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cryopreservation report

Well, we had 11 embies left after transfer but none made it to be frozen Sad I was so bummed because we had a great retrieval and fertilization, but they just stopped growing. We were hoping to have at least a few in case we needed to do another cycle, but we have to count on the 2 little champs they transferred.

I had some encouragement frm my acupuncturist on Wed, though. She said things looked good from what she could tell. She said my pulses had changed, and in Chinese medicine that means it was progressing. She also said if things continue along she thinks it will be a boy or possibly even twins (!) I'm a great believer in eastern medicine but even if I weren't, any news that keeps me positive is a good thing.

Went in yesterday for my progesterone level. It is above 80 and my E2 is 2200, which they said is great. Means DH has to keep up with the shots (which I think he enjoys a bit too much)

I have officially started POASing. I think it just gives me something visual to obsess over in addition to my twingy crampy feelings. I have a super faint line, but now I'm wondering if my first test was really as clear as I thought or if I have some HSG left from trigger. I will go with a positive for now until I can start comparing lines on the 50 tests I will probably take in the next week. Beta is scheduled for Mon 8/1, so I have plenty of time to spend a small fortune at the drugstore.

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I'm so sorry to hear that none made it to freeze. But I am so happy you've gotten good news from your acupuncturist! How many dpt are you now? Can't wait for more super dark lines!

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That's interesting what the accupuncturist can tell. Just remember they put the best 2 embies into you and you are the best home for them.

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I'm sorry you didn't have any envies to freeze, but think about the 2 perfect ones getting settled in right now! I'm also a huge believer in TCM- I'm looking forward to my appt tmrw!

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Oooh! I'm excited about your so-called "faint" lines!! Can't wait for darker ones to show up in the next few days so we can call you officially preggers. Good luck and stay positive! It's the best environment for those embies to grow!