Is it always this frustrating??

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Is it always this frustrating??

:confused: I was thinking since I started BCP on the 4th that I would be ready to go after my appt with the IVF cord. Monday. Today I got a calendar in the mail for my IVF cycle and I start lupron on 11/7 and 2 weeks later stims for possible reteival 11/30. What are they waiting for??? I thought I was suppressing with the BCP!!?? Why does it take 2 months to get things in gear:( Is this normal????

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Sorry youre so frustrated! My cycle was different as I did not use BCP. I started Lupron on CD21 and took it for exactly 14 days (Af came on CD 30 and stayed for about 4 days). On the 15th day, my Lupron dose decreased but I continued to take it along with Stims for exactly 12 days. My last day of stims was on a Friday. I triggered late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning at 1am. Retrieval was Monday at 1pm.

So from the first day of Lupron to the retrieval date my cycle was 29 days. We transferred 5 days after that. That was my only ivf cycle so my only point of reference. I do know that everyone is different based on IF causes and clinic protocol. RE said no BCP needed for me since I have clockwork cycles and no cysts ect.

Anyway, I remember wanting to read as many different experiences while my cycle was approaching so I hope this helps a bit. I'm sure some of the other ladies willhave lots of advice.

I say call your clinic and ask questions. Good luck!

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Sorry you're frustrated. I would have to look back at my calendars, but it seems like I was on bcps for a full cycle before starting an IVF cycle. If I remember correctly, I would go in when af arrived for a suppression check and then start meds. It always seems to take forever until the injections start and then you hit warp speed up until ER. Then time grinds to a screeching halt.

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I'm sorry. There is a lot of 'hurry up and wait' involved in this process. I was on BCP for over 6 weeks. I think it all depends on the RE and the protocol you are doing. I hope that the time flies by for you. :bighugs:

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All the PP's have said what I was going to say so I'm not going to repeat myself. It seems like all you do is wait, but when the time comes to start stims, it all goes by so fast.

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My 1st round I was on BCP for 6 weeks before starting Lupron. This round only 3 weeks. So who knows. My RE only schedules a certain amount of people on stims at one time. I actually had my stims held back my a week. They only let 3 or 4 people start stims on the same day. That way no part of the process is jammed up by too many people. Good Luck. Hopefully time will fly for u!