Financing IVF

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Financing IVF

Hello Ladies,

I was here back in 2008 when I did my first round of IVF. I recently did a FET which resulted in a BFN. I am so disappointed. Now we are looking at a fresh round of IVF but are concerned about the cost. The first time around we recieved inheritance money to pay for it. Now we are all on our own. I know we could save up for it but I'm just feel like I can't wait that long. (It will take about a year). I really want to look into taking a loan out for it but DH is against it. Has anyone ever done it? How was your experience? I was thinking about talking to my doctor about a "natural" cycle since I have always responded well to fertility during in the past. TIA

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I'm of no assistance to you since we paid out of pocket for each cycle. Hope you and DH can figure out something that works.

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We did as well. I was lucky in that insurance covered half of the only cycle we did. We did have money put aside for this in case it had to be redone, because our future child would have to go to daycare so we budgeted the money we would have spent on daycare toward IVF. It is a real quandry because on one hand we are all fighting time, and saving for another cycle could mean it is less effective because of the aging issue. I personally would not take a loan out for it if I could save up for it in a year's time, especially if hubby is opposed. If it is successful you will have a new child to care for and the loan to pay off.