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I started progesterone for my FET yesterday. It's been so long, I forgot how it gives me horrible headaches! I've had one now for almost 24 hours!

What can I take that is safe?

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Sorry about the headache! I was lucky enough to have be spared the headaches associated with the meds. I was told by my RE that I could take either Tylenol (no more than 1000mg) or Extra Strength Tylenol (as directed on the bottle). I hope you get some relief soon. Headaches stink!

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I'm sorry Brenda - honestly, I got them too but nothing helped - not even Tylenol. I hope that was just me though and it helps you!

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I agree with PP...Tylenol is just about it but didn't help me at ALL. I suffer frequently from Migraines and have found a COLD compress (as cold as you can stand it) on my forehead seemed to help some. Hope you feel better. Trina