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Checking in...

Hi ladies,
It has been awhile and I wanted to check in. So we had our FET March 5th and it was a BFN, (See my blog below for all the gory details). I've been having a hard time. We have 3 embies left. We started wtih 6, lost one in the thaw and transferred 2. We now have (2) day 6 embies and (1) day 5. So at the rate we are going...we have one more shot. We can not afford another fresh cycle and we can't afford adoption. So I have been really bummed out lately about the possibility of being at the end of the road. I just recently found out about embryo adoption and it is really affordable. Has anyone heard of this or done this?
Looking forward to chatting with everyone...glad to see the board has picked up some!! :grouphug:

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Wishing you all the luck!! I would check out, good info there on all thing DE.

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Thanks for keeping us updated. So sorry about your FET. :bigarmhug: I think there are a few women on here who have done embryo adoption. Hopefully someone will pop in here who has experience with it. I'll be praying that your next FET will be the one and you don't have to worry about pursuing anything further.

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Sorry about your last FET. I hope this upcoming FET in the summer will be it for you.

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((hugs)) Here's hoping that the summer will be it!!!

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I know things will work out for you. Met a couple the other day who did a local adoption of a baby recently and was not outrageously expensive. I think embryo adoption is a neat way to go also.