Follow-up appointment

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Follow-up appointment

I had my follow up appointment yesterday. RE said we'll start next cycle when AF shows next week. I'll be doing a Lupron flare protocol. He said I'll be on a much higher dosage than last time and no suppression. He also said there will be a slight to moderate chance of OHSS so I'll be monitored more closely. Gosh, I hope this cycle doesn't get cancelled because of over-stimulation. DH is still hoping that we'll get a natural BFP Smile Girls have been sore for 7 days now, but I keep thinking that is because of Bravelle. Oh, I did POAS this morning (12dpo) and of course BFN Sad

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How exciting!! I'm pretty sure that's the protocol I'm on as well. Good luck!! And I have everything crossed that it's an early test and not indicative of the 'real' result!

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I'm glad the RE has a new plan for you. I did the micro-dose lupron flare protocol my 2nd and 3rd cycle. My 3rd cycle I responded the best because I had a new RE and they stimmed me a lot higher. They did watch me a lot closer. My E2 levels got a lot higher the 3rd time than the 2nd. At ER my level was borderline high so he started me on some type of med to decrease the risk of OHSS.
With the regular protocol and my 1st MDL protocol I had 6 eggs retrieved. With my 3rd MDL protocol I had 10-12 eggs retrieved. I have poor egg quality so that's why none of them fert. well. Also my RE was planning on having my trigger twice. Trigger once with a full dose, then 12 hrs later with a 1/2 dose. He ended up not having me do the 2nd 1/2 dose because of the risk of OHSS. Good luck and I hope this is the protocol for you!

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Good luck! Hope everything goes well!

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Glad your doctor has a new plan for you. Good luck! Keep us posted.

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Good luck!! I hope you don't get OHSS and are successful in this cycle!!