Back to the RE!

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Back to the RE!

Well after much testing and stress, the MFM gave me the go ahead to go back to the RE. He recommended his colleague of course but after discussing it (DH and I) we aren't sold. We are very much considering going back to our old RE. We really loved her and found no problems other than it is SUPER far from our house. This new one is very close. He has awesome credentials and he works with my MFM dr. but it would be like starting all over again. KWIM? So we are trying to see what's best right now.

BUT the upside is he doesn't think the polyps will be a problem, BUT of course we have to see what the RE says first. I finally breathed a sigh of relief today! Smile

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Glad the MFM gave the go ahead to go to the RE. If you and DH feel more comfortable going to your old RE, then I'd stay there. Sometimes the long drive is worth it for better care. My first RE was 1.5 hrs away (one way). The care there was awful. For my last cycle I switched REs and that one was 3.5 hrs away (one way). Driving 7 hrs every other day was worth it for the better care. Hope you and DH can come to a decision you both agree on and are at peace with.

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That's good news Marisol! A good Dr. that you're comfortable with is always worth the drive. If I were in your shoes, I'd do the same!

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Good luck Mari! I agree with Jessica that a dr you are comfortable with and trust is a wonderful thing.

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We decided to stay with her! Smile I called today and they said to just come in when I get my period, so basically I will be going in at the end of July. I will get my period while on vacation now. We still aren't sure about the polyps but we'll cross the bridge when we get there.