Good Visit today :)

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Good Visit today :)

We were able to see both heartbeats today:) I was holding my breath waitng to see them! There is a small pocket of old blood right above my cervix probably from implantation which is what I saw yesterday-per the US tech. She looked at blood flow to rule out any active bleding. So far, everything looks good.What a relief!!!! Oh, my HCG is 28480 today

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Awwww im so happy for you!!! Twins are double the blessing !

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Glad to hear you had a good u/s today and were able to see the heartbeats. I'm glad the bleeding was nothing to be concerned about.

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Yahoo Yay! I'm so happy for you Smile

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Glad that everyone is snuggled in tightly.

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I am glad that everything turned out to be fine and its even better when you can see it for yourself on the u/s!!

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I'm so glad both little babies are doing so well! Glad the blood was nothing to worry about!! Congrats!