Hello again!

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Hello again!

Well, I never thought we would be doing this again but I guess we just love torturing ourselves! I know a lot of you from my first turn with IVF and I have been popping in now and then to see how everybody is, so I feel like I know the rest of you too.

My name is Brenda & my honey is Scott. *child ment* We did a cycle at the end of '07 that was successful and we have our son who will be 3 in August. We have just been enjoying everything since then and, in fact, when we moved from CO to TN last year I finally threw away all of my paperwork from that cycle thinking we would never do IVF again. Now I wish I had hung on to it, since we have decided to give it one more shot and I can't remember details from last time. I am on my last 6 days of BCP and am scheduled to start stims on July 2. Roller-coaster hormones, bloating and bruises here I come!!

I'm a little nervous because we are using a new RE close to us now (who seems great), but our clinic in CO was so amazing I hesitated to change. It's just too difficult to arrange to be out of town among everything else. They are at least using almost the same protocol (Menopur and Gonal-F) the only difference being they want to try Ganirelix instead of Lupron. I guess because for getting preggo I'm considered an old lady at 38 and that equals poor responder.

I look forward to getting to know you all better!

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Welcome back!! You were on the board before me so I don't know you but am looking forward to getting to know you and following your cycle. I hope this cycle works for you. I'm glad that the new clinic was open to using the same protocol that was successful with your son. Good luck and keep us posted on how things are going!

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Hope this cycle is successful for you!! What else can you tell me about ganirelix vs lupron? I am also 38 in 2 Months. Both of my ivf cycles I have been a slow responder and only get about 8 eggs.


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Welcome back! :openarms:

I was not doing IVF at the time you were on the board, but like Meg, look forward to getting to know you and wish you luck in your upcoming cycle. I was also a slow responder and did the Microdose Flare protocol. Good luck! :goodluck:


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Thanks for the welcome back!

In regards to the Ganirelix, they have done a bunch of studies trying to show it is working better than Lupron for slow responders. I think part of the thought is since you don't actually start it until after you start stims, it gives your body a little bit of a head start in producing follies. I'm not sure they have proved anything other than it works at least as well as the Lupron flare, but a lot of the clinics seem to be switching over. It also helps in people who tend to get over-suppressed, b/c it works in a different way. And since you don't start it until around day 4 of stims, it's 10 days worth of no additional shots Smile

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Hi Brenda,

How is your cycle going? I started stims on July 11, so you are a bit ahead of me. I'm on Gonal-F 150/iu and Lupron 20/iu. They didn't use BCP for me, but I did 15 days of Lupron

So how are you managing (if any) side effects? The Gonal F has really bruised me and caused bloating/cramping and gas right from the start. But I also some some spotting which I'm not sure is left-over AF or what.

So please fill us in with an update- hope you are feeling well Wink

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I made it through most of stims without too many problems. My E2 has been pretty high though, which equals bloating! I told my husband that I look like I'm preggo already between that and the fact that I'm walking funny b/c my ovaries feel the size of watermelons. I started bruising once my estradiol got above 600. I'm doing acupuncture too, and the acupuncturist said she sees that a lot once the levels get higher.

I had a little spotting at the very beginning, but I had a heavy AF once I stopped BC so once it tapered off I didn't have any more. I was doing 150 Gonal-F AM and PM along w/ 75 Menopur starting 7/2. I started Ganirelix on 7/6 and they slowly decreased all of my FSH since everything was going well.

Now the real fun begins...