Donating our unused eggs (from IVF last year) (pg/kids mention)

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Donating our unused eggs (from IVF last year) (pg/kids mention)

Hi everyone, I don't get to post much on here but DH & I made the decision to donate our leftover fertilized eggs from our IVF last year. There were several options such as destroying, donating to science, etc, but we feel this may be a chance to help out another couple somewhere out there. We have 8 very good ones left. 8 may be a chance for someone else to achieve pregnancy.

It sounds all weird when you think about it, like siblings running around out in the world, we'll never know about. But we also know too well the heartache it is to try to TTC and not being able to afford all the costs with IVF, etc. So here's hoping that someone else may have their dreams come true...

P.S. I hope everyone's doing well... I lurk lots and sending tons of BFP vibes and such.

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What a wonderful thing to do! I am sure there is a couple that would love having the chance. Maybe you would be able to stay in contact with the family who receives the eggs, like an open adoption.

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Such a wonderful gift to be able to give someone the chance to love a child. If we don't use all our frozen embryos we plan to donate as well.

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I've been lurking on a forum called PVED (parents via egg donation) and there's a couple there from your part of the country looking for embryos. Not sure if yours are eggs or embryos, but thought I'd throw that out there.


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I think it's great that you are donating your eggs and giving someone the chance of a child.

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MrsChris, they are embryos, in good quality too. We used a clinic in Millburn, NJ. Thanks for letting me know about that forum, I'll go take a peak.

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Hello. This is my first post to this forum and was directed here from "The Bump" board (where I am a regular) by another regular to this board on a board. I hope you don't mind my response.

My husband and I are unable to conceive on our own due to my Premature Ovarian Failure and his Male Factor infertility. We adopted embryos from a couple last December and did a transfer in Feb. We became pregnant and were so happy and overjoyed, but sadly it ended in miscarriage due to embryo chromosomal issues at 9w1d. All but one of the others died at thaw, and while one remains it has been frozen twice and our embryologist is not at all optimistic about it's chances. My doctor said my uterus is perfect and future embryos should have a wonderful chance. So we are now looking for donated embryos once again.

We want so desperately to be parents and loved these adopted embryos just as though they were our own. I created a blog at Wishing on a Snowflake where you can learn more about what happened and learn more about us. But we would be elated if you still had these available for donation.

I have been down the road before and can arrange for all of the details (shipping, legal agreements, etc). Please contact me if these are still available at [email][/email] or I'll check back at this thread. Feel free to ask me anything you like. I'm an open book!

In our previous situation, it was an "open" arrangement where the donor was involved in our lives and we had planned for the siblings to know one another. It was beautiful to think of the love these children would have. But if you aren't interested in an open adoption, we are comfortable in whatever you had in mind.

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I think that is awesome Jennifer! Embryo adoption is very rare up here but I wish it were more common. DH and I were talking and thinking we might want to try for it instead of our own eggs/sperm if we have to proceed to any kind of IVF.

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I think that is wonderful!! BTW... I was the one that directed Liz of here when I read your post. Hope it's not too late for her. Congrats on your twins! xoxo

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Jennifer and I are friends on Facebook since our children (my IVF twins and her older son) shared a birth board here. I will go PM her to check back here in case she has not.

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"HeatherAnn817" wrote:

Jennifer and I are friends on Facebook since our children (my IVF twins and her older son) shared a birth board here. I will go PM her to check back here in case she has not.

Thank you! That would be great!!! Smile