Almost free clinical trial in Cali!

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Almost free clinical trial in Cali!
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I've read on another forum that it's actually going to be in several clinics once it's fully ramped up. I think there's a clinic in Boston and Texas that have started selecting patients... but you have to call the individual clinic because they aren't advertising yet. I wish I could participate ~ the age restriction is 35-42.

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If this is what I'm thinking, I do believe my RE's office is participating in a similar trial. I read through the link and can't say that I understand the medical mumbo-jumbo 100%, but my office is doing a trial for the equivalent of Gonal-F. If selected for the trial, your FSH will be paid for. Instead of doing shots of Gonal-F multiple times a day, you would only do it once.

Does it sound like the same thing?

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It looks like they are testing whether the Investigational Product (only 1 injection per cycle) works the same as daily injections of FSH. I hope it works, that would be cool for those of us who don't like shots, LOL! Although for the trial you'd still have to do daily injections of either FSH or placebo.

If anyone is interested, you can always contact the SP Clinical Trial Registry Call Center and see if they have any other sites performing the trial. I'm assuming that since they are recruiting 1400 patients they would have approx. 25+ (I would think it would be closer to 50) sites doing the trial.

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Oh, okay -- because it's double-blind (the purpose is that neither you nor your doc is supposed to know which medication you're actually taking), you'll still have to take a daily shot regardless of which group you are assigned to (control or experimental). If you are getting the experimental drug, the one-time shot will actually contain the experimental drug, but the daily shots (in a Follistim-like pen) will contain the placebo. If you are getting the control drug, the one-time shot will be the placebo while the daily shots will contain the actual FSH. (ETA: oh, sorry Amanda, you already said this!)

And wow, they're excluding anyone with history of OHSS. That could knock out a lot of people (it would knock me out). Also exclusing PCOSers. There's a lot of medical exclusions, you'll have to look at the list. But it could be really worth it if you're able to get it.