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First Report...

Of the 32 eggs, 26 mature, 14 fertilized. She said possibly more have fertilized but since they only check once they won't know until Saturday. She seemed very pleased with those numbers. On the flipside, I am still feeling terrible. I told the nurse that I am extremely distended, cant eat, or lie down. I am going in tomorrow morning to get checked. I debated telling her because of the risk my transfer could be put off but I know its important to get a handle on OHSS before it gets bad. I will KUP Smile

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Yahoo for embies!! I hope you get to feeling better. I know it will be disappointing to have your transfer delayed but it's for the best. If you do transfer with OHSS and get pregnant, it can get worse since symptoms worsen with the rise of HCG. Hopefully you can get a handle on it before your transfer and you won't have to worry about delay.

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That is great news!! Hopefully you dont have to delay your transfer but if you do, I have to agree it may be for the best and that shouldnt take away from the fact that you got some really great embryos waiting and PLENTY of them!! Smile

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Hope that they get everything under control for you and that you get to feeling better.

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This is coming from an OHSS case - if they want to delay your cycle, do it. When I was told that I wasn't going to make it to transfer because my OHSS was too bad I literally sobbed in the RE's office. I felt like the whole cycle was over because I couldn't get past delaying it. However, the OHSS will tend to get worse before it gets better. I was on bed rest for 2 weeks and then after AF came and went I did a FET - which BTW is SO MUCH EASIER than IVF. My E2 was up to like 14,000 or something and they had me coast for a few days before retrieval. Then I had to wait for the transfer. But overall I am now glad I did because the pain from OHSS is worse when you get pg and you have it.

Good luck - I hope you don't have it and if you do that its mild enough to resolve quickly and with no pain.

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Great number of embies! Hope you start to feel better soon.

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Congrats on the great Fert report!

As for your distended belly and pain- go to the doctor! I did not have OHSS but a rare complication of egg retrieval. I was super bloated and experiencing debilitating cramps by the evening after ER that I went to the emergency room at 10pm (thinking it was ohss). My RE actually showed up at midnight to examine me himself (he is amazing). It was not ohss but obviously something was happening- I looked 5 months pregnant!

Anyway, I was admitted and seen by a gastroenterologist. Apparently, during the ER when they go in and aspirate the follicle to get the egg a tiny bit of blood can be released (this is normal). But in my case the blood seemed to have irritated my bowel and caused a slight infection. I was in the hospital from Tues night to Fri morn. My 3-day transfer on Thurs was cancelled and I was absolutely devastated. My OB suggested freezing and doing FET next cycle but DH held hope that I'd be ok for a 5-day transfer.

I was released on Friday and had my 5-day transfer on Saturday. Plus had 3 more embies to freeze. It worked out in the end. So I'm sharing this so that you take care of yourself first- you need to feel and be healthy for your little embies to settle in Smile

Good luck with everything xo

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So, I went to the Re today and I do have mild OHSS. My labs look good, I have a large amount of fluid im my lower abdomen and trace amounts around liver and kidney. Whats causing all of the discomfort are my ovaries!! They are measuring 14 cm a piece when actually they should be 2-4cm a piece so its causing a lot of pressure. My DR said I could be admitted for pain and hydration but the fluid is not in a pocket per say and would be difficult to drain. So, I opted to come home. My transfer is still a go for Monday as long as things dont progress. I have been drinking tons of gatorade and sitting upright -where I am most comfortable. I am hoping in just a few short weeks I will have my BFP and all of this will be a thing of the past!

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Glad you went back to the doc and that they are keeping a close eye on you. Hoping symptoms improve and you can go on with transfer as scheduled.