Coming out of lurkerdom

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Coming out of lurkerdom

I've posted a few times on this board and I'm not quite sure where to post but you ladies seem so nice and supportive. I'm Jenni and I just turned 30 a few weeks ago. My DH and I have been married almost 6.5 years and have been trying for our first since 2009. I was dx'd with PCOS in 2005 but now there is question that I might not have that at all. We went to an RE in town last May since I figured we were going to have problems based on the PCOS diagnosis. Long story short after countless attempts and maxing out insurance, they told us that our only hope would be IVF. We aren't opposed to that at all but wanted to make sure that we didn't dive head first into something w/o exploring our options (DH is very cautious and calculating - he's a computer science guy). That was January. In the meantime, we had some family issues (his parents' house was destroyed by a tornado, he got a promotion that requires frequent travel at a moment's notice). I've also been experiencing some pretty awful cramps and bleeding and cysts so we know something else is going on. We decided to get a 2nd opinion at a pretty large university hospital nearby. We had our consult last Tuesday where the doctor basically told us that what the other clinic had done didn't "jive" w/ PCOS dx and that we wasted last year and our allotment for medications :confused:. So we are going to try to get to the underlying causes and hope for the best. I had about 4 vials of blood drawn on Monday and we go back on Tuesday to get the results and figure out a treatment plan. Sorry this is so long. Last year was so hard on us and I really longed for a community of support (DH doesn't want to tell a lot of people what's going on so we constantly are getting the "when are you going to have kids?" questions :mad:). I'm looking forward to getting to "know" everyone and cheering you on. Big congrats to those who got BFP and big hugs to those still "in the trenches".

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Welcome Jenni! :openarms:

Sounds like you've been through quite a lot! AFM, they never really figured out a dx which is hard enough, but to have the WRONG dx, I think I would have lost my marbles! You seem to have a positive attitude, so good luck and I'll be watching and waiting for your BFP. Smile


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Hi Jenni- Welcome! This board is a wonderful and supportive home for IF and IVF- but I hope your stay here is short Smile

My DH was the same way when we first realized we had IF. It was like he was in denial. Even at the 2year mark he was in denial. It used to infuriate me and hurt my feelings because I needed to talk about it, not pretend it didn't exist. After 4 years he finally started opening up to friends and learned so many others were having similar issues- it made him feel less insecure. As far as ppl asking when are you going to have kids- be grateful that they're hopeful. For me, what was harder to deal with was the fact that NO ONE ever asked us anymore because it had been so long (5 yrs)... I certainly hope you never make it that far, it can be a long road.

But always stay optimistic and never give up because miracles can happen. Good luck with the next step and KUP!

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Welcome, Jenni! After I opened up to people I was surprised by how many of my friends/family/co-workers also suffered IF. It can definitely be a long, hard road. This board kept me sane when I was going through IVF a couple of years ago. Hope you get some answers (and more importantly a BFP!) soon.

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Welcome!! I have to agree how amazed I was to find out the ppl I knew who suffered from IF after I spoke up about it. Also, I feel sharing my story may help others and others helped me. I hope your stay on this board is short lived and you get your BFP soon. It's too bad you essentially "wasted" last year at the old clinic. It's always good to move onto another clinic if you don't feel comfortable with the one you are at. :goodluck:

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Welcome to you too...I hope your stay is short too. Hope you are able to get some answers and start up a plan. Keep us posted...feel free to ask any questions

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When DH and I had trouble TTC and I opened up to our friends and family the support and understanding was overwhleming. I can't begin to tell you how many people had there own IF story's. Plus the support made everything so much easier!

GL and I can't wait to see you get your BFP!