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Hi Ladies:

I've read that it's best to interpret the CD3 results together versus as individual numbers. Can anyone provide some insight into my numbers? I know the AMH and follicle count are not good. The others are good. But, again, not sure what the "big picture" might be?

I get a progesterone test on Monday (I will be 6 DPO - on CD23) which I can provide results for later. I will meet with the RE on the 30th. Just want to be prepared as to whay he might say / suggest!

I will be 41 in December and I have 2THB, but have had two miscarriages (November and July). If that info helps at all.

LH: 3.96
AMH: 0.63
Estrogen: 56
FSH: 7.5
Prolactin: 3.82
TSH: 2.05
7 Early Follicles


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One thing I never asked for were my numbers. I felt that would be too much added stress for me. I would have ended up on google everyday. Sorry I'm no help! Good luck!

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From what I know your AMH is low. Your FSH level looks good. Age plays a factor into it also. I just looked on a site and it says that below 9 is normal. My FSH was 8.5 I believe and at the time I was 27 so that was pretty high for someone my age. I'm not sure about the other tests you had done because I have never had them done. Your age may depend on how aggressive your RE wants to be given your results. Sorry I wasn't much help. Good luck!!!

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