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Where is everyone and how are yall doing? Breen? Meg?

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m/c mentioned

I'm here!!! Smile

I check on this board many times throughout the day. It's seems to be pretty slow lately. I don't post much anymore. I kind of miss it. That's probably the only thing I miss about not cycling.

I've been doing really good. DH and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary tomorrow. We are up at our lake house and will be going to a local winery that we've been wanting to go to for forever but have never gotten the opportunity. After that we are going to take a boat ride (in a big boat) around the lake then go out for dinner. It should be a fun day. I have an overnight french toast in the fridge right now for breakfast in the morning and have made cheesecake for dessert when we get home tomorrow night after dinner.

Tomorrow marks a year that I had my D&C for my m/c. Fri was the year anniversary of finding out we lost our baby. I'm not one to dwell over certain days so the day was like any other day. I sometimes do think about how different life would be if we had a baby.

How is everyone else doing?

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I'm here also like Meg just checking in. DH & I are taking the adoption route we are checking out local agencies here in UT and visiting with them. We have had busy summer between company and mini weekend vacations. Surely had to believe going to be 37 here soon - was hoping to be prego by 37 but I guess the man upstairs has a different plan for us.

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it has been super slow. I'm newer, but posted here and there and lurk more then i post, but now that i'm just hopefully ready to start....i'll post much more....

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I'm here but in the backgrounds a lot more. We are starting the adoption process since DH's last SA didn't go so well. He doesn't want to do anymore fertility treatments on him or me because he now understands how I felt on the meds.

I may be taking a mental break from the org for a little bit. I've been so busy with work, school and starting a new business. So If you'd like to "stalk" me feel free to follow my blog.

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Kebrina...it's good to see an update from you. Hopefully the adoption process can go smoothly for you. Wishing you lots of success with your new business. I'll have to go check out your blog. Best wishes to you!

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Hi Coastieswife

How are you? I'm currently doing a Prep Cycle for DE right now.

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We have been on the adoption list for a year and let me tell you the process to get on that list is long and hard we are going through bethany christian services and we think they are great. I hope that soon we will be holding a baby in our arms. Good luck Kebrina if you have any questions feel free to pm.