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I went in for my day 3 ultrasound and blood work today. They had to draw 15 vials of blood. It was really uncomfortable, but I didn't pass out...hehe. My ultrasound showed some really good stuff. I have 16 follies on the right side and 19 on the left side. She said they want at least 10 out of both ovaries so mine was really high. No new cysts or obstructions and both ovaries and my uterus look great! She checked out the left tube and couldn't see any blockage on the outside, but that doesn't mean there isn't something blocking it from within. I go for the HSG next Thursday so we'll know how to proceed then!

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Sounds like you had a great appt despite the loss of blood volume. That's a lot of blood they took. I probably would've passed out. What are they all checking?

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Wow! That is so much blood to take! I probably would have passes out. I get blood work every 3 months for diabetes and I hate it. That is a lot of Follies! Were you taking meds? I am on day 27 so I have another 8 days before blood test and then go from there. My cycles have been averaging between 34-43 days. I just want to get things going.

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I had the usual day 3 blood work drawn, but on top of that I decided to do some genetic testing as well. It was covered by my insurance so I thought why not? I'm not on any meds as of yet. We'll know more about how we're going to proceed after the HSG next Thursday. I can't wait to get that done and over with.

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I would have passed out for sure! Glad your ultrasound looked good.

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Glad the process is starting quickly for you! KUP on HSG! Crossing my fingers for wide open tubes! :goodluck: