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Sooooo....we were going to do our FET come Feb - but that means i'd start BCP next period - Dec... i felt like things started to move way to fast and that i need to just have my body chill for a second.

**child mentioned**
I just weaned my daugther last week, after 16 months, so i just want to be sure my hormones are cool


So, i went for my annual pap, and my midwive just made me feel soooo much better about waiting til feb to go on BCP, which would put us at at March/APril transfer..... i'm getting excitied about it, but there's a lot riding on this, as it's all out of pocket - insurance covers NOTHING! But i'm hoping it works....we have 5 embies left.... I do have to get a saline ultrasound since i did a 3day ultrasound and it showed two teeny tiny "stork bites" on my uterus -the ultrasound tech thought it was most likely a scar from the placenta....but the fert. dr just wants to be sure it's nothing more ---- sooo, i think i'll get that done in Dec and then based on that we'll know if we can move forward....

I've been sooo nervous and now that i feel like i've got a little bit of control, i'm feeling sooo much better...i'm sure i'll be back to a emtional crazy person come Jan - but at least for now, i feel such peace about it - no matter the outcome.

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Welcome back!! It sounds like you've made a good decision to wait until your body gets back to it's norm. I hope this works for you and I'm glad you feel at peace with everything despite the outcome.