beta (preg ment)

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beta (preg ment)

Beta at 13dpo is.........106!!!!!!!!! Progesterone over 40!!!!!

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Congrats on a nice strong beta! *sticky vibes*

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That's great!!! I think at around 50 (prog) I was allowed to stop PIO.

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Congratulations! Great beta! Smile

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That is an awesome Beta!! Can't wait to see how many you have there at your first ultrosound!

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Yahoo Congratulations!!! Yahoo

So thrilled for you and hubby as I know this has been a long and often painful journey for you. God has blessed you so richly dear heart Biggrin


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Congrats!!!! that is a great number!

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That is a GREAT number!! You have a nice, strong sticky bean in there (or more than one????) Congratulations!!!! Yahoo