HCG question!

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HCG question!

Does the HCG trigger shot cause your follies to grow a little more? I have one that is ready now (17.5 or maybe bigger by now), and a 14 and 13 (this was as of Wednesday. I did another shot of Follistim Wednesday night so probably a little bit bigger). So I am hoping they get big enough and then I ovulate all of them on Saturday. So does the HCG make them grow a little bit more in the ~36-41 hours or is it the Follistim left over in your system that might make them grow a little more?

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The follies do continue to grow another 1.5 to 2mm between trigger and ovulation, but not sure if it's because of the HCG shot or the leftover stim meds...

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well your body naturally makes the FSH so that help the follies grow more. I remember last cycle, he let me "coast" meaning I went like a day without meds but my body's natural FSH made the follies grow a little bit more. HTH. Go get that eggie

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The hcg trigger shot causes the final maturation of your eggs. My RE explained that it helps the eggs go through the first stage of miosis.

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I'm not sure if its the shot or not - but I do know that they continue to grow - even after the shot.

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They keep growing until ovulation, and I *think* I remember something from my doctor's explanation that the HCG will help them mature further for fertilization.