Have you seen this contest from PETA? UPDATE

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Have you seen this contest from PETA? UPDATE

Basically PETA is doing a contest to "Win a Vasectomy" if you have your pet spayed/neutered. And they are doing this contest during the month in which National Infertility Awareness Week is. If you would like to read of what I am talking about check out this blog post as the blogger writes a letter to the president of PETA expressing her disgust in this contest.


The first update was that Peta removed in honor of to "during".

The infertile community kept pushing and Peta has removed all references to RESOLVE and National Infertility Awareness Week in their campaign. The mentioned blogger above started a petition and reached 2,212 signatures when Peta removed all references.

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WOW!!! That's just sick and makes me so sad. I'm glad the blogger is writing the president of PETA. She makes many good points!!