bleeding outside sac. worried? (pg ment)

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bleeding outside sac. worried? (pg ment)

Since I have been having strange cramps in my uterus and ovaries, I went to the RE today. The baby is measuring 2 days behind and there is some bleeding outside of the sac, about 7 mm. The heartbeat is 150. Doc said that there is absolutely no threat of a m/c at this point and that I shouldn't worry.

Should I be worried? The blood wasn't there last week. I know the hb is strong... but the baby is starting to measure behind. This happened my tri18 angel, too.

Anyone know much about bleeding in the uterus outside of the sac?


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It sounds like it might be a subchorionic hematoma. I had one with a successful pregnancy, but gushed bright red blood. It resolved itself and everything was just fine. I think they're pretty common, but scary for sure! :bighug: It's a good sign that your doctor isn't worried.

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No experience obviously but my T&Ps are with you.

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Child mentioned

I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with my second child that was very visible on US. I was told that it was very common and most of the time resolved by the second trimester and caused no problem for the baby. I think a lot of the time it causes no symptoms at all, but I had a few episodes of major bleeding. My personal case was a bit more complicated due to its size and the fact that it was present well into the second trimester, but I still ended up with a perfectly healthy, full term baby.

Is your doctor going to monitor it for you? I think an US every week or two would really ease your mind. I would also ask the doctor if you should expect any bleeding, that way if you have some you'll be prepared.

I think there is a margin of error for ultrasound measurements....I don't think a 2 day difference is anything to worry about, but I totally understand. I would again ask your doctor for follow up US to ease your mind.

Hang in there. As always, thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby for you.

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I have no experience with this, but I agree with Kara. My friend had a subchorionic hemorrhage as well and was put on bedrest for some weeks as a precaution. Her healthy, happy "baby" is now 6 years old. Smile I'm thinking and praying for you that it will resolve itself.

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hey, i bled throughout my first trimester with my daughter. just make sure to get plenty of rest! :bighug:

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I don't have any personal experience with subchorionic hemorrhage, but have heard stories similar to the ones posted. I agree with Kara's suggestion that you ask for frequent u/s to help ease your mind. With your history, I would anticipate that they would be willing to do that for you. I hope the bleed ends soon. My T & P continue to be with you.

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I think all the PPs have given you good advice.

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"meggyrn" wrote:

I think all the PPs have given you good advice.

Ditto! Sending lots of T&Ps your way!