A few ?????

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A few ?????

How many follicles is typical? I am expecting to be a little on the low side given my age and the lower than average amh, but when I look it up, it varies so widely!

Also, has anyone else had one side doing way better than the other? As of yesterday, they saw 6 on the right, but only 3 on the left. I know there's no way of knowing how many will fertilize and do well, so I guess I'm just curious to see what others have had to begin with.

I've been feeling a little off for the last few days, just tired and headachy and just uncomfortable. I'm on day 8 of stimulating drugs, and just started ganirelix yesterday. Typical side effects? Or maybe I'm just fighting off one of the colds/bugs going around.

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Everyone responds differently to meds so I have no clue how many is typical. I'm sure each RE has their own number of what they'd like to see. My RE thought 5 follies was good (I didn't agree). It's good if they can get mature eggs out of those follies. Remember quality over quantity. You'd rather have few excellent eggs than a bunch of so-so ones.

I had some cycles where one ovary was the over-achiever. I was always a poor responder and had no more than 6 follies.

I think what you are feeling could be SE of some of the meds.

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I agree with Meg, but that sounds like a good number. I got between 7-8. Good luck!!

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Kara, I can't remember how many follicles I had, but I had 5 eggs one cycle and 7 the next cycle. One of my ovaries always out-produces the other. Can't remember if it was the left or right that always did a bang-up job. Remember that even one high quality egg beats lots of poor quality eggs!

How are you feeling now?

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I'm sorry you are feeling icky, not matter what the cause. Hope you get to feeling better. I'm only working on one ovary for some reason (we joke that the right one is only there to keep me balanced :ROFL:) At my last US during my fresh cycle, I was told that I had around 5 good eggs. At retrivial, they got 16. All that to say that it really is a numbers game and all it takes is one Wink KUP.

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So my doctor seems happy....yesterday he saw 8-9 follicles total which he said was "excellent". Whatever they are looking for in labs seems to be fine too. Looking at retrieval next Monday or Tuesday. I'm excited, and nervous. I forgot to ask about the right vs. left side.

I was feeling good yesterday, but then today I woke up again feeling exhausted and achy. It's nothing I can't deal with. But I still have to clean the house, do laundry, run errands etc.! It's probably the medication, but I'm thinking I need to ask them if we should check my thyroid numbers (I have Hashimoto's) just to make sure it's okay. My belly feels, and looks a little puffy which I think is normal too.

All in all, things are going well so far. But all the real stuff starts next week!

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Glad your RE seems pleased with your results. The full belly is definately the meds. They bloat you and your ovaries are getting bigger with the follies. Did your doc say anything about monitoring your thyroid through all of this? It'd probably be a good idea to get it checked with your history.

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Child ment

Im glad your doc is happy with your results so far. I was going to say that everyone produces differently and each ovary does as well. A far as how you are feeling I would think its a mix of the meds and just being winter and colds and stuff.

Also, i love your name, I just named my dd the same thing. Smile