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    Default Babydreamer

    How are you? Havent heard from you or maybe I have missed your posts

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    HEY im still here im lurking and i check in every now and then ... im doing well .. tired as all heck im usually fast asleep on the couch by 730 ..such an exciting life i know but im doing well... things are going good.. ill be 11 weeks on friday .. and go for an appointment to meet my new obygn on friday the 22nd..yeah i had gone to meet with a different one and just got a bad feeling .. so i changed ... i still have my moments where i freak out and im afraid that something has happened with the baby... but then it passes .. i just want to get through these next few weeks and now that me and the baby are good.. but im still here and check up on you girls thanks for checking.. i hope you are doing well...

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    Good to hear from you. I changed after my first OB appt too. I think its good to feel really comfortable with your OB. My 1st OB got rave reviews from my friends and peers that used her but after 1 appt I felt like a chart to her and didn't get any one on one time with her - I also had a 3 hour wait to see her. That was a horrible first impression so I changed, best decision I could have made at that time!

    I know the grads thread is slow but you should join us up there and update when you have appts or you just want to talk about your pg. We'd love some action It also gives everyone that is cycling a bit of encouragement at times.
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