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Thread: Hey everyone! :)

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    Post Hey everyone! :)

    Just thought I would check up on everyone still here! I follow Breen's blog but that's about it! How are the rest of ya'll?

    As for me, I triggered Wednesday for our 4th injections/timed intercourse cycle. So I should be O'ing today. I had a 15, 16, 17, and a 17.5 the night I tiggered. Do you think all 4 released? Or do you think the 15 and 16 caught up to like a 17 and 18 by the time I triggered? I had the 2 biggest ones on my right side and then the 15 and 16 on my left and I feel definite activity from both sides so we will see I guess. You ladies are experts I love ya'll! I miss you guys but this board has been DEAD for months! Hope some of you all decide to reply to me I have been wondering how everyone is.
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    I come on here a couple times a day to check on ppl. I just can't keep away. I don't post too much.

    Yeah for triggering. Hopefully you can catch one or two of those follies. I would guess that all of the follies would release eggs if they had eggs in there. It's just if they are mature or not. But I'm not an expert.

    I'm doing good. Just staying positive and realizing what God chose me to do and why He put me here. I just started a new Bible Study and it talks about how God hand-chose us and he gives us the courage to do everything. I sometimes wonder if he had me go through everything I did with IF to help others. I met a girl from another board that did IVF at my same clinic and we have become great friends. We're actually going to meet IRL in Nov. It's worth everything I had to go through to be able to help at least one person get through the same things I did.

    I had a consult for my breast augmentation the other day. He just went over the basics and we'll meet again in Dec, then schedule it for Jan. I'm getting excited about it again. The excitement had worn off but now that we consulted it's more "real" again. I've told my 2best friends and they support me. I was worried they'd have something bad to say about it. Now I just have to get up the courage to tell my mom. I'm sure she won't have a problem with it though.

    Thanks for checking in!

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    Hi!!!!!!!!1 Thank you so much for posting. I've been very 'absorbed' in this cycle and posting mainly on the aug cycle group so i'm thrilled to hear your update.

    I bet they all 'hatch'. Yea for good follies! Have you had that many in your past cycles?

    I'll chat more later,/ on/ my way to the hospital for our ER.

    Love ya both...
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    I've been following you for a while Deb and I am excited to see your BFP in a couple of weeks! Post when you feel better after ER and let us know how many they retrieved!!!! Rest up hun those embies need you to get cozy soon!

    To answer your question, I have had 3 before and overstimulated but this time I have 4 although I really think only 2 will release and I feel fine! It amazes me how every single cycle is so different!!!
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    GL ashley!!
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    So exciting isn't it?! I remember when I did my two IUI cycles & I was consumed with wondering how many released & also worried about how many I could possibly be prego with. I can't even imagine what it's like for a "normal" person to just have sex & there's not really any thought process into how it all works, etc. We all know so much more than the average bear.
    I'll be following you!
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    From my understanding the HCG trigger matures and then helps the eggs release up to 48hrs later. So it could have helped them all or probably just the 17mm ones.
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    Crossing my fingers for you Ashlee! Sounds like a good cycle. When will you test?

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    Good luck today hope your IUI is successful. I pop in every so often but we are taking a new journey to adoption. Started all the paper work so just a matter of some mother picking us.
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