Anxious/nervous about tomorrow.....

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Anxious/nervous about tomorrow.....

I have a follow up appointment tomorrow, which is 5 weeks! I only had one beta drawn last Wednesday- they did not do another. I am confident it is rising because I have continued to take IC and the test line blares up immediately, but I am still nervous to hear the numbers. Pray for HUGE numbers...I think they should be >4000 at a minimun (just a quick calculation). If everything is good I will have an ultrasound a week from tomorrow...another anxiety milestone!!!

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You will be nervous/anxious for every appt. I haven't experienced it but other women had said it's a huge change when they graduate from the RE to a regular OB. You are so used to being monitored so closely and then you go to minimal monitoring. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be waiting for an update!

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Good luck with your test! Can't wait to hear your #'s! With IVF for DS it was so wierd being released to the OB from the RE. I had had weeks of u/s and tests to go to almost no monitoring. It was so wierd. I'm just at the point now. I had my last u/s with RE yesterday and my OB appointment is Jan 4th.