Grow little eggies, grow :)

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Grow little eggies, grow :)

Had a follow up US today. Still 8 foillies on each ovary. 5 on the right and 7 on the left were "worth" measuring. They range between 6 and 12mm in size. Pending the results of my BW my dosage will be adjusted again. I was worried that I might run out of meds but they ended up giving me 5 FREE vials Biggrin They also said that possible ER date is the 7th or the 8th, will find out for sure on Monday :eek:

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Yay!! That's incredible that they gave you the vials for free. Take care of yourself this weekend and keep us updated.

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It sounds like everything is moving right along! Eeek! The 7th isn't very far away! Good luck! Biggrin

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That's awesome your clinic gave you free meds! Looks like things are growing well.

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Good luckkk!!! I hope this is a great success

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Free meds? Wow! Good luck with your scan tomorrow. Hope you have lots of follies!