Another Med question!

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Another Med question!

Hey Ladies! SORRY for al the posts but you are the only guys I know that know about this!

I'M BLOATED!!!! ALSO PEEING A LOT!!!!! I started progesterone (crinone) suppositories and bloating has increased a bit. However, after googling it I can be bloated because of the ER....what are your experiences? Is it both or just progesterone? Oh and my boobies hurt! I FEEL PREGNANT!!!!

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The progesterone can bloat you. The side effects of progesterone mimic pregnancy. Also, you can get more bloated after ER because of the extra fluid in your ovaries. Just keep an eye on the bloat and wt. gain. If you get too much bloat or gain a lot of wt suddenly those could be signs of OHSS. I always remember getting bloated for both reasons.