The Do's and Dont's of embryo transfer

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The Do's and Dont's of embryo transfer

So as some of you know, Friday August 5th should be the big day when I get transferred two frozen embryos... I am trying to stay positive and hope they survive... in the meantime, maybe jumping ahead of myself but wanted to get all of your input on what to do.. or not do once the transfer is done and even before.
I have heard conflicting advice about staying in bed for 3 days straight and not moving at all, while others tell me that it's ok to drive and resume regular (although not very physical) activities...

What do you think? What have been your experiences? What would you do differently? What would you recommend? Is there anything I should watch out for? Are their symptoms while PUPO? Any special dietary considerations ( i have already cut out caffeine, alcohol for over a month).. all of your input would be greatly appreciated!

T-5 'n counting....

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I had 2 different RE's and each ordered bedrest for the day of the transfer and the following transfer. I was able to move around in bed and get up to go to the bathroom. I limited my movement because I was paranoid. I was so scared I was going to bounce or pee them out. They say once they are transferred, they won't fall out. After my bedrest I resumed normal activities. I made sure I didn't lift anything heavy. One of my RE's said I was ok to ride home 3 hrs in the car after transfer. He told me if I felt better staying in a hotel, then I should do so, so that's what I did.

As far as symptoms while's hard to tell because the PIO mimics pregnancy symptoms. You may experience cramping, but that may be implantation or the PIO. The only dietary restriction I followed was no caffeine.

I'm warning you, you will go crazy during the 2WW, but we are all here for you!


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Both of my REs reccomend bedrest for 2 days. Everything I have read shows it does not increase implantation or pregnancy rates, I think is more of a mental health break. I totally took advantage of it though. Day 1 I was useless anyways-that Valium stayed with me most of the day, as for day 2 I figured what the heck. The only reccomendation I have is don't do something you might second guess later. Before you do anything, consider if during the 2WW you might start thinking "maybe I shouldn't have carried that piano downstairs" or whatever...and if so, don't do it. Otherwise you will worry yourself sick trying to decide if you did something to hurt your chances.

Thoughts about diet-eat like you're PG! Shouldn't be hard since progesterone will make you hungry, but get your protein & veggies and take your prenatals.

Symptoms-ha! There will be days you have every symptom in the book and days you feel nothing. Try not to read too much into it either way. Hormones are a funny thing and they will trick you into feeling on top of the world and then like an irrational, weepy nut.

Four more days!!!

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**Preg/child ment**

My RE said bedrest was unecessary and I got pregnant with twins and carried them full term.

But it can't hurt anything so if you can do it, why not? Smile


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I would say DO turn up for the transfer and DON'T worry too much about what you 'should' do afterwards. No evidence that living a normal life impairs IVF conception rates Smile

Good luck.

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My RE said other than taking it easy the day of transfer that I didn't need to worry about hurting my chances if I was moving around, etc. I even asked about returning to work because my job is very physical requiring lots of bending, reaching, and lifting things and people that can be twice or more as big as me. He said I could return the following day. Granted for my own piece of mind (and because I was still sore from PIO) I took the 2 days after transfer off from work but I wasn't lying in bed, just hanging around the house. So I would say do what feels best for you.

As far as symptoms, after trying for over a year I was trying not to read too much into how my body felt because I had been fooled before and knew the progesterone could be the cause. But one symptom I did notice with my successful cycle that I didn't remember with any other TTC cycles was this pulling sensation in what I'm assuming was my uterus.

Good luck as you prepare for Friday Biggrin

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I'm obsessive right? I know I know... as a Type A am freaking out that I have no control whatsoever on TTC.. which is why, once again, am trying to control my environment Smile

Hehhe you ladies are the best and you made me laugh (that whole "shouldn't have carried piano downstairs" is priceless)

Thank you for your very wise and very sound advice - it actually calmed me down to read you all and realize that I won't be a complete invalid for that period Smile I agree Meg that I shall go stark raving mad during the 2ww... I took a week off work post transfer because I couldn't bear the thought of crazy work schedule and stress hindering stickiness. Planning to buy lots of good books, rent out lots of great series and vedge vedge...

I shall take your advice and try not to exhaust myself but not go nuts either. I can't help it but I know I shall over-analyse every single little symptom... the uterus pulling thing is interesting - shall have to look out for that one Smile

Thank you ladies... truly truly appreciate it Smile

T-3 Wink