BTDT IVF'ers in 2WW

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BTDT IVF'ers in 2WW

Okay all you been there done that IVF'ers in the 2WW -
i'm going crazy. i have to step away from google. Blum 3

I'll be 5dp5dt monday-- would the trigger shot still be in me? I tested the other day and i had a faint +, which i KNOW is from the trigger still...... did any of you have symptoms? how did you get through it.....i mean, today is the 1st day that i'm like it didn't work... i've been positive all the other days.....i just want to know if my babies are growing.....

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The 2WW is the worst thing known to man in my opinion!! I really think all the women need to be in a drug induced coma to get through it. I had many days of ups and downs. My feelings would change hourly on how I felt about it. The only different feeling I felt with both cycles, one being successful, the other not, was cramping. When is your beta? I hope you get a pleasant surprise in a few days Smile

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*BFP/PG ment.*

ITA with Meg!! The TWW is the worst. It was all I could do not to jump out a window, and put an end to my misery. Like Meg, my optimism/pessimism changed hourly. I remember at 4dp5dt, I got a negative test and just thought, "this is the end" and cried for the rest of the day. The next day I tested and got a positive, so the previous day's depression was all for nothing.

The trigger shot should be totally gone by today. Smile

I didn't get symptoms really until about the same time as my BFP (~5.5dp5dt). My symptoms were peeing alot, weird dreams, hunger, exhaustion, and sore bb's. But I didn't really have that one symptom where I was like, THIS IS IT!! They were all vague and could have totally been made up in my mind. GAWD, I hate the TWW!!!

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I also think the 2WW is horrible. The whole time I kept thinking that there was no way it could've worked, since I was feeling exactly the same way as all BFN cycles.
I think I started testing at around this time (4dp6dt or 10dpo) and it was snow white. At 12 dpo I had a very faint BFP.
I had no symptoms other than AF-like cramping everyday. My only symptom was hunger and it started after 7 or 8 weeks.
Good luck and KUP!

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thanks..... I guess i just needed to hear i was
I tested this morning to make sure the trigger was for out and it was a stark white at least i know when i get a positive, it'll b for real.....but seeing that bfn, i'm not sure i can test early now....i just don't want to see the disapointment.

My beta is 9/27.

I am peeing a lot and getting up at like 330am to bbs are sore, but i think that's from the meds...last night was the 1st time i was uncomfort. sleeping cuz they were sore...def. tired....i could really use a nap right about now that's for sure and i've been feeling ...icky....not really nacious, but just like my tummy is not right..kwim? and i get very quickly cramps that go as fast as they came....

I totally agee Meg - we should be placed in comas for the 2WW!!:D

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Here's how my fresh cycle went: I tested 6dp 5dt and got a negative. I saved the stick and looked at it that night and it had a very faint line that dried on it. I tested the next day 7dp 5dt and got a faint positive. Every day after that was a positive and my beta on 10dp 5dt was 120.

My symptoms -- with every pregnancy I have spotting around 8dp 5dt, so I'm assuming it's implantation bleeding, but always scary! I ususally don't have any other symptoms other than a watery mouth.

I know that 2ww is hard.. I'm totally dreading it.. mine begins next Thursday. Good luck to you!! Biggrin