guess what???!!!!! (preg. ment.)

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guess what???!!!!! (preg. ment.)

It's twins!!!!!!!!!!! Omg..I am thrilled! Since I am 5 weeks we only saw 2 sacs and possibly 2 tiny yolk sacs! Measuring 4.5 days and 5.1 days. She said that is perfectly normal esp. Since one was a hatching blast and one was a smaller blast!

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Yahoo Congrats!! What an amazing Christmas blessing!

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OMG thats fantastic!!! Congrats! I am so happy for you!! What a wonderful blessing! HH9M!!!!

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I am so happy for you!!! HH9M Smile

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Yay!!! Another multiple mama from IVF! Congrats!

Btw- at 5 wks we saw 2 sacs... Then at 7 wks, 3 heartbeats! It does happen- just saying' :3some:

Make sure that you see a high-risk doctor like an MFM. Twins are high risk by nature and you need to make sure you receive specialized care. So excited for you!

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Congrats on your great news Smile Looking forward to following your pregnancy.

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Just found your u/s post...CONGRATS!!! Hope everything continues to be normal and routine for the next 9 months!

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That is SUPER exciting!!! YAY!!!