First US (pg ment)

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First US (pg ment)

Just wanted to update. Had my first US today and everything looks beautiful I am measuring 6w4d (I'm 6w6d). Heart rate of 133. So I am officially graduated to OB department. I would post pictures but you can't really see too much, just a little blob. Smile I will hand around to cheer you all on to your BFP's!


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Oh Kim, that must have been the most wonderful sight!!! and great stats too. BTW we all love your 'blob' so i'd love to see your pic anyways Smile
How are u feeling?

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Thats great news, Kim!! Have a great 9 months!

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congrats!!! How great awesome to finally see and hear the baby huh? Yeah for moving onto OB/gyn!!!

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Congratulations KIM!! Graduating to OB!! How exciting. So glad all is going well.

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Yeah! HH9M!

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Congrates Kim!!!

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Congrats Kim!!!

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Awesome news Kim! I am so happy for you and your family. HH9M to you!

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Congratulations!! Yahoo Keep us posted on the first tri and pregnancy threads!!!

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Congrats Kim!