Of course...a follow up call.......

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Of course...a follow up call.......

I was assuming since my IVF coordinator didnt mention my other labs that I was home free. I had a voicemail today that said my CBC and Chem profile look great BUT my Vitamin D is extremely low. My Re said its standard for them to check it bc research has shown Vitamin D and infertility have a correlation. Normal is 32-100...mine a slim 14.6!! So, I will be taking supplements. Also, I am a bit nervous because my insulin level was 15.6 and they like to see it below 15 SO I will be taking glucaphage too...BUMMER! Back on a diet for me and hopefully with some lifestyle modifications I can correct that ASAP! Anyone else have experience with either???? The good news is I still will continue my cycle Smile

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I've never had any experience with either. Sorry you have to have that added stress. Maybe increasing your Vit. D will be a good thing and you would have a positive result from this cycle. I'm glad you are still able to continue things as planned!

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No experience either but at least both seem pretty easily correctable and you can still continue with your cycle so still very positive Smile

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I'm sorry for the frustration. Glad that it doesn't interfere with your cycle. Good luck w/ the meds.

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No experience with either. But I remember how bummed I was when I found out my thyroid was low right before I started stims. I was devestated. But after a month of meds my levels were back to were they were supposed to be. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope ur levels come back to normal. KUP!