booked in for my b/w and u/s this Sunday 8 am. It works out great since now DH can come with me for my first visit... I don't mind going alone for the other appt's.

Now i'm speechless Lol

I have a feeling i'm going to be glued to this screen all of next week once I have numbers and figures to obsess over. Bear with me.

I'm so thrilled that its finally my turn Smile

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Debs I have been stalking you and am praying that your baby blessing(s) will soon be making an appearance in your womb Biggrin


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Yahoo So excited (for a change) for you that AF is here. Isn't it crazy how you get so excited to have her finally come when you've been wishing her gone for years. I saw in your other posts that you don't have many cramps. If the Synarel is anything like Lupron, the Lupron lightened the flow of my periods, so I could understand how it would then lessen the cramps. Good luck at your appt!! So happy you can finally get things started

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WOOO HOOO! happy dance! i felt the same way when i got mine at the start of our cycle! probably the only time ever you'll be happy to see her!!! Wink

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Biggrin I'm so excited for you! :goodluck:

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YAY! I'll be stalking you.

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Thanks to each and every one of you for your well wishes.

I drove home today, made it in 12 hours.... Happy to be home with my family and pup and garden, ready for tomorrow. I can't believe its tomorrow. I guess tomorrow it will really get going. (I hope)

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CONGRATS on AF! :woohoo: Lots of luck at your apptment tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you.

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:woohoo: that is awsome!

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Thanks girls!

Tonights shot went very well. Dh did a very good job, didn't hurt much at all. It probably helped that I didn't lay there psyching myself into it I just let him do it right away. At this stage I just want it done Smile

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yeah for AF! and yeah for a good shot tonight!!!

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I come over here to follow the ladies I was with on the TTCAL board. My fingers are crossed for you Deborah!

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Don't be alarmed, just one of your LONG time stalkers here to cheer you on! Yahoo Got prayers by the buckets coming for you sweety!

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