Cycle Update

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Cycle Update

I went for my Stim day 8 appt today...TONS of follicles- my ovaries are smooshed together. My E2 is 2840 and progesterone 1.8. I am stopping follistim and taking 150 menopur with my lupron tonight and have another appointment in the morning. Hoping I will trigger tomorrow and have my retrievl Wed. Blum 3 Getting SOO close!

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WOW!!! You seem to be stimming well. Can't wait to hear tomorrow's update.

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Wow! That's awesome. Hope that all continues to go well for you. KUP

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Yay!! I know how you feel, I am counting down to my transfer - 13 Dec. I cant wait!! Hope it continues to go well for you!!

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What great news! Hope you get lots of eggs on Wed.!