All clear and a weightloss discovery....

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All clear and a weightloss discovery....

I went to my Dr. on Thursday and was relieved to hear my ovaries are nice and quiet, my labs are great, and my SIS went perfectly! So, now I'm on BCP until I meet with the IVF coordinator on 10/24.....AND in an effort to lose a few pounds prior to pregnancy;) I bought the book The 17 day diet! It is not too difficult to follow, I feel great, and I have lost 8 pounds since I started Monday- meaning retrieval in the office:D I am so excited that several of us are on this journey during the same time!

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good luck with your cycle!!

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Yay great news!
I also love the 17 day diet and have heard a lot of people have had great success!
I feel soooo good and energized while I'm doing it, besides the weight loss!!!

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Good luck!! What does the 17 day diet consist of?

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good luck!

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That's great news- good luck with your cycle. I guess Oct 24 can't come soon enough Smile

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I'm so glad to hear you are doing well!! Best of luck with your cycle!