Eeeekkkk!!!! 12:30AM - Trigger

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Eeeekkkk!!!! 12:30AM - Trigger

Here we go...trigger at 12:30 AM!! ER scheduled for Thursday at 11:30 AM!!

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I'd have a hard time staying awake to trigger. You'll have to set your alarms!

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I feel for you. For one of my IUIs I had a 3:30 am trigger. My ex hated needles so my brother had to do all my shots. I had to go to his house at 3:30 in the morning for mine, LOL.

Just make it a late night with a movie and dh Smile

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YAY! Are you going to test the trigger out of your system?

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Wow that's really late...or early depending on whether you are an early bird or a night owl. Good luck!

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I know, it is late...

Meg- you're right, I am going to set an alarm clock.

Yes this time I am going to be a POAS mad woman...last time i didnt and got me poo!! I will start POAS Tuesday or Wednesday!!!

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Congrats on triggering!!! woo hoo!